Crippen, Robert L.


NASA astronaut, flew 4 Space Shuttle missions, 3 as commander



Autograph ID: 3019
Condition: Very good, barely perceptible vertical bend
Description: “(B. 1937) US Navy NASA astronaut, flew on four Space Shuttle missions, including three as commander; recipient of the Congressional Space Medal of Honor. Piloted 1st orbital test flight of the Space Shuttle program (STS-1, 1981), commanded 3 additional shuttle flights: STS-7, 1983; STS-41C, 1984; and STS-41G, 1984. He presided over the first 5-person crew (STS-7, crew included Sally Ride, 1st US woman in space), 1st satellite repair operation (STS-41-C, repaired Solar Maximum Mission satellite), and 1st 7-person crew (STS-41-G). Named commander of the STS-62A mission cancelled after Challenger Disaster. Director, Space Shuttle at NASA HQ in Washington Ian. 1990-Jan. 1992, responsible for overall Shuttle program requirements, performance, and total program control, including budget, schedule and program content. Director of NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center Jan. 1992-Jan. 1995.

10 x 8 ISP, color NASA portrait in space suit holding helmet, printed name at bottom”

Type: Photograph

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