Clinton, George


1st Vice President to die in office, 2nd to serve under 2 Presidents!


Type:  Signature
Description: (1739-1812) New York soldier and prominent Democratic-Republican statesman, served as 4th US Vice President 1805 to his death in 1812. He was New York governor 1777-95 and 1801-04. He and John C. Calhoun were the only vice presidents to hold office under 2 presidents.

He served in the French and Indian War, rose to lieutenant in the colonial militia. He then began a law practice and was a New York City district attorney. As Governor in 1777-95, Clinton supported independence during the Revolutionary War and served in the Continental Army while governor. Opposed to ratification of the Constitution, he became a prominent Anti-Federalist and advocate for addition of the Bill of Rights. In the early 1790s, he emerged as a leader of the new Democratic-Republican Party and was the Party’s vice presidential candidate in the 1792 election, receiving the 3rd most electoral votes behind George Washington and John Adams. He did not seek re-election in 1795, but again served as governor 1801-04. Clinton was again tapped as Democratic-Republican VP nominee in the 1804 election, as President Jefferson dumped Aaron Burr from the ticket. Clinton sought the presidential nomination in the 1808 election but lost the nomination to James Madison. Despite his opposition to Madison, Clinton was re-elected VP. He died in 1812, leaving the office of vice president vacant for the 1st time in US history. His nephew, DeWitt Clinton, continued the Clinton New York political dynasty after his uncle’s death.

Col. Charles Clinton (1690-1773) Colonial American Anglo-Irish soldier and politician, colonel in the French and Indian War. He was the father of General James Clinton and George Clinton, grandfather of DeWitt Clinton

2 x 4 ¼ clipped close of an ALS (“Affectionate & /Dutiful Son/[signed]”) likely to his father; identification “Governor George Clinton” penned in another hand at lower right. With engraved portrait for matting and framing.

Condition: Very good

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