Collins, J. Lawton


European & Pacific Theaters army commander, Army Chief of Staff in Korean War


Autograph ID: 5897
Condition: Very good
Description: “(“Lightning Joe”, 1896-1987) USMA 1917, Army General in WW II, served in both the Pacific and European Theaters of Operations. He was Army Chief of Staff during the Korean War. Lieutenant Colonel June 1940, Chief of Staff of VII Corps 1941. Promoted to temporary ranks of Colonel Jan. 1941, Brigadier General Feb. 1942, and Major Genera, May 1942. Chief of Staff of Hawaiian Department 1941–42, Commanding General of the 25th Infantry (the “Tropic Lightning” Division) against the Japanese on Guadalcanal, 1942–43 and on New Georgia July-Oct. 1943. Transferred to Europe, led VII Corps in Normandy invasion and Utah Beach landing, and in Western European campaigns to the German surrender. Collins was promoted to temporary Lieutenant General (April) and permanent Brigadier General (June) in 1945. Deputy Commanding General and Chief of Staff, Army Ground Forces Aug.-Dec. 1945; Army Director of Information (later, Chief of Public Information) 1945–47; Army Deputy (later Vice) Chief of Staff 1947–49; promoted to temporary General and permanent Major General Jan. 1948. Army Chief of Staff 1949-53, the Army’s senior officer throughout the Korean War. He brought the 1st Special Forces group into the Order of Battle, and helped develop the Army’s contribution to the new North Atlantic Treaty Organization. US representative to the Military Committee and the Standing Group of NATO 1953–54; special representative of the US in Vietnam with ambassadorial rank 1954–55; retired from active duty March 1956. His nephew, Michael Collins, was the Command Module Pilot on the 1969 Apollo 11 mission.

SP, 10 x 8 US Army b&w matte finish seated portrait as 4-star General, signed in blue ink at lower right. Undated but ca. Nov. 1961 after appointment as US Army Chief of Staff.”
Type: Photograph

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