Cannon, Joseph G.


Signature of “Uncle Joe”, most dominant House Speaker (1903-11) in US history



Autograph ID: 7015
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1836-1926) Illinois lawyer & US Rep (R) 1873-91, 1893-1913, 1915-1923. House Speaker 1903-1911, known his for autocratic ways, effectively controlled every aspect of the House’s agenda. His antic speaking style, diminutive stature and pugnacious manner were his trademarks. Newspapers frequently lampooned him as a colorful rube. “Uncle Joe” often clashed with fellow Republican Theodore Roosevelt. He received 58 votes at the 1908 GOP presidential convention, losing to Taft. In 1910 a revolt of Democrats and dissatisfied Republicans stripped the Speaker of some of his powers, such as heading the House Rules Committee and ability to appoint members of other House committees. Historians generally consider him the most dominant Speaker in US history. He was a critic of President Wilson, US entry into WW I, and the League of Nations. The 2nd longest-serving GOP Speaker, also 1st congressman to surpass 40 years of service (non-consecutive). The 1st building of offices for congressmen outside the Capitol building was named after him and he was the subject of the 1st TIME Magazine cover on March 3, 1923.
4 ½ x 5 ½ fragment of an autograph album page, adds “Danville/Ills” under signature, while US Rep, ca. 1878.”
Type: Signature

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