Gordon II, William W.


Served under Jeb Stuart in Civil War, father of founder of the Girl Scouts, served on Puerto Rico Peace Commission as Brigadier General USV


Type: Letter
Description: (1834-1912) Graduate of Yale, member of the Georgia Hussars, a Savannah militia unit, entered the Civil War as a lieutenant under CSA General “Jeb” Stuart. After the War, served in the Georgia House of Representatives 1884-90. Gordon entered the Spanish-American War as Brig. Genl, USV. At the end of the War, he served on the Puerto Rican Peace Commission which oversaw the withdrawal of Spanish troops from the island. He then was a cotton factor and commission merchant in Savannah. He was the father of Juliette (“Daisy”) Gordon Low (1860-1927), founder of the Girl Scouts.

Brief ALS on a 2 3/4 x 4 1/2 card sending his autograph as Brig Gen Vols. Undated but likely 1899, from Puerto Rico.
Condition: Light toning at bottom ege

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