Banks, Nathaniel P. (ON HOLD)


Massachusetts US Rep, House Speaker 1856-57, Governor 1858-61, Major General in Maryland & Shenandoah Valley, replaced Butler Department of the Gulf 1862-64


Autograph ID: 7020
Condition: Very good, tiny spots at “N” and “B” in signature
Description: “(1816-94) Mass. US Rep 1853-57, 1865-73, 1875-79, 1889-91. Elected Speaker (1856-57) after the longest (nearly 3 months) and one of the most bitter speakership contests. Mass. Governor 1858-61. Major General US Vols. 1861, 1st command at Annapolis, Maryland, suppressing support for the Confederacy in a slave-holding state at risk of seceding. Commanded in the Shenandoah Valley against Stonewall Jackson, in Nov. 1862 replaced Major General Butler at New Orleans commanding the Department of the Gulf. Received thanks of Congress for 1863 capture of Port Hudson, participated in Red River Campaign. On April 22, 1864, Grant requested Chief of Staff Halleck remove Banks from field command in Louisiana. Retaining administrative command of the Army of the Gulf from New Orleans, he went on leave in fall 1864 and Lincoln delegated him to lobby through the winter for the president’s reconstruction plans for Louisiana. He mustered out Aug. 1865 and from 1865-73, in Congress, was chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. He played a key role in final passage of the Alaska Purchase legislation, supported women’s suffrage, strong early advocate of Manifest Destiny, served on committee investigating the Crédit Mobilier scandal. US Marshal for Massachusetts 1879-88.

Signed 4 ½ x 5 1/2 fragment of an autograph album page, adds “Waltham,/ Massachusetts” under signature; undated but ca. 1878 while US Rep.”
Type: Signature

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