Brewster, Benjamin H.


Card signed in 1884 as President Arthur’s Attorney General



Autograph ID: 6473
Condition: Brewster, Benjamin H.
Description: “(1816-1888) New Jersey lawyer and politician, US Attorney General 1881-85 (Arthur). Graduated Princeton 1834, admitted to the bar in Philadelphia 1838. His 2nd wife was the daughter of Robert J. Walker, Polk’s Secretary of the Treasury, and her brother-in-law was CSA General P. G. t. Beauregard. In 1846 Brewster was appointed commissioner by President Polk to adjudicate the claims of the Cherokee Indians against the U.S. government. He was appointed Pennsylvania Attorney General in 1867 and named by President Arthur as US Attorney General, serving 1881-1885.

2 x 3 1/2 card signed with full name, adds title and July 12 1884 date $20.

Type: Signed Card

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