Field, Cyrus W. (ON HOLD)


1878 bank check written while heading New York Elevated Railway Company



Autograph ID: 2952
Condition: Very good, one cancellation hole in center
Description: “(1819-1892) American financier, brother of lawyer David Dudley and Supreme Court Assoc. Justice Stephen J. Amassed a fortune in the paper business 1841-53. Chiefly responsible for laying the “Atlantic Cable”, 1st submarine telegraph cable between the US and Europe (1857-1866). Owner-president of New York Elevated Railway Co. 1877-80 (NYC Subway). With Jay Gould helped develop the Wabash Railroad, but lost his fortune in his later years.

Partly printed DS, 2 ¾ x 7 ¼ National City Bank check #3375, NYC, February 14 1878, completed in another hand, pays $431 to the New England Mutual Life Insurance Co., blue US revenue stamp affixed at right, “52 Wall Street” imprinted left vertical.”
Type: Check

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