Eaker, Ira C.


Nice content postwar TLS as Hughes Tool Company Vice President



Autograph ID: 4060
Condition: Very good, mail folds, light staining at very top edge
Description: “(1896-1987) Joined US Army 1917, in March 1918 sent for flying instruction at Austin and Kelly Fields in Texas, rated a pilot following October. A pilot on Dec. 1926-May 1927 Pan American Flight, a goodwill trip around South America, awarded Mackay Trophy. Chief pilot on Jan. 1-7,1929 endurance flight of Army plane, “Question Mark”, establishing new world flight endurance record. Entire crew of 5, inc. Eaker & mission commander Carl Spaatz, awarded DFC. Made 1930 1st transcontinental flight entirely with instruments. In Nov. 1940, assumed command of 20th Pursuit Group at Hamilton Field, Calif. USAAF Brig Genl Jan. 1942, 2nd in-command of prospective Eighth Air Force, sent to England to form and organize its bomber command, named Eighth Air Force commander Dec. 1, 1942. Personally participated in 1st B-17 Flying Fortress bomber strike against German forces in France, bombing Rouen Aug. 17, 1942. Lieut. Genl. Sept. 1943, architect of strategic bombing force that ultimately numbered 40 groups of 60 heavy bombers each, supported by fighter command of 1,500 aircraft, most of which was in place when he took overall command of 4 Allied air forces in the Mediterranean Theater in 1944. Deputy Commander of US Army Air Forces by end of war. Worked in aerospace industry on retirement then became newspaper columnist.

TLS on 11 x 8 ½ letterhead as Lt. Gen., USA (Ret.) & Vice President, Hughes tool Company, Houston, Texas, March 29 1948, to Mrs. Otto Madlener, Winnetka, Ill. Eaker delighted to join list of Amry, Navy & Air Force officers cooperating with her interesting hobby. Comments on value of “well-selected hobbies”, is happy to know of her wartime service, adds: “…I am joining you in wishing fervently that a similar period does not come¦where all of us will have to fight for our existence. A little wisdom and a lot of hard work will be required, I fear, to prevent that calamity.” Elaine Wetmore Madlener (1912-1989) Chicago socialite, philanthropist, biographer of conductor Herbert von Karajan, 1st woman secretary of The National Autograph Collector’s Society (now The Manuscript Society), authored several articles on collecting. Her husband, Otto Madlener, also a prominent autograph collector.”

Type: Letter

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