Insights on Autograph Collecting

My 40 years' experience in the world of autographs has given me some insights into collecting that I offer to share with you.


I have written several articles on some subjects concerning collecting that I hope you will find of interest. I invite your comments and your own insights.

Edward N. Bomsey Autographs, Inc.

Why Collect Supreme Court Justices?

The three branches of the American government are Executive, Legislative and Judicial. By design of the ...
Edward N. Bomsey Autographs, Inc.

Some Minor Jottings & Interesting Facts

A few small items of hopefully educational interest for all collectors! Did you know that-- If ...
Edward N. Bomsey Autographs, Inc.

Collecting Autographs of English Kings & Queens

A very interesting area of collecting is English kings and queens. Although Americans fought hard to ...
Edward N. Bomsey Autographs, Inc.

Autographs of the Napoleonic Era

Another exciting area of collecting for those considering a specialized collection may well be the autographs ...