Farley, James A.


Signed official card as FDR’s Postmaster General



Autograph ID: 6419
Condition: Very good, title printed slightly askance
Description: “(1888-1976) One of the 1st Irish-american Catholic politicians to achieve success on a national level, serving as Chairman of the New York State Democratic Committee, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and US Postmaster General simultaneously under FDR’s first 2 terms. Campaign manager for Al Smith and Roosevelt’s NY gubernatorial campaigns as well as FDR’s 1932 & 1936 presidential campaigns, he pulled together the New Deal coalition of Catholics, labor unions, and big city machines. Farley, and the patronage machine he led, helped fuel the social and infrastructure programs of the New Deal via the Post Office Department and WPA/PWA programs. He opposed FDR’s breaking the two-term tradition and broke with him, resigning as PMG Sept. 10, 1940. As of 1942, Farley was supreme Democratic boss of New York. In 1947, President Truman appointed to the Hoover Commission, a/k/a the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government. His work on it led to the development and ratification of the 22nd Amendment, establishing modern executive term-limit laws. Farley led Coca-Cola International for 30+ years, responsible for its global expansion in WW II. “Coke” was shipped with food and ammo as a “war priority item,” which spread Coke’s market worldwide at government expense. Also at US expense after the war, 59 new Coke plants were installed to help rebuild Europe. The landmark James Farley Post Office in New York City is a monument to his public service career.

2 3/4 x 4 card imprinted “The Postmaster General” at top, signed by Farley in his customary green ink.”
Type: Signed official card

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