Bixby, Dianna & Robert


1950 husband & wife around-the-world flyers, Dianna killed in 1955 crash attempting solo around-the-world record flight

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Autograph ID: 6651
Condition: Very good, slight darkening to top edge of trivial effect
Description: “Dianna Converse Cyrus Bixby (1922-1955) Aviatrix, flew WW II A-26 Douglas Invader Huntress setting world speed records, raced in 1947 Bendix Race. The “Powder Puff Derby” was born at a 1947 Los Angeles “Ninety-Nines” meeting when an invitation arrived for an all-women air show in Florida. Dianna Bixby said, “Let’s make it a race,” and became one of 3 members to enter. In Huntress II, British DeHavilland Mosquito, she flew all the wood aircraft with husband Robert around the world April 1-13 1950 attempting new speed record. Killed in her Douglas A-20 Havoc Jan. 2, 1955 when it crashed into sea in bad weather off Loreta, Mexico in attempt to set solo round-the-world speed record, sponsored by Flying Tiger Lines.

3 x 5 card with Bixby Airborne Products & Bixby Airlines, Camarillo, California address labels affixed at top corners, signed by both.”
Type: Signed Card

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