Brady, Cyrus Townsend


1901 AQS from a novel by the naval biographer & writer of historical fiction



Autograph ID: 4350
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1861-1920) USNA 1883, Episcopal clergyman, Spanish-American War chaplain. Authored historical naval & military fiction (For Love of Country, The Grip of Honor, A Midshipman in the Pacific, The Two Captains, etc.) & naval biographies (Decatur, Jones, Reuben James, etc.). His best-known work is Indian Fights and Fighters (1904).

Autograph Sentiment (”Very Sincerely yours”) Signed on a 3 x 4 card, Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pa., April 23 1901; at bottom he writes: “’Love of country!’ That was his passion, you understand” from “For Love of Country”. Brady’s 1st major book, For Love of Country (1898), told the story of a fictitious “John Seymour”, but it was actually based in part on the true heroics of Nicholas Biddle, one of the first 5 captains of the fledgling Continental Navy. ”
Type: Autograph Sentiment Signed + Quotation

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