Bryan, William Jennings


“The Great Commoner” 1918 ALS to a former State Department colleague


Autograph ID: 4631
Condition: Very good, slight see-thru of ink on verso
Description: “(1860-1925) 3-time losing Democratic presidential candidate (McKinley 1896 & 1900; Taft 1908). Secretary of State 1913-15 (Wilson), resigned over pacifist convictions as US involvement in WW I became possible. Prosecutor in 1925 “Scopes Trial” against Clarence Darrow for the defense.

Uncommon ALS, 1½ pp (both sides) on personal Marymont, Asheville, No. Car. letterhead, “En Route”, July 23 1918, to Mr. Heimke. Bryan extends his sincere sympathy in Heimke’s sore bereavement (death of his wife), was kind of Heimke to share his loss with Bryan. Major William Heimke (1847-1931) USMA 1875, served in the Civil War. US Minister to Guatemala 1908-09 and Salvador 1909-14, Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs at the State Depatment 1914-15.”
Type: Letter

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