Fortas, Abe


1982 brief TLS on law firm letterhead from the 1st Supreme Court Justice to resign under threat of impeachment


Autograph ID: 7181
Condition: Very good, mail fold
Description: “(1911-1982) Texas lawyer for, and longtime advisor to, Lyndon Johnson. Associate Justice 1965-69, in his 4 years on the Court, Justice Fortas favored broadening rights for criminal defendants, expanding rights of juveniles, and took the lead in business cases. He was ominated by LBJ to succeed Earl Warren as Chief Justice in 1968. In 1969 it was revealed he had been accepting money from a foundation set up by convicted stock manipulator Louis Wolfson. On May 15, denying he had done anything wrong, Fortas resigned from the Court to return to private law practice. He was the 1st Supreme Court Justice to resign under the threat of impeachment.

TLS on blue 8 x 8 ½ Fortas and Koven law firm letterhead, Washington, March 12 1982, to a Washington collector, thanking him for his letter and sending his greetings. With envelope.”
Type: Letter

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