Eustis, William (ON HOLD)


1812 partial DS as Secretary of War, appointment of an infantry officer


Autograph ID: 4972
Condition: Good, fold separations carefully repaired on verso, top & bottom edges slightly uneven
Description: “(1753-1825) Massachusetts physician, politician & statesman. Harvard 1772, studied medicine under Dr. Joseph Warren and helped care for the wounded at Bunker Hill. With the Continental Army as surgeon of the artillery regiment at Cambridge, later a hospital surgeon. Entered medical practice in Boston after the War and was a surgeon with the 1786–87 Shays’ Rebellion expedition. Vice President of the Society of the Cincinnati 1786-1810 & 1820. Mass. US Rep 1801-04 & 1820-23 (chairman of the House Committee on Military Affairs in this time), Secretary of War (Madison) 1809-13. Attempted to prepare the Army for outbreak of war in 1812, resigned in face of criticism after American battlefield reversals. Minister to the Netherlands 1814-18, Mass. Governor 1823-25, died in office.

5 ½ x 7 ¾ partial DS as Secretary of War, War Department (Washington), March 12 1812, 3 months before war was declared against Great Britain, appointment of a first lieutenant of infantry in the US Army. Lower half, including identification of officer, is lost.”
Type: Document

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