Dennis, George R. & Whyte, William Pinkney


Maryland’s 1875-79 Reconstruction-era US Senators


Autograph ID: 5227
Condition: Very good, slight rust spot at top center
Description: “GEORGE R. DENNIS (1822-1882) Maryland Democrat, US Senator 1873-79, also served in the Maryland State Senate and House of Delegates. In 1854 & 1871, Dennis served in the Maryland State Senate, and in 1867 served in the state House of Delegates.
WILLIAM PINKNEY WHYTE (1824-1908) Maryland Democrat, State Delegate, Comptroller, US Senator, 35th Governor, Mayor of Baltimore, and State Attorney General. His grandfather, William Pinkney, was a noted politician, administrator, and diplomat. Whyte's early education was from a private tutor, formerly personal secretary to Napoleon Bonaparte, and was admitted to the Bar in 1846. He served as a member of the House of Delegates 1847-49. From 1853-55, he served as Comptroller of the State Treasury. Whyte was asked by Governor Thomas Swann to fill the remainder of Senator Reverdy Johnson's term, July 13, 1868-March 3, 1869. During his short tenure as Senator, Whyte supported embattled President Andrew Johnson, and also supported easing tension in Southern states during Reconstruction. He was not a candidate for re-election in 1868. In 1872, Whyte was elected Governor, and in 1874, was elected by the legislature to the US Senate, resigning as Governor. In 1874, he served as counsel for Maryland before the arbitration board in the boundary dispute between Virginia and Maryland. While Senator, he opposed paying the nation's debt with silver and gold instead of solely gold, and chose not to run for re-election due to family illness and strife between him and counterpart, Senator Arthur P. Gorman. He was elected Mayor of Baltimore unopposed in 1881. Whyte was Attorney General of Maryland, and Baltimore City Solicitor 1900–03. In 1906, he was appointed by Governor Warfield to fill the Senate vacancy caused by the death of Arthur P. Gorman and served until his death.

5 ¼ x 7 autograph album page signed by Maryland Democratic US Senators George R. Dennis and William Pinkney Whyte, both adding “Md” under their signatures. No date but ca. 1875-79.”
Type: Signed Album Page

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