Ferry, Thomas W. & Christiancy, Isaac P. (ON HOLD)


Michigan’s 1875-79 GOP Senators, Senate President Ferry presided over the 1877 Electoral Commission



Autograph ID: 5256
Condition: Very good
Description: “ISAAC P. CHRISTIANCY (1812-1890) New York-born Chief Justice of the Michigan State Supreme Court 1872-74, US Senator 1875-79. In 1836, he was admitted to the bar after moving to Monroe, Michigan, obtaining a clerkship in a Federal land office. He was prosecuting attorney for Monroe County 1841-46. In 1848 he was a delegate to the Free Soil Party convention in Buffalo, having left the Democratic Party over the question of slavery. He was a state senator 1850-52 and unsuccessful Free Soil Party candidate for Governor in 1852. He helped organize the Republican Party in Jackson, Michigan in 1854. He purchased the Monroe Commercial in 1857 and became its editor. He was also an unsuccessful candidate for the US Senate that year. In 1857, Christiancy was elected an associate judge of the 1st permanent Michigan Supreme Court, reelected twice, was Chief Justice 1872-74, served to Feb. 27, 1875, when he resigned to be US Senator. He is known as one of the “Big Four” of Michigan judicial history. He was elected as a Republican to the Senate in 1874, defeating incumbent Radical Republican Zachariah Chandler, and served March 4, 1875-Feb. 10, 1879, when he resigned due to ill health. Chandler was elected to retake the seat 12 days later. As Minister to Peru 1879-81, Christiancy warned about rising British influence brought about by Chile during the War of the Pacific. He returned to Lansing to resume the practice of law.

THOMAS W. FERRY (1827-1896) Michigan US Representative and Senator, born in the old Mission House on Mackinac Island. He was a member of the State House of Representatives 1850-52 and a member of the State Senate in 1856. He was a delegate to the Loyalist Convention at Philadelphia in 1866. He was elected as a Republican to Congress serving March 4, 1865-March 4, 1871. The state legislature elected him to the US Senate Jan. 18, 1871 and served March 4, 1871-March 4, 1883. He was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1882. He was the 1st person from Michigan to serve in both houses of the State Legislature and in both houses of the US Congress.He was President pro tempore of the Senate during the 44th & 45th Congresses and upon the death of Vice President Henry Wilson on Nov. 22, 1875, Ferry was next in the line of presidential succession. He delivered an address as presiding officer of the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition on July 4, 1876. While Senator, Ferry was Chairman of the Committee on Rules (43rd-45th Congresses), Committee on Post Office and Post Roads (45th & 47th Congresses). He presided over the high court of impeachment of Secretary of War William Belknap and over the 16 joint meetings of the Electoral Commission during the Hayes-Tilden presidential electoral contest in 1877.

4 ¾ x 7 ca. 1875-79 autograph album page signed by Isaac Christiancy who adds “Mich.” Under his signature, and by T. W. Ferry who adds “Prest of Senate” under his signature.”
Type: Signed album page

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