Garner, John Nance


Signature of FDR’s 1st VP 1933-41, only man to serve as House Speaker and President of the Senate on the same day!


Autograph ID: 6952
Condition: Good, corners clipped, small stain at left slightly affects “J”
Description: “(1868-1967) “Cactus Jack”, Texas US Rep 1903-33, Speaker 1931-33, VP 1933-41. In 1932, Garner ran for the Democratic Presidential nomination against NY Governor Franklin Roosevelt. When it became evident that Roosevelt was the strongest of several candidates, Garner cut a deal with FDR, becoming Roosevelt’s running mate. Re-elected to 73rd Congress Nov. 8, 1932 and elected Vice President the same day, making him the only man to serve as Speaker of the House and President of the Senate on the same day (March 4, 1933). Re-elected VP 1936, served to Jan. 20, 1941. Garner once described the Vice-Presidency as being “not worth a bucket of warm piss.

1 x 2 ½ signed piece + portrait”
Type: Signature

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