Hall, A. Oakley & Connolly, Richard B. (ON HOLD)


1871 check signed by "Tweed Ring" members, NYC Mayor Hall & City Comptroller Connolly


Autograph ID: 857
Condition: Very good, light spot on part of Connolly signature
Description: “(Hall: 1826-1898) NYC District Attorney 1855-58, 1862-68, joined Tammany Hall 1864. Compliant Mayor 1868-72 during Tweed Ring heyday but acquitted of corruption charges. Connolly: (?) Leader of Tammany Hall with William Marcy (“Boss”) Tweed.

4 x 8 ¼ DS, NYC, March 31 1871, part printed check signed “A. Oakey Hall” as Mayor of New York City, “Richard B. Connolly” as Comptroller (Tammany Hall leader known as “Slippery Dick”) and “J.B. Young” as Clerk, Board of Supervisors. Drawn on the County Treasurer of New York at the National Broadway Bank for $208.34 payable to Farrell O’Dowd for salary as a stenographer, Marine Court, for March 1871. Beautifully engraved check with an ornate border around it with a vignette of an old sailor, an Indian, a ship and an eagle.”
Type: Check

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