Apollo 12 (Conrad, Gordon, Bean) (ON HOLD)


Color NASA Apollo 12 crew photo signed by Conrad, insc. & signed by Bean & Gordon



Type:  Photograph
Description: CHARLES “PETE” CONRAD JR. (1930-1999) Naval aviator, NASA astronaut 1962-73, set an 8-day space endurance record with Command Pilot Gordon Cooper on Gemini 5 mission, commanded Gemini 11 and Skylab 2 missions. On Nov. 14, 1969, Apollo 12 launched with Conrad as Commander, Dick Gordon as Command Module Pilot, and Alan Bean as Lunar Module Pilot. Lightning strikes just after liftoff temporarily knocked out power and guidance in the Command Module. He was 3rd man to walk on the Moon during Apollo 12 mission. Conrad died in a motorcycle accident, buried with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery.  ALAN L. BEAN (1932-2018) Naval aviator, aeronautical engineer, test pilot and NASA astronaut, 4th person to walk on the Moon. His 1st space flight was aboard Apollo 12, 2nd crewed mission to land on the Moon in Nov. 1969. He made his 2nd and final flight into space on the 1973 Skylab 3 mission 2nd crewed mission to the Skylab space station. RICHARD F. “DICK”GORDON JR. (1929-2017) Naval aviator, test pilot, NASA astronaut, one of 24 people to have flown to the Moon. He was command module pilot of the 1969 Apollo 12 mission which orbited the Moon 45 times. Prior to his lunar flight Gordon was pilot of the 1966 Gemini 11 mission. In Sept. 1966, he made his 1st space flight as Pilot of Gemini 11, along with Pete Conrad. In November 1969, he flew as Apollo 12 Command Module Pilot, 2nd crewed mission to land on the Moon. While crewmates Bean & Conrad landed in the Ocean of Storms, Gordon remained in lunar orbit aboard Command Module “Yankee Clipper” photographing tentative landing sites for future missions. After Apollo 12, he was Apollo 15 backup Commander and was slated to walk on the Moon as Apollo 18 Commander, the mission canceled because of budget cuts. Gordon logged 315 hours & 53 minutes in space, inc. 2 hours & 41 minutes in EVA.

10 X 8 color NASA portrait of the 3 Apollo 12 crew members in spacesuits standing in front of the lunar landing module, insc. by Gordon (adding “Apollo XII” with sentiment) & Bean (adding sentiment), and signed by Conrad.

Condition: Very good

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