Goodpaster, Andrew J.


1974 TLS as SACEUR & CINCEUR, accepting invitation to address the Army War College and exchanging views with the class


Autograph ID: 6794
Condition: Very good, scant rust clip remnant top left
Description: “Andrew J. Goodpaster (1915-2005) USma 1939, Army general, NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR) and Commander in Chief of US European Command (CINCEUR) 1969-1974, commanding all NATO and US military forces in Europe and surrounding regions; 51st West Point Superintendent 1977-81. During WW II, he led the 48th Combat Engineer Btn in North Africa and Italy, awarded the DSC, Silver Star, and 2 Purple Hearts. In Jan. 1944, he was severely wounded and sent back to the US. After his wounds healed, he was assigned to the War Planning Office under General Marshall. He was Staff Secretary and Defense Liaison Officer to President Eisenhower 1954-61, and advisor to Presidents Johnson, Nixon and Carter. He led the 8th Infantry Div. in Germany 1961-62 and was Director of the Joint staff, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1966-67, Deputy Commander of MACV in Vietnam 1968-69. After retiring in 1974, he was senior fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars 1975-76 and taught at The Citadel. He was brought back to active duty as West Point Superintendent 1977-81 in the wake of a cheating scandal that saw 156 students expelled. In 1981, when Goodpaster retired for the 2nd time, he was restored to 4-star rank, having been reduced in rank by one star when he took on the USMA role. In his later years, he was vocal in advocating reduction of nuclear weapons. Later his position evolved to advocating for elimination of all nuclear weapons. He served as a trustee and a chairman of the George C. Marshall Foundation which established the Andrew J. Goodpaster Award to honor, “American business leaders, politicians, military leaders and others who have served our nation in exemplary ways [and] exhibited great courage, selfless service, patriotism and leadership in their lives and careers.” In January 1961, President Eisenhower awarded him the Distinguished Service Medal In 1984, President Reagan awarded Goodpaster the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

TLS on 10 ½ x 7 ¼ SACEUR/SHAPE letterhead with emblem at top left, Brussels, Belgium, September 4 1974, as General and Supreme Allied Commander, to Major General DeWitt C. Smith, Army War College Commandant. Goodpaster accepts Smith’s invitation to address the current AWC class, speaking from the point of view of CINCEUR and SACEUR. He notes that his acceptance “is naturally subject to overriding military requirements that might intervene.” He looks forward to the opportunity of exchanging views with the class, “an experience I have found to be refreshing and instructive.” With envelope.

DeWITT C. SMITH,JR. (1920 -1985) US Army officer, former deputy Army Chief of Staff, twice (and longest-serving) Army War College commandant 1974 -77, 1978-80. Joined the Army 1942, commissioned 2nd lieutenant, with the 4th Armored Div. in combat after Normandy to the end of the War. Wounded 3 times, awarded Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars, and 3 Purple Hearts. Discharged 1946, returned to active duty in Korea and stayed in the military. He was an aide to Chief of Staff Maxwell Taylor, served in the “Old Guard” at Fort Myer, a battalion XO and commander in Germany. He served at the Pentagon before going to the Army War College. Led a combat brigade of the 1st Infantry in Vietnam. In 1970, under his leadership, Fort Carson, Colo. was made an initial test site for the modern volunteer Army concept. After his stints at the War College, he retired in 1980.”
Type: Letter

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