Greene, Francis V.


Led a brigade at Battle of Manila, assisted in Manila surrender negotiations


Autograph ID: 6309
Condition: Very good, slight toning at right edge
Description: “(1850–1921) Rhode Island-born Army officer in the Spanish-American War. USMA 1870, he served in the Artillery then to the Corps of Engineers in 1872. He next served as a military attaché in St. Petersburg, Russia during their war with Turkey. He was promoted to 1st Lieut. 1874, Captain 1883. He was a civil engineer in Washington and a professor of artillery at West Point before resigning from the Army Dec. 31, 1886. When war with Spain broke out he raised the 7th New York Vol. Infantry Regt., commissioned Colonel May 2, 1898 and Brig. Genl Vols May 27. He commanded the 2nd Philippine Expeditionary Force which became the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Div., VIII Corps. He had a prominent part in the Battle of Manila in 1898, his brigade pushing rapidly through Malate, Manila and over the bridges to occupy Binondo and San Miguel, Manila. The advancing Americans made good use of new weapons, such as the M1897 Trench Gun, ideal for close combat. Greene assisted in the Manila surrender negotiations. In Aug. 1898 he was promoted to Major Genl Vols., resigning Feb. 28, 1899. He was a delegate to the 1900 Republican National Convention, NYC Police Commissioner 1903-04. His publications include: “The Russian Army and its Campaigns in Turkey (2 vols., 1879); “Army Life in Russia” (1881); “The Mississippi Campaigns of the Civil War” (1882); “The Life of Nathanel Greene, Major-General in the Army of the Revolution” (1893); The Revolutionary War and and the Military Policy of the United States” (1911). He also wrote a biographical sketch in a collection of Theodore Roosevelt’s political writings, “American Ideals,” pub. 1897, republished for Roosevelt’s 1900 presidential campaign.

2 3/4 x 3 1/2 card signed as Major General USV, Manila, August 13 1898(while Battle of Manila was under way!)”
Type: Signed card

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