Burmeister, Richard


German-American pianist & composer, student of Lizst, taught at Baltimore’s Peabody Institute 1885-97



(1860-1944) German-American pianist and composer, student of Liszt 1881-84 at Weimar, Rome & Budapest, accompanied him on his travels. Taught at Dresden 1903-06 & Berlin 1907-25, toured extensively in Europe and US. Led piano department at Baltimore’s Peabody Institute 1885-97, and  with fellow composers Joseph Pache, Asger Hamerik, Fritz Finke and Otto Sutro, played a sizeable role in the 1890s  Baltimore musical culture. Led Scharwenka Conservatory of Music‘s NYC branch 1897-99.  His compositions include a concerto in D minor for pianoforte and orchestra, a ballade for pianoforte, an arrangement for pianoforte and orchestra of Liszt’s Concerto Pathétique for 2 pianofortes, “The Chase After Fortune” (described as a “symphonic fantasy”) for orchestra, and a re-orchestration of Chopin’s F-minor Piano Concerto. He also wrote the symphonic fantasy “Die Jagd nach dem Glück”, a piano concerto, and re-scored works of Chopin & Liszt (inc. Mephisto Waltz).
Condition: Very good
Description: Signed 3 x 4 card + unsigned magazine portrait
Type: Signed card

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