Crippen, Robert; Gardner, Dale; Gardner, Guy; Ross, Jerry; Mullane, Mike; Aldridge Jr., Pete; Watterson, Brett


Cover signed by crew of canceled 1980 Space Shuttle 62-A mission



Autograph ID: 6658
Condition: Very good
Description: “STS-62-A was a planned July 15 1980 Shuttle mission on Discovery to deliver a reconnaissance payload into polar orbit, 1st manned launch from Vandenberg AFB in California, 1st manned mission to go into polar orbit. Commander was Robert L. Crippen (5th flight),Pilot Guy S. Gardner (1st flight), 3 mission specialists Richard Mullane (2nd flight), Jerry Ross (2nd flight), and Dale A. Gardner (3rd flight), and 2 Payload Specialists, Edward C. Aldridge, Jr. and Brett Watterson, 1st flights for both. January 1986 destruction of Challenger and subsequent halt of Space Shuttle Program led to cancellation of the mission. Gardner, Ross and Mullane flew on STS-27, 2nd post-Challenger mission; Aldridge and Watterson never flew. ROBERT L. CRIPPEN (b., 1937) Naval aviator, test pilot, aerospace engineer, flew on 4 missions: Pilot of STS-1, 1981 (1st Space Shuttle mission); Commander of STS-7, 1983; STS-41-C, 1984; STS-41-G, 1984. Received Congressional Space Medal of Honor. DALE A. GARDNER (1948- 2014) Naval aviator, NASA astronaut 1979-90, flew 2 missions: mission specialist STS-8 (1983) and STS-51-A (1984). GUY S. GARDNER (b. 1948) USAF Academy graduate, NASA astronaut 1980-91. Pilot on STS-27 (1988) and STS-35 (1990); assigned as pilot on STS-62-A which was canceled. JERRY L. ROSS (b. 1948), USAF officer, NASA astronaut 1980-2012. Veteran of 7 Shuttle missions, co-record holder for most flights with Franklin Chang-Diaz. With Payload Operations Div. at Johnson Space Center 1979 responsible for flight operations integration of payloads into the Space Shuttle. As an astronaut, technical assignments included: EVA, RMS (robotic arm), chase team; STS 41-B, STS 41-C, STS 51-A support crewman; STS 41-B, STS 41-C, STS 41-D, STS 51-A, STS 51-D CAPCOM; Chief of Mission Support Branch; member of Astronaut Selection Board; Acting Deputy Chief of Astronaut Office, Chief of Astronaut Office EVA and Robotics Branch, Astronaut Office Branch Chief for Kennedy Space Center Operations Support. Assigned to STS 62-A, 1st Shuttle to launch from Vandenberg AFB, canceled after Challenger disaster. Mission specialist on STS 61-B (1985), STS-27 (1988), STS-37 (1991), Payload Commander STS-55/Spacelab-D2 (1993), mission specialist on 2nd Shuttle to rendezvous and dock with Russian Space Station Mir (STS-74, 1995), 1st International Space Station assembly mission (STS-88, 1998), STS-110 (2002). RICHARD “MIKE” MULLANE (b. 1945) USMA 1967, USAF engineer, NASA astronaut 1979-1990 on 3 Space Shuttle missions: mission specialist on STS-41-D (1984, maiden voyage of Orbiter Discovery), STS-27 (Atlantis, 1988), and STS-36 (Atlantis, 1990). EDWARD “PETE” ALDRIDGE JR. (b. 1938) USAF Under Secretary 1981-86, Director of National Reconnaissance Office 1981-88, Secretary of the Air Force 1986-88, controversial Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (top Pentagon weapons buyer) 2001-03. Payload Specialist for STS-62-A, never flew after it was canceled. (JOHN) BRETT WATTERSON (b. 1949) US Military Spaceflight Engineer astronaut, 1979-86, existence of his astronaut group selected in 1979 kept secret until 1985. Payload Specialist for canceled STS-41-E (Challenger, 1984) Dept. of Defense mission, and on 1986 canceled STS-62-A mission on Discovery, also DoD mission.

3 3/4 x 6 1/2 envelope with Skylab and another stamp postmarked Colorado Springs Socopex Station (Colorado) “Hubble Space Telescope Eye In The Sky”, October 20 1990, signed by all members of the canceled Space Shuttle mission.”
Type: Signed Cover

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