Calvin, Melvin (ON HOLD)


American chemist, awarded 1961 Nobel Prize


Autograph ID: 1077
Condition: Very good, rubber docket stamp top right
Description: “(1911-1997) Director of the big-organic chemistry group in the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory from 1946, became Laboratory of Chemical Biodynamics in 1960. Researcher in electron affinity of halogens, coordination catalysis, and, later, to general theoretical aspects of organic molecular structure and behavior and the problem of photosynthesis. Received 1961 Nobel Prize for chemistry.

11 x 8 ½ TLS on University of California, Berkeley Laboratory of Chemical Biodynamics letterhead, July 19 1967, to Assoc. Editor, Chemical & Engineering News. Calvin returns a manuscript on “Chemistry and the Solid Earth”, has read 3 indicated pages which seem satisfactory. Calvin encloses reprints covering some of their “reports on the Soudan [sic] which is dated at not less than 2.5 billion years” which “report the presence of steranes, as well as the open-chain polyisoprenoids, and the ring compounds seem even more interesting than the open-chain ones.” Calvin does not have the time to properly read the manuscript and fulfill the magazine’s other requests in time available.”
Type: Letter

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