Elman, Mischa


Frameable signed sentiment at the height of his great violin career


Condition: Very good
Description: Mischa Elman (1891-1967) Russian-Jewish born American violinist, famed for his passionate style, beautiful tone, and impeccable artistry and musicality. 

As a boy, he was taken to Odessa to study at the Imperial Academy of Music, recommended by Pablo de Sarasate He auditioned for Leopold Auer at 11, playing Paganini’s Wienawski Concerto No. 2 and his 24th Caprice. Auer was so impressed that he had Elman admitted to the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Elman was still a boy when Auer arranged for him to play with the Colonne Orchestra during their visit to Pavlovsk; 4 months later he went to Paris and played the Mendelssohn concerto with them. He made his Berlin debut in 1904, and his 1905 London debut included the UK premiere of Glazunov’s Violin Concerto in A Minor. He played Carnegie Hall in 1908 and toured Australia in 1914.He sometimes performed up to 107 concerts in a 29-week season. The Elman family moved to the US and Mischa became a citizen in 1923. In 1943, he gave the premiere of Martinu’s Second Concerto, written for Elman, and sales of his records exceeded two million.

A frequent accompanist in chamber works during Elman’s early US career was Emmanuel Bay, and from 1950, his steady accompanist and recital partner was Joseph Seiger. He also briefly performed and recorded with the Mischa Elman String Quartet.  Elman’s recorded legacy spanned over 6 decades.

Autograph Sentiment (“yours truly”) Signed on a 2 ¾ x 4 ¼ card, adds June 2 1930 date.








Type: Autograph Sentiment Signed

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