Bean, Alan L.


Color ISP of the 4th man to walk on the Moon



Type: Photograph
Description: (1932-2018) US naval aviator, aeronautical engineer, test pilot and NASA astronaut, 4th person to walk on the Moon. He was selected by NASA in 1963 as part of Astronaut Group 3.  His 1st space flight was aboard Apollo 12, 2nd crewed mission to land on the Moon in Nov. 1969.  He made his 2nd and final flight into space on the 1973 Skylab 3 mission 2nd crewed mission to the Skylab space station.  After retiring from the Navy in 1975 and from NASA in 1981, he pursued his interest in painting, depicting various space-related scenes and documenting his own experiences in space as well as those of his fellow Apollo astronauts.

10 x 8 color ISP, NASA portrait of kneeling Bean in spacesuit in front of lunar lander, insc. with sentiment

Condition: Very good

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