Coolidge, Julian Lowell


Harvard mathematics professor 1902-40, department chairman  1927-40, taught mathematics to FDR at Groton School 1897-99


Type: Signed card
Description:  (1873-1954)  US mathematician, historian and Harvard University professor and Mathematics Department chairman. A graduate of Harvard and Oxford universities, he taught at Groton School 1897-99 where one of his pupils was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

He accepted a teaching position at Harvard and in 1902 was given an assistant professorship, but took a 2-year sabbatical to study at the University of Turin before receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Bonn. Coolidge returned to teach and remained at Harvard for his entire academic career, except for a year at the Sorbonne as an exchange professor. During WW I, he served with the Army in France rising to major. At the end of the war, the French government awarded him the Legion of Honor. Coolidge returned to Harvard, awarded a full professorship, appointed Mathematics Department chairman 1927, remaining as such until his 1940 retirement.

A Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Science, he was president of the Mathematical Association of America and VP of the American Mathematical Society. He authored several books on mathematics and on the history of mathematics.

Signed 2 x 3 card, dated November 30 1949

Condition: Very Good






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