Berry, Sidney B.


1975 TLS as 50th West Point Superintendent, served in Korea and Vietnam to the Army War College Commandant


Autograph ID: 6787
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1926-2013) USMA 1948, Army Lieut. General, USMA Superintendent 1974-77. He first saw duty as a company commander in Korea, awarded 2 Silver Stars, a Bronze Star for Valor, and a Purple Heart. After the Korean War, he earned a graduate degree from Columbia, was an instructor at West Point in the Department of Social Sciences 1953–56, and a military assistant to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara 1961–64, traveling to Vietnam often. He serve 2 ½ years in Vietnam between 1965 & 1971, his 2nd combat wound occurred in Vietnam during his 1st tour (1965–1966). His awards for his service in Vietnam included the Distinguished Service Medal, 2 Silver Stars, 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 2 Legions of Merit, the Purple Heart, 42 Air Medals, and a 2nd Combat Infantryman Badge. Berry became 50th Superintendent of West Point in 1974, overseeing the integration of women in the summer of 1976 while at the same time dealing with a massive junior class honor scandal involving cheating on an academic test. Following his tour as USMA Superintendent, Lieut. Genl. Berry commanded the V Corps, US Army, Europe, 1977-80, retiring 1 March 1980.

TLS “Sid” on 10 ½ x 8 letterhead as USMA Superintendent, West Point, New York, January 15 1975, to Major General DeWitt C. Smith Jr., Commandant, Army War College. Berry thanks Smith for sending the latest issue of “Parameters”, the best issue by far he has read and he has read most issues. He particularly praises Chaplain Johnson’s article, “Ethical Issues of Military Leadership” and Don Bletz’s article, “The Modern Major General.” He is pleased that USMA faculty members are contributing to “Parameters” and will encourage increased participation. With envelope.

DeWITT C. SMITH,JR. (1920 -1985) US Army officer, former deputy Army Chief of Staff, twice (and longest-serving) Army War College commandant 1974 -77, 1978-80. Joined the Army 1942, commissioned 2nd lieutenant, with the 4th Armored Div. in combat after Normandy to the end of the War. Wounded 3 times, awarded Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars, and 3 Purple Hearts. Discharged 1946, returned to active duty in Korea and stayed in the military. He was an aide to Chief of Staff Maxwell Taylor, served in the “Old Guard” at Fort Myer, a battalion XO and commander in Germany. He served at the Pentagon before going to the Army War College. Led a combat brigade of the 1st Infantry in Vietnam. In 1970, under his leadership, Fort Carson, Colo. was made an initial test site for the modern volunteer Army concept. After his stints at the War College, he retired in 1980.”
Type: Letter

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