Ford, Gerald & Betty


Post-presidential cards signed by the President & First Lady


Autograph ID: 6358
Condition: Very good
Description: “GERALD FORD (1913-2006) 38th President 1974-77, 40th VP 1973-74, 1st person appointed Vice President under the 25th Amendment. When he became President upon Richard Nixon’s resignation (Aug. 9, 1974), he became the only President neither elected President nor Vice President! He had served some 25 years as Michigan US Rep, 8 also as GOP Minority Leader. As President, Ford signed the Helsinki Accords, marking a move toward détente with the USSR. With the conquest of South Vietnam by North Vietnam 9 months into his term, US involvement in Vietnam essentially ended. Domestically, he presided over what was then the worst economy since the Depression, with growing inflation and a recession. One of his more controversial acts was to grant a pardon to Nixon for his role in the Watergate scandal. During his incumbency, foreign policy was characterized by an increased role Congress began to play, and by a corresponding curb on powers of the President. In 1976, Ford narrowly defeated Ronald Reagan for the GOP nomination, but lost election to Jimmy Carter. BETTY FORD (1918-2011) Studied modern dance at Bennington College, member of Martha Graham’s company, fashion model for John Robert Powers agency. Married Ford during his (1st) 1948 congressional campaign and lived in the Washington area for nearly 3 decades thereafter. As First Lady she expressed herself with humor and forthrightness – forced to undergo radical surgery for breast cancer in 1974, she reassured many troubled women by discussing her ordeal openly. She did not hesitate to state her views on controversial issues such as the Equal Rights Amendment, which she strongly supported, and she was equally frank about her successful battle against dependency on drugs and alcohol, and helped establish the Betty Ford Center at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage.

2 3 x 5 white cards, one signed “Gerald Ford” in blue ink, one signed “Betty B. Ford”, in black ink, ideal for matting and framing. Undated but post-White House years.”
Type: Signed cards

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