Disraeli, Benjamin, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield

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Free franked address panel while relatively new MP



Autograph ID: 3480
Condition: Very Good, light soiling, top left edge tad rough
Description: “(1804-1881) British Prime Minister, parliamentarian, Conservative statesman and literary figure. Served in government for 3 decades, twice as Prime Minister (1868, 1874-80). Although his father had him baptised to Anglicanism at 13 (following a dispute with their synagogue), he was nonetheless Britain’s only PM who was born Jewish. He won a seat in the House of Commons in 1837 representing the constituency of Maidstone. Chancellor of the Exchequer 1866-68, Leader of the Opposition 1868-74. He played an instrumental role in the creation of the modern Conservative Party after the Corn Laws schism of 1846. From 1852 onwards, Disraeli’s career was marked by intense rivalry with William Ewart Gladstone, who rose to become leader of the Liberal Party. In this feud, Disraeli was aided by his warm friendship with Queen Victoria. He was well-known as a literary and social figure. During the 1840s Disraeli wrote three political novels collectively known as “the Trilogy” – “Sybil”, “Coningsby”, and “Tancred” He mainly wrote romances, of which “Sybil” and “Vivian Grey” are perhaps best-known today. He was Rector of Glasgow University for two full terms between 1871 and 1877. Disraeli was elevated to the House of Lords in 1876 when Queen Victoria made him Earl of Beaconsfield and Viscount Hughenden after 4 decades in the House of Commons.

3 ¼ x 4 ¾ address panel from folded letter addressed in another hand to Henry Hale, Esq., Leeds, London, June 11 1839, franked “BDisraeli” at lower left; red crown “free” postmark at top right. With portrait.”
Type: Free Franked Panel

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