Everett, Edward


1842 ALS as Minister to Great Britain


Autograph ID: 2406
Condition: Very good, folds, 2 small tape stains
Description: “(1794-1865) Unitarian clergyman, pastor of Boston’s Brattle Street Church 1814, 1st Harvard professor of Greek 1819-25, President 1846-49. Massachusetts US Rep 1825-35, Senator 1853-54, Governor 1836-40. Minister to Great Britain 1841-45, Secretary of State 1852-53 (Fillmore). 1860 Constitutional Union Party VP candidate (with Bell). Renowned as a brilliant orator was featured speaker at dedication of Gettysburg National Cemetery on Nov. 19, 1863, his speech overshadowed by President Lincoln’s.

7 ¼ x 4 ½ ALS as Minister to Great Britain, 26 Grosvenor Place (London), June 29 1842, to an unidentified man who sought the American Minister’s help. Everett has called on British Under Secretary of State Mr. Addington and presented him with a memorandum. Everett received a note from Addington in the evening giving him the “confident expectation” that Everett’s correspondent will have permission “…very soon to examine the Records in the State Paper Office including those lately removed from the Board of Trade.””
Type: Letter

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