Byrd, Harry F.


1953 TLS from Virginia Governor & Senator, 1956 “States Rights” presidential candidate


Autograph ID: 4832
Condition: Very good, 2 file holes at top, mail folds
Description: “(1887-1966) Brother of polar explorer Richard E. Byrd, Virginia Governor 1926-30, 1932 Democratic presidential hopeful. US Senator 1933-65 (appointed to succeed Claude Swanson), opposed civil rights, championed states’ rights. 1956 States Rights Party presidential candidate, received 15 electoral votes.

TLS “Harry” on 10 ½ x 8 blue printed “United States Senate/Committee on Finance” letterhead, February 11 1953, marked “personal”, to Ben Jacobs, Newport News, Va. Senator Byrd thanks Jacobs for his letter, and would be delighted to see Carter Whitehead retained in office. Byrd does not “…know what influence I can have in this matter but will confer with those in authority.” Republican Dwight Eisenhower was inaugurated 3 weeks earlier, and Attorney General Brownell did replace Whitehead. At bottom of Byrd’s letter is a brief TLS “Ben” from Jacobs to Whitehead, asking him to please return this letter “when you are of the opinion that it has answered its purpose.”

A. Carter Whitehead was US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia 1951-53. Samuel “Ben” Jacobs, was a prominent Newport News attorney.”
Type: Letter

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