Cohen, Myron


Classic master Jewish joke teller, popular 1950s-70s nightclub and TV comedian


Type:  Signature
Description:  (1902-1986) Polish-born Jewish-American comedian and raconteur, came to America as a little boy. Beginning as a NYC garment industry salesman, when calling on customers, before showing his samples, he would tell a joke to put everyone at ease and establish rapport. Cohen’s jokes were often more popular than his garment samples, and his customers urged him to become a professional comedian. In the 1950s-60s, he was a very popular nightclub entertainer, also frequently appearing on TV variety shows like The Ed Sullivan Show. Although he spoke perfect, cultured English, he was a master at capturing New York Jewish accents.

At the height of his talk show popularity, Cohen issued 3 RCA Victor comedy albums: Everybody Got to Be Someplace (1966) and That’s Not a Question (1967). He was a popular 1960s and early-mid 1970s TV talk show figure, telling the many anecdotes he’d collected over a lifetime on the road.

In the 1973 Woody Allen film Sleeper, Cohen and fellow Jewish comedian Jackie Mason had uncredited voice cameos as “Ginsberg and Cohen”, robot tailors since 2173.

He wrote 4 books: Laughing Out Loud (1958); More Laughing Out Loud and Myron Cohen’s Big Joke Book (1960); The Myron Cohen Joke Book: Laughing Out Loud and More Laughing Out Loud (1978). 

4 ½ x 6 autograph sentiment (“Thanks”) signed on a light brown autograph album page (in person signature)

Condition: Very good, light toning at edges

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