Apollo 17 (Cernan, Evans, Schmitt) (ON HOLD)


Color NASA Apollo 17 crew photo insc. & signed by Evans, signed by Schmitt & Cernan, last manned US lunar landing



Type:  Photograph
Description: EUGENE A. CERNAN (1934-2017) Navy aviator, engineer, NASA astronaut on Apollo 17, 12th and last person to walk on the Moon. Went into space 3 times: Gemini 9A Pilot, 1966; Apollo 10 Lunar Module Pilot, 1969; Apollo 17 Commander, 1972 (final Apollo lunar landing). He was chosen Apollo 10 Lunar Module Pilot, final dress rehearsal mission for the 1st Apollo lunar landing, May 1969. During the mission, Cernan and Apollo 10 Commander Tom Stafford piloted the Lunar Module Snoopy in lunar orbit to within just 8 ½ miles of the surface, successfully executing every phase of a lunar landing up until final powered descent. His role as Commander of Apollo 17 ended the Apollo program’s lunar exploration mission with several record-setting achievements. Cernan & Schmitt performed 3 EVAs exploring the Taurus-Littrow valley and covered over 22m with the Lunar Rover collecting 75lbs. of geologic samples. Cernan was one of only 3 men (Lovell & Young) to travel to the Moon twice, one of only 12 moonwalkers. In 1976, Cernan retired from the Navy and from NASA. RONALD E. EVANS JR. (1933-1990) Naval aviator, electrical & aeronautical engineer, NASA astronaut. As Apollo 17 command module pilot he was one of the 24 astronauts to have flown to the Moon, and one of 12 to have flown to the Moon without landing on it. After receiving his naval aviator wings, Evans was a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. Evans was part of Astronaut Group 5 and made his only space flight as Apollo 17 Command Module Pilot in Dec. 1972, the last crewed mission to the Moon, with Cernan & Schmitt. During the flight, Evans and 5 mice orbited the Moon a record 75 times] as his crewmates descended to the surface. He is the last person to orbit the Moon alone and, at 148 hours, holds the record for the most time spent in lunar orbit. During Apollo 17’s return flight to Earth, Evans performed an EVA to retrieve film cassettes from the exterior of the spacecraft, the command and service module, the 3rd “deep space” EVA, and the spacewalk performed at the greatest distance from any planetary body. As of 2021, it remains 1 of 3 deep space EVAs, all made during the Apollo program’s J-missions, also the final spacewalk of the Apollo program. HARRISON H. “JACK” SCHMITT (b. 1935) Geologist, NASA astronaut, professor, New Mexico US Senator (R) 1977-83. In Dec. 1972, as one of the crew of Apollo 17, Schmitt became the 1st NASA scientist-astronaut to fly in space, the 12th and second-youngest person to set foot on the Moon and and the second-to-last person to step off of the Moon (he boarded the Lunar Module before commander Cernan). He also remains the only professional scientist to have flown beyond low Earth orbit and to have visited the Moon. Before starting his own preparations for an Apollo mission, he was one of the scientists training Apollo astronauts chosen to visit the lunar surface. Schmitt resigned from NASA in August 1975 to successfully run for the US Senate from New Mexico, defeated in 1982.

8 x 10 color NASA portait captioned “Prime Crew of Eleventh Manned Apollo Mission” featuring all 3 in spacesuits, Schmitt & Evans standing behind Cernan seated in the lunar rover during Apollo 17 rocket rollout (behind them), mission insignia at top left. Evans signs & inscribes the photo adding “Apollo 17”, Schmitt and Cernan also sign.

Condition: Very good

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