Dana, Charles A.


Dana of “The Sun” regrets he cannot accept J. P. Morgan & Committee’s invitation to attend Chamber of Commerce annual banquet



Autograph ID: 1075
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1819-1897) American newspaper editor, with Greeley’s “Tribune” 1847-62, co-editor of the “New American Cyclopedia” 1857-63, Assistant Secretary of War 1862-64. Owner & editor of New York “Sun” 1868-97, “the newspaperman’s newspaper”.

8 x 7 LS on engraved letterhead of “The Sun”, NYC, April 9 1876, to Committee of Messrs. J. P. Morgan, Elliot C. Cowdin, Henry F. Spaulding. Josiah M. Fiske, and George Wilson. Dana regrets he cannot accept their invitation to attend the Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet at Delmonico’s as he has an engagement out of town.”

Type: Letter

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