Dana, Charles A.


1886 Autograph Sentiment Signed while influential “New York Sun” owner-editor



Autograph ID: 4573
Condition: Very good, trivial soiling
Description: “(1819-1897) American newspaper editor, Asst. Secretary of War 1863-65.

From Sept. 1841-March 1846, Dana lived at Brook Farm and was one of its trustees; he was head waiter when the Farm became a “Fourierite Phalanx,” and was in charge of Phalanx finances when its buildings burned in 1846. During his time with Brook Farm, he also wrote for the Transcendental publication, “The Harbinger,” devoted to social reform and general literature.

With Greeley’s Tribune 1847-62, co-editor of New American Cyclopedia 1857-63. Assistant Secretary of War 1863-65. Owner & editor of New York Sun 1868-97, “the newspaperman’s newspaper.” Under Dana, “The Sun” opposed the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. It supported Grant for the presidency in 1868 but was a sharp critic of Grant as president, and in 1872, took part in the Liberal Republican revolt and urged Greeley’s nomination.

Dana made the Sun a Democratic newspaper, independent and outspoken in the expression of its opinions respecting the affairs of either party. In 1876, the Sun favored Samuel J. Tilden for the presidency, opposed the Electoral Commission, and continually referred to R. B. Hayes as the “fraud president”. In 1884 it supported Benjamin Butler, candidate of Greenback-Labor and Anti-Monopolist parties, and opposed Republican James G. Blaine and, even more bitterly, Democrat Grover Cleveland. Dana supported Cleveland and opposed Benjamin Harrison in 1888, although it had bitterly criticized Cleveland’s 1st administration, and would criticize nearly every detail of his 2nd with the exception of Federal interference in the 1894 Pullman strike. In 1896, on the free silver issue, “The Sun” opposed Democratic candidate Wm. Jennings Bryan the for the presidency.

Autograph Sentiment (“Yours sincerely”) Signed (“C. A. Dana”) on a 2 ¼ x 3 ½ card, adding January 23 1886 date.”
Type: Autograph Sentiment Signed

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