Eisenhower, Dwight D.


Lovely seated photograph of President Eisenhower used for his 1967 official portrait by James Wills


Type:  Photograph
Description: (1890-1969) Led Supreme Allied Command in European Theater 1942-1945 during WW II. President of the US 1953-1961.

ISP, 10 x 8 b&w flat finish portrait by James A. Wills of the former president  seated in a chair, right arm over the back of the chair, right hand holding eyeglasses, left hand on his left knee. With typed inscription and sentiment. The oil painting based on this photograph was Eisenhower’s official portrait.

Mogens Kiehn , Danish resistance fighter in WW II, a chemist, inventor.

James A. Wills (1912-1993) American oil painter, never used canvas, never had formal art training. He painted Secretaries of Defense George C. Marshall and Charles E. Wilson, and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and did presidential portraits for Harry Truman, and Nixon as well as Eisenhower. If asked, Wills would take photographs of his subject if the client would not like to do a life sitting the entire time. He charged about $7,500 for a life sitting self-portrait. He often had a large role in what his clients would wear. He would look in their wardrobe and pick out something in fashion at the time and would be 2 decades later. Once completed Wills personally accompanied his work to its final destination.

Condition: Very good

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