Gilfillan, James


(13th) Treasurer of the United States 1877-83



Autograph ID: 5629
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1836-1929) Massachusetts-born 13th Treasurer of the United States. He graduated from Williams College in 1856, a classmate of future President James A. Garfield. He became a clerk at the Treasury Department in 1861 at an annual salary of $1,200, serving until President Grant made him Cashier of the United States under Treasurer John C. New. He rose steadily and was appointed Treasurer by President Hayes, serving July 1, 1877-March 31, 1883. During this period he was also the unpaid Sinking Fund Commissioner for the District of Columbia, until a bill passed Congress awarding him $4,750. As Treasurer, Gilfillan had a reputation for integrity, launching anti-corruption investigations, avoiding politics, and attending to his business.

1 x 4 1/4 signature cut from a letter as Treasurer of the United States, no date but 1877-83.”
Type: Signature

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