Green, William F.


(2nd) President of the American Federation of Labor 1924-52



Autograph ID: 4680
Condition: Very good, light uniform toning, pale corners
Description: (1873-1952) 2nd President of the American Federation of Labor 1924-52. Son of Welsh immigrant coal miners from Ohio, elected secretary of the United Mine Workers of America 1891. Elected to the Ohio state Senate 1910, served as both Senate president pro tempore and Democratic floor leader. He was appointed UMWA international statistician 1911 and international secretary-treasurer 1913. Named to the AFL Executive Council 1914, Secretary-Treasurer 1916. He was one of 5 labor delegates to the Paris Peace Conference at the end of WW I. Became president of the AFL 1924 on the death of Samuel Gompers, position he held until his death. Advocated labor-management cooperation, legislated wage and benefit protections, and industrial unionism, continued Federation’s evolution (begun under Gompers) away from the “pure and simple unionism” of its origins toward more political “social reform unionism”. In 1933, President Roosevelt appointed him to the Labor Advisory Council of the National Recovery Administration, and he served on the 1934 National Labor Board, forerunner of the National Labor Relations Board. During the Korean War, President Truman appointed him to the National Advisory Committee on Mobilization. He presided over the split in the AFL that led to the founding of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO).

Signed 3 ½ x 5 ¼ card, undated but early-mid 1940s.
Type: Signed Card

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