Angell, Sir (Ralph) Norman (ON HOLD)


English 1933 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, believed that European economic integration would make militarism obsolete


Autograph ID: 2024
Condition: Very good
Description: “(1872-1967) English lecturer, writer, Labour MP 1929-31. A principal founder of the Union of Democratic Control, served on Council of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, executive for the World Committee against War and Fascism, member of the executive committee of the League of Nations Union, president of the Abyssinia Association. Knighted 1931, awarded 1933 Nobel Peace Prize. Most remembered for “Europe’s Optical Illusion” (1909, publ. as “The Great Illusion” in US), its thesis that the integration of the economies of European states had grown to such a degree that war between them would be entirely futile, making militarism obsolete. Other works inc. “The Money Game” (1928), “The Unseen Assassins” (1932), “The Menace to Our National Defence” (1934), “Peace with the Dictators?” (1938), etc.

TLS on his 9 x 7 blue-green blue-imprinted Stone Cottage Farm, Fernden Hill, Haslemere, Surrey personal letterhead, March 28 1967, to a Chicago man, sends autograph for his collection with best wishes for success in his efforts.”

Type: Letter

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