Cohen, William S.


In-person signature of the Maine statesman and Clinton’s 2nd Defense Secretary


Autograph ID: 6921
Condition: Very good
Description: “(b. 1940) Maine (R) US Rep 1973-79, Senator (1979-97), Secretary of Defense (1997-2001, Clinton). Bowdoin College 1962, Boston Univ. Law School 1965, Bangor mayor 1971-72. During his 1st term in Congress, he became involved in the Watergate investigation. As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, he was one of the first Republicans to break with his party, voting for President Nixon’s impeachment. Time Magazine named him one of "America's 200 Future Leaders". After 3 terms in the House, Cohen was elected to the Senate in 1978, reelected in 1984 & 1990. He had a reputation as a moderate Republican with liberal views on social issues. While in the Senate, Cohen served on the Senate Armed Services and Governmental Affairs committees. He was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee 1983–91 & 1995–97, Vice Chairman 1987-91. He participated in the drafting of several notable laws related to defense matters, incl. the Nunn-Cohen Act Amendment creating the US Special Operations Command and the Information Technology Management Reform Act, also known as the Clinger-Cohen Act (1996). As Clinton’s Secretary of Defense, Cohen played a large role in directing US military actions in Iraq and Kosovo. He supported NATO expansion and looked on proliferation of weapons of mass destruction as the most serious problem facing the US. Finally, Cohen had to address social issues incl. the status and treatment of gays and lesbians in the military, the role of women in combat and in other jobs in the services, racism, and sexual harassment. In the 2016 presidential election, Cohen joined many Republicans in opposing GOP nominee Trump and endorsed Hillary Clinton.

6 x 4 ½ blue autograph album page signed as “Bill Cohen” in person.”

Type: Signed album page

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