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Alphabetical Listing:


 Abel, I. W. (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
TLS as Steelworkers Secretary-Treasurer, 2 weeks before certification of his election as Union President

 Aberdeen, 4th Earl (George Hamilton-Gordon) (Letter) $115 Special Offer: $100
1845 ALS while Peel’s Foreign Minister

 Abrams, Creighton W. (Photograph) $110 Special Offer: $90
Succeded Westmoreland as Vietnam operations commander 1968-72, Army Chief of Staff 1972-74

 Abzug, Bella (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
New York feminist US Rep, a founder of the National Women’s Political Caucus

 Abzug, Bella (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
Feminist, Women’s Movement leader, New York congresswoman, a founder of the National Women’s Political Caucus

 Acosta, Bert (Photograph) $125 Special Offer: $110
“Bad Boy of the Air”, 2014 Aviation Hall of Fame inductee, set 1921 air speed & 1927 air endurance records, flew nonstop transatlantic flight with Byrd 33 days after Lindbergh

 Adams III, Charles F, (Signed Card) $25 Special Offer: $20
Hoover’s Navy Secretary, noted yachtsman. “Dean of American Helmsmen”

 Adams III, Charles Francis (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
Hoover’s Navy Secretary, notable yachtsman

 Adams, Ansel (Signed Postcard Reproduction) $150 Special Offer: $125
Signed postcard reproduction of Yosemite’s “Half Dome, Merced River, Winter”

 Adams, John (Matted Signature) $3750 Special Offer: $3495
Lovely matted strong vellum signature of the Massachusetts patriot, Signer, 1st US VP and 2nd President

 Adams, John Quincy (Letter) $1695 Special Offer: $1495
1839 ALS while Massachusetts Member of Congress assisting a constituent

 Adams, John Quincy (Document) $3500 Special Offer: $2995
1829 patent for “useful improvement” of a railway cook stove, signed by President Adams, Secretary of State Henry Clay, & Attorney General William Wirt

 Akerman, Amos T. (Free Franked Envelope) $125 Special Offer: $110
Rare free-franked, hand-addressed envelope as Grant's (2nd) Attorney General, only ex-Confederate in Reconstruction-era Cabinet

 Albee II, Edward F. (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $110
Vaudeville impressario (grandfather of the playwright), with partner B. F. Keith, first introduced motion pictures in the US

 Albert, Carl (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $25
House Speaker 1971-77, twice next in line of presidential succession after resignations of VP Agnew & President Nixon

 Alger Jr., Horatio (Autograph sentiment signed) $175 Special Offer: $150
Children’s fiction author of hugely popular “rags to riches” stories

 Alger, Russell A. (Signed official card) $25 Special Offer: $20
Large War Department notecard signed as Secretary in 1899

 Allen, James; Bellmon, Henry; Cook, Marlow; Cranston, Alan; Dole, Bob; Eagleton, Tom; Gravel,Mike; Gurney, Ed; Hughes, Harold; Mathias, Charles "Mac"; Packwood, Bob; Saxbe, Bill; Schweiker, Dick; Stevens, Ted (First Day Cover) $125 Special Offer: $95
1968 FDC signed by 14 then “freshmen” US Senators

 Allen, Joseph P. (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $25
Scientist-astronaut, flew on STS5 & STS51-A space shuttle missions

 Allen, William M. (Signed TIME Portrait) $115 Special Offer: $90
1954 Signed TIME portrait of the ground-breaking Boeing executive, Aviation Hall of Fame member

 Allenby, Edward H. H., Field Marshal & 1st Viscount (Signature) $125 Special Offer: $95
Led capture of Jerusalem & Palestine from Turks in 1917

 Altman, Benjamin (Check) $75 Special Offer: $65
Check signed by the founder of B. Altman & Co. department stores, notable philanthropist

 Alvary, Lorenzo (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $25
Portrait in costume from Orff’s “Die Kluge”

 Anderson, John B. (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $25
TLS from the 1980 independent presidential candidate thanking contributors

 Anderson, Marian (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $125 Special Offer: $110
1944 autograph sentiment signed by the famed contralto

 Anderson, Marian (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $125
Small photo postcard signed by the noted contralto

 Anderson, Maxwell (Document) $125 Special Offer: $110
1945 license for radio broadcast of his play "Elizabeth the Queen"

 Angell, Sir (Ralph) Norman (Letter) $45 Special Offer: $40
English 1933 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, believed European economic integration would make militarism obsolete

 Anglesey, 1st Marquess of (Henry William Paget) (Franked Envelope) $115 Special Offer: $95
Led Wellington’s cavalry and lost a leg at Waterloo

 Apollo 7 (Cunningham, Eisele, Schirra) (Photograph) $950 Special Offer: $750
Original NASA B&W crew photo debriefing after their 11-day 1968 Earth orbital flight

 Argento, Dominick (AMQS) $135 Special Offer: $115
Lengthy AMQS, words & music from his opera “From the Diary of Virginia Woolf”

 Armstrong, Neil (Photograph) $3500 Special Offer: $3150
Inscribed & signed NASA color photo in spacesuit, moon in background

 Arno, Peter (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $95 Special Offer: $80
Autograph sentiment signed by the great “New Yorker” cartoonist

 Arnold, Henry H. "Hap" (Photograph) $350 Special Offer: $295
1944 signed photo of the WW II Allied Air Forces commander in Europe, aviation “early bird”

 Arnold, Thurman (Photograph) $25 Special Offer: $20
Member of FDR’s “Brain Trust”, co-founder of notable DC law firm Arnold (Fortas) & Porter

 Arrau, Claudio (Christmas Card) $95 Special Offer: $75
Christmas card from the eminent Chilean-born pianist, considered one of the greats of the 20th century

 Arrington Jr., Richard (Letter) $20
1st African-American Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, served 1979-99
 Arthur, T(imothy). S(hay). (Signature) $40 Special Offer: $25
Popular mid-19th century author, famous for 1854 temperance novel, “Ten Nights in a Bar-Room and What I Saw There”

 Asquith, Herbert Henry (Letter) $135 Special Offer: $115
Former PM & Mrs. Asquith invite Columbia President (& future Nobel Prize for Peace laureate) Butler & family to lunch

 Astor, Lady Nancy (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $65
US-born, 1st woman to sit in British Parliament 1919-45

 Bache, Alexander D. (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $195
1838 ALS to trustee Joseph Hopkinson raising problems with Stephen Girard’s will to further aims of Girard College

 Bache, Alexander D. (Letter) $85 Special Offer: $75
Distinguished scientist and educator, 1st President of the National Academy of Sciences

 Bache, Richard (Document) $695
Bache, future 2nd US Postmaster General, imports French white wine to Philadelphia in 1788 for his father-in-law, Benjamin Franklin, 1st US Postmaster General
 Badger, George E. (Signed card) $25
Navy Secretary March-Sept. 1841 (Harrison-Tyler), No. Carolina Whig US Senator, named to the Supreme Court but not confirmed
 Baer, George F. (Photograph) $175 Special Offer: $150
J. P. Morgan’s Pennsylvania representative, railroad executive, bitterly fought miners in 1902 Pennsylvania coal strike

 Baird, Wm. F. "Bill" (Autograph Statement Signed) $25 Special Offer: $20
Founded Pro Choice League, successfully fought for rights of unmarried persons to access contraception, abortion rights activist

 Baker III, James A. (Matted Photograph) $40 Special Offer: $30
Photo of the noted lawyer- statesman inscribed to Treasury predecessor Henry Fowler

 Baker, Newton D. (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
1927 TLS to notable collector Rev. Cornelius Greenway, unable to accept his invitation

 Baker, Newton D. (Photograph) $75 Special Offer: $60
Signed photo while on the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague

 Baldwin, Stanley (ANS) $175 Special Offer: $150
1936 ANS while PM, 3-time UK Prime Minister secured the peaceful abdication of King Edward VIII 3 months later

 Baldwin, William H. (Photograph) $60 Special Offer: $40
Boston businessman & philanthropist, led Boston Young Men’s Christian Union 1868-1907

 Bankhead II, John H. (Letter) $25
Alabama US Senator 1930-46, favored farmers, opposed African-American civil rights
 Bankhead, Tallulah (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $110 Special Offer: $90
In-person signature & sentiment of the notorious stage, screen, radio & TV actress

 Banks, Nathaniel P. (Letter) $90 Special Offer: $80
ALS of the House Speaker, Massachusetts US Rep. & Governor, Union Major General

 Banks, Nathaniel P. (Signature) $60 Special Offer: $45
4-time Mass. US Rep,, House Speaker 1856-57, Governor 1858-61, Union Major General (Vols), served in Maryland & Shenandoah Valley, replaced Butler commanding Dept. of the Gulf 1862-64

 Barbour, James (Signature) $60 Special Offer: $50
Virginia’s 18th governor, US senator J. Q. Adams’ Secretary of War, Minister to England

 Barkley, Alben W. (Signed card) $40 Special Offer: $35
Senate Majority Leader 1937-47, Truman’s 1949-53 VP

 Barnard, Christiaan N. (Signed Card) $50 Special Offer: $40
South African pioneer cardiothoracic surgeon, performed 1st heart transplant in 1967

 Barnet, Charlie (Document) $40 Special Offer: $35
1947 DS by the jazz composer, saxophonist, and bandleader, agreement with Sam Goldwyn Productions for film “That’s Life” (“A Song Is Born”)

 Barney, Joshua (Letter) $1595 Special Offer: $1250
Undated ALS of the Chesapeake Bay hero, noted for his role at the Battle of Bladensburg in the War of 1812

 Barnum, P. T. (Letter) $550 Special Offer: $450
Frameable 1861 ALS from the father of “The Greatest Show on Earth”

 Barrett, Wilson (Photograph) $30 Special Offer: $20
English postcard photo from his greatest role in his most successful play

 Barrow, Edward G. (Check) $175 Special Offer: $150
Hall of Fame New York Yankee executive, oversaw team’s 1920‘s–mid 40’s success

 Barrow, Sir John (Free Franked Panel) $195 Special Offer: $175
A Cape, Town, Point, Strait and Duck named for him!

 Barry, Marion S. (Autograph Sentiment Signed ) $35 Special Offer: $25
Civil rights activist, controlversial 4-term Washington DC Mayor and City Council member

 Bartlett, Paul W. (Signed Card) $40 Special Offer: $30
1901 card signed by the Beaux-Arts sculptor, best known for "The Apotheosis of Democracy", the House of Representatives pediment at the US Capitol

 Bartlett, Robert A. "Captain Bob" (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $175
1919 ALS to “Who’s Who in America” from the Canadian seafarer and arctic explorer

 Barton, Bruce F. (ANS) $25 Special Offer: $20
Successful advertising executive and author, GOP congressional foe of FDR (“Martin, Barton, and Fish”)

 Baryshnikov, Mikhail (Photograph) $110 Special Offer: $90
One of greatest 20th century ballet dancers

 Batchelor, Clarence D. (Signed Print) $50 Special Offer: $35
Signed print of his 1937 Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoon

 Bateman, Isabel (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $25
1870’s co-star of Sir Henry Irving at London’s Lyceum Theatre

 Bates, John C. (Very good, overall light toning) $75
1899 card signed as Major General of Volunteers while Military Governor of Cienfuegos, Cuba
 Baum, Vicki (Photograph) $40 Special Offer: $30
Austrian-Jewish writer, her novel became Oscar-winning film “Grand Hotel”

 Bayard, Thomas F. (Signature) $35
Delaware US Senator 1869-85, Secretary of State 1885-89 (Cleveland), 1st Ambassador to Great Britain
 Bayard, Thomas F. & Saulsbury, Eli M. (Signed Album Page) $40
Delaware’s 1871-85 US Senators
 Beame, Abraham D. ("Abe") (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $30
1975 TLS by the 1st Jewish NYC mayor, presided over city's mid-1970s fiscal crisis

 Beatty, John (Document) $60
Brigadier General USV, with Army of the Cumberland 1862-64
 Beecher, Henry Ward (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $75 Special Offer: $65
Autograph Sentiment Signed by the prominent preacher after his “fall”

 Beery, Wallace (Signature) $95 Special Offer: $80
Frameable vintage pencil signature of the Oscar-winning actor

 Beeson, Jack (AMQS) $135 Special Offer: $115
Lengthy AMQS from Act 1, Scene 1 of his opera “Lizzie Borden”, with lyrics

 Begin, Menachem (Signed Card) $125 Special Offer: $110
Nice signed card of the Israeli statesman and 1978 Nobel Peace Prize laureate

 Begin, Menachem (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $125
Small signed photo of the Israeli statesman, 1978 Nobel Peace Prize co-laureate

 Bell, Alexander Graham (Letter) $1495 Special Offer: $1250
Bell sends an autograph to an American collector

 Bellomont, 1st Earl of (Richard Coote) (Signature) $175 Special Offer: $150
Colonial Governor of Massachusetts & New York, arrested pirate Captain Kidd

 Bellows, George (Signature) $195 Special Offer: $175
Frameable signature of the eminent early 20th century American realist artist, died at 43

 Benes, Eduard (Photograph) $175 Special Offer: $160
1939 signed photo of the exiled Czechoslovak statesman, president 1935-38 & 1940-48

 Bennett, Michael (Signed card) $50 Special Offer: $40
Tony Award-winning choreographer-director, best known for “A Chorus Line”

 Benton, Thomas Hart (Signed Portrait) $110 Special Offer: $90
Signed 1970 color self-portrait postcard reproduction of the Regionalist painter-muralist

 Benton, Thomas Hart (Free Franked Signature) $150 Special Offer: $125
Missouri statesman, shot Andrew Jackson, opposed slavery, promoted westward expansion

 Bergman, Ingrid (Signed Program) $135 Special Offer: $110
In-person signature on 1972 Wilmington theater program

 Besant, Sir Walter (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $20 Special Offer: $15
Autograph Sentiment Signed by the 19th century English novelist & historian

 Bessemer, Sir Henry (Letter) $185 Special Offer: $165
English inventor best known for revolutionizing steel manufacture

 Best, Charles H. (Signature) $85 Special Offer: $65
Co-discovered insulin with Banting & McLeod, discovered choline and histaminase, etc., introduced heparin to treat thrombosis

 Bibb, George M. (Signature) $20
Signature of John Tyler’s 4th Treasury Secretary, served July 18544-March 1845.
 Biddle, Nicholas (Letter) $275 Special Offer: $250
ALS written shortly after opening state-chartered The Bank of the United States in Pennsylvania

 Biden, Joseph R. "Joe" (Photograph) $125 Special Offer: $110
1976 ISP while 1st term Delaware US Senator

 Bigard, Barney (Photograph) $195 Special Offer: $175
New Orleans-born clarinet/tenor sax soloist with Oliver, Ellington, Ory & Armstrong, co-wrote “Mood Indigo"

 Bilbo, Theodore G. (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
1945 TLS from Mississippi’s racist junior Senator to a wounded GI, defending his views against fair employment legislation

 Billings, Josh (Henry W. Shaw) (AQS & Signed Card) $175 Special Offer: $150
Nice AQS & signed card from America’s 2nd most famous humorist of 2nd half of the 19th century

 Bisbee, William H. (Signed card) $25
Wounded 3 times in Civil War, received Purple Heart at age 100, military governor in Philippines 1899-1902
 Bispham, David S. (Signed Card) $25
Acclaimed baritone, 1ST US-born international opera star noted for Wagner roles, championed opera in English
 Bissell, George E. (Signed Card) $25
Card signed by the sculptor noted for Lincoln bust and statues
 Black, Alexander (Letter) $85 Special Offer: $75
Inventor of the “picture play”, made President Grover Cleveland a “film star”!

 Black, Frank S. (Signed Card) $15
New York Governor 1897-98, dropped from the GOP ticket after a scandal, replaced by Theodore Roosevelt
 Black, Hugo L. (Letter) $150
1943 TLS as Associate Justice, one of the 20th century's greatest justices
 Blackmun, Harry A. (First Day Cover) $75
FDC signed by “Old No. 3”, one of the Court’s “Minnesota Twins”
 Blackmun, Harry A. (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
Modest 1985 TLS on commencement addresses by the author of the Court’s controversial 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion rights opinion

 Blackmun, Harry A. (ANS on SCOTUS Card) $110 Special Offer: $95
Authored Court’s controversial 1973 Roe v. Wade opinion

 Blackstone, Harry (Signed Original Sketch) $145 Special Offer: $125
1940 self-portrait sketch of the great magician & illusionist

 Blackwell, Alice Stone (Letter) $175 Special Offer: $150
Daughter of Lucy Stone, women’s and human rights advocate, edited “Woman’s Journal” 1893-1918

 Blaine, James G. (Photograph) $225 Special Offer: $195
Handsome signed cabinet photograph

 Blair Jr., Francis P. ("Frank") (Letter) $295 Special Offer: $250
Good 1871 Civil War content ALS while US Senator by the Missouri soldier-politican, 1868 Democratic Party VP candidate

 Blandy, William H. P. (First Day Cover) $40 Special Offer: $35
First Day Cover signed by the 1946 Bikini Atoll A-Bomb test commander

 Bliss, Cornelius N. (Signed official card) $20
Official card signed as McKinley's 1897-98 Interior Secretary
 Blough, Roger (Signed Portrait) $25 Special Offer: $20
US Steel CEO 1959-69, battled Kennedy administration in 1962 steel price hike controversey

 Bloxham, William D. (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
1873 ALS from leading Florida Democratic politician in Reconstruction Era, 13th & 17th governor, precipitated state land boom

 Boggs Sr., (Thomas) Hale (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $60
House Majority Leader Boggs (lost in 1973 Alaska airplane disappearance) commends Senator Muskie’s Nov. 2, 1970 national television address

 Bonaparte, Charles J. (Letter) $60 Special Offer: $50
1912 TLS from the former Navy Secretary & Attorney General while Baltimore lawyer

 Bonfiglio, Giuseppe (Photograph) $25 Special Offer: $20
Lead male dancer at the Metropolitan Opera 1905-35

 Bonneville, Benjamin L. E. (Document) $295 Special Offer: $250
1818 DS signed 3 times as 2nd Lieutenant of Light Artillery, before his explorations in the American west

 Booker, Simeon (Letter) $90 Special Offer: $75
Good content 1958 letter on JFK from the “Jackie Robinson of journalism”

 Boone, Richard (Photograph) $175 Special Offer: $150
Film & TV actor best remembered as Paladin in “Have Gun-Will Travel” 1957-63

 Boutwell, George (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $65
1857 ALS from the former Massachusets governor recalling a 1773 Boston declaration against slavery

 Boutwell, George S. (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $65
1872 ALS as Treasury Secretary, letter of condolence

 Boutwell, George S. (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $65
1870 ALS as Grant's 1st Treasury Secretary, sends his autograph to an admirer

 Bowditch, Joseph (Document) $65
1756 DS as Clerk of the Essex County, Massachusetts, Court of Common Pleas, summons in an action for failure to pay a debt
 Bowditch, Nathaniel (Letter) $325 Special Offer: $295
1794 ALS from the eminent US mathematician, founder of modern maritime navigation, 1st US insurance actuary, sending treatises on algebra, astronomy and others

 Bowditch, Nathaniel (Letter) $225
1827 ALS to Peter Jay from the eminent mathematician, founder of modern maritime navigation, and 1st US insurance actuary, regarding settlement of a matter involving Rev. Wm. E. Channing and family
 Bowditch, Nathaniel (Letter) $325 Special Offer: $295
Excellent 1811 LS from the eminent mathematician, founder of modern maritime navigation, preparing to observe a solar eclipse, also of interest to Thomas Jefferson

 Bowes, Major Edward (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
Host of radio’s 1934-52 original “Amateur Hour”, introduced “Wheel of Fortune” & the gong

 Boyd, J. Erroll (FDC) $85 Special Offer: $70
"The Canadian Lindbergh", 1st Canadian & 2nd British citizen to fly the Atlantic

 Bradford Jr., William (Letter) $425 Special Offer: $385
2nd US Attorney General, argued 1st recorded case before the US Supreme Court in 1791

 Bradford, Augustus W. (Check) $60 Special Offer: $50
March 1865 check of the Civil War Governor of Maryland

 Brady, Cyrus Townsend (Autograph Sentiment Signed + Quotation) $40 Special Offer: $30
1901 AQS from a novel by the naval biographer & writer of historical fiction

 Brady, Cyrus Townsend (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $30
Signed photo of the naval biographer & historical novelist

 Brennan Jr., William J. (Signed Inaugural Cover) $75
Signed 1973 Nixon 2nd Inaugural cover
 Brennan Jr., William J. (Signed booklet) $225
Signed 1979 printed Court "slip opinion"
 Breyer, Stephen (Photograph) $75
Signed color photo of Associate Justice Breyer
 Bricker, John (Photograph) $30
1944 VP candidate on GOP ticket with Dewey
 Bricker, John W. (First Day Cover) $25
1950 First Day Cover signed by the 1944 GOP Vice Presidential candidate
 Bright, John (Signed Envelope) $25 Special Offer: $20
British Quaker, Liberal & Radical reform MP 1843-89, joined with Cobden to repeal Corn Laws

 Brimmer Jr., Martin (Photograph) $115 Special Offer: $90
Signed 1860 carte-de-visite photo of the Harvard Fellow, 1st president of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

 Brinegar, Claude S. (Photograph) $20
3rd Secretary of Transportation 1973-75 (Nixon-Ford)
 Briscoe, Robert (Letter) $40
Irish statesman, 1st Jewish Lord Mayor of Dublin
 Brodie, Steve (Signed Card) $115 Special Offer: $95
Colorful Brooklyn bookmaker, claimed to have survived 1886 Brooklyn Bridge jump

 Bronson, Charles (Photograph) $175 Special Offer: $150
Signed portrait in western attire of the 1950s-70s action film hero

 Brooke, Field Marshal Alan F., 1st Viscount Alanbrooke (Photograph) $1850 Special Offer: $1500
1944 Karsh photo of British Field Marshal Brooke, Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, signed by Brooke AND photographer Yousuf Karsh

 Brooke, John R. (Signed Card) $95
Led brigade at the Wheat Field at Gettysburg, Military Governor of Puerto Rico and Cuba
 Brooks, John (Document) $110 Special Offer: $90
1820 DS as Massachusetts Governor transmitting a legislative resolution opposing a constitutional amendment proposed by Pennsylvania against national bank expansion

 Browder, Earl (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $60
Led American Communist Party 1930-45, 1936 & 1940 US presidential candidate

 Browder, Earl (Signature) $75 Special Offer: $60
American Communist Party leader 1930-45, 1936 & 1940 presidential candidate

 Brown, Herbert C. (Letter) $60
1978 TLS on marking 40th anniversary of the discovery for which he would receive the 1979 Nobel Prize for Chemistry
 Brown, Herbert C. (Letter) $60
1979 letter sending an edited manuscript on hydride reductions to the Chemical and Engineering News
 Brown, James (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $275 Special Offer: $225
1993 in-person Autograph Sentiment Signed by “The Godfather of Soul”

 Brownell, Francis E. (Signature) $350
Rare signature of “Ellsworth’s Avenger”, Medal of Honor recipient
 Browning, "Peaches" (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $75 Special Offer: $50
Centerpiece of scandalous 1920s marriage & divorce

 Brownlow, William G. (Signed Card) $75
Card signed by “The Fighting Parson” of East Tennessee
 Bruce, Blanche K. & Lamar, Lucius Q. C. (Signed Album Page) $350
The former slave and former slave owning drafter of Mississippi ‘s Ordinance of Secession, unlikely Senate colleagues!
 Bryan, William Jennings (Letter) $350 Special Offer: $295
“The Great Commoner” 1918 ALS to a former State Department colleague

 Bryan, William Jennings (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $115 Special Offer: $95
3-time Democratic presidential candidate, Wilson Secretary of State, Scopes "Monkey" trial prosecutor

 Bryant, William Cullen (Letter) $295 Special Offer: $250
1847 ALS to an aunt from the popular 19th century American poet & editor

 Bryant, William Cullen (Letter) $295 Special Offer: $250
1840 ALS thanking poetry anthologist Rufus W. Griswold for use of books in his library of American poets

 Bryant, William Cullen (Letter) $250 Special Offer: $225
ALS to a Saratoga Springs, New York committee declining to speak at a Democratic Party meeting prior to the 1840 election

 Bryce, James, 1st Viscount (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
1909 ALS from notable British historian, diplomat & alpinist, condemned German Belgian and Ottoman Armenian atrocities

 Buchanan, James (Free Franked Address Leaf) $475
Free franked address leaf all in his hand - sending a letter for someone else!
 Buchanan, James (Document) $750 Special Offer: $695
1858 DS as President, authorizing the Secretary of State to affix the US Seal to an envelope addressed to the President of Ecuador

 Buchanan, Patrick J. (Letter) $45 Special Offer: $35
Nixon White House aide, sought 1992 & 1996 GOP presidential nominations, 2000 Reform Party nominee, arch-conservative journalist

 Budge, Sir Ernest Alfred Wallis (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $195
1904 ALS from the British Museum's chief Egyptologist identifying and translating a rubbing from a sepulchral stele from Thebes

 Bullard, Robert Lee (Signed Card) $20
Led 1st Infantry ("Big Red One") at Cantigny in 1918, 1st successful sustained US offensive in WW I, 1st commander of 2nd Army in France
 Bunker, Ellsworth (Letter) $20
1967 TLS as US Ambassador to South Vietnam
 Burbank, Luther (Signed Card) $85 Special Offer: $75
1923 card signed by the pre-eminent horticulturist, developed 800+ strains and varieties of plants

 Burgess, Thornton W. (AQS) $150 Special Offer: $125
Children's author Thornton Burgess AQS from “Peter Rabbitt”

 Burke, Arleigh A.; Twining, Nathan F.; White, Thomas D.; Taylor, Maxwell D.; Pate, Randolph M. (Photograph) $250 Special Offer: $225
US Military Joint Chiefs of Staff 1957-59

 Burke, John M. (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
Buffalo Bill’s famed press agent, one of the great public relations legends

 Burleson, Albert S. (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
Interesting TLS as Texas Congressman regarding proposed legislation to transfer SE Alaska to Canada!

 Burns, Bob (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $25 Special Offer: $20
1930s-40s radio & film musical comedian, coined term “bazooka” for his unique comic instrument

 Burns, William J. (Photograph) $135 Special Offer: $115
1921 signed photo of the famed detective while head of US Bureau of Investigation, FBI forerunner

 Burnside, Ambrose E. (Signature) $150 Special Offer: $125
Led Army of the Potomac 1862-1863, signature while new Rhode Island Senator

 Burton, Harold H. (Letter) $110
Justice Burton thanks a friend’s daughters for 73rd birthday wishes
 Burton, Harold H. (Letter) $135 Special Offer: $115
1959 Justice Burton ALS thanking friends for birthday greetings

 Busch Jr., August Anheuser (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $95
Signed photograph of the brewery magnate and baseball executive

 Bush, George H. W. (Photograph) $295
1990 color White House photo signed and inscribed by President Bush to White House Curator Rex Scouten
 Bush, George H. W. (Photograph) $225
1972 signed photo as UN Ambassador
 Bush, George H. W. (Letter) $295
1984 ALS to a prominent Washington political items dealer thanking him for a button
 Bush, George H. W. (Photograph) $225
Nice signed photograph likely while Vice President
 Bush, George H. W. (Signed Cover) $175 Special Offer: $150
Signed 1981 Reagan-Bush Inaugural cover

 Bush, George H. W. (Letter) $225
TLS as VP week after 2nd Reagan-Bush Inauguration to a close friend, starting to look down the road to 1988
 Bush, George H. W. (Letter) $250 Special Offer: $225
1982 TLS as VP to the composer of “Hail to The Redskins”, notable DC PR man, unable to attend "roast" of Strom Thurmond

 Bush, George H. W. (Letter) $250
TLS 3 days after accepting the 1980 GOP Vice Presidential nomination!
 Bush, George H. W. (Letter) $325 Special Offer: $295
Optimistic ca. 1979 ALS to the composer of “Hail to The Redskins”, predicting he will win the 1980 GOP presidential nomination!

 Bush, George H. W. (Letter) $375 Special Offer: $325
1986 ALS as VP to the composer of “Hail to The Redskins”

 Bush, George H. W. (Photograph) $225
1984 color White House photo signed and inscribed by Vice President Bush to White House Chief Usher Rex Scouten and his wife
 Bush, Vannevar (Signature) $110 Special Offer: $95
Led WW II Office of Scientific Research & Development, created 1st analog computer

 Butler, Benjamin F. (Signature) $75 Special Offer: $65
Signature of the controversial Massachusetts politician, Union General, 1884 presidential candidate

 Butler, Benjamin F. (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $135
The former Cabinet member and Van Buren’s law partner, sends his autograph from court, apologizing for neglecting an earlier request

 Butler, Matthew C. (Signed card) $75 Special Offer: $65
CSA Major General, South Carolina US Senator, Major General Vols. in Spanish-American War

 Butler, Matthew C. & Patterson, John J. (Signed Album Page) $90 Special Offer: $75
Unlikely pair of ca. 1881 South Carolina US Senators: a Republican carptetbag ex-USA captain and a Democrat ex-CSA major general

 Butler, Pierce (Signature) $65
1923 signature of one of the Anti-New Deal “Four Horsemen”
 Byrd, Harry F. (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
1953 TLS from Virginia Governor & Senator, 1956 “States Rights” presidential candidate

 Byrd, Richard E. (Letter) $250 Special Offer: $225
Byrd thanks Boy Scouts Chief Executive for expression of confidence 2 weeks before start of 1st Antarctic Expedition

 Byrd, Richard E. (Photograph) $295 Special Offer: $250
1927 signed & inscribed sepia photograph in Navy uniform

 Byrnes, James F. (Signed Card) $40
Card Signed by the South Carolina statesman, US Supreme Court Justice & Secretary of State
 Byrnes, James F. (Signed Court card) $150
Scarce engraved Supreme Court notecard, on Court only 15 months (1941-42)!

 Cady, Harrison (Signature) $50 Special Offer: $40
Wrote and drew “Peter Rabbit” comic strip 1920-48, illustrator partner of Thornton Burgess for 50 years

 Cain, James M. (Letter) $295 Special Offer: $250
1947 TLS from “hard-boiled” crime ficton novelist

 Callaghan, James (Photograph) $40 Special Offer: $35
“Sunny Jim”, British Labour PM 1976-79

 Calvin, Melvin (Letter) $95 Special Offer: $85
American chemist, awarded 1961 Nobel Prize

 Cameron, James D. (Signed album page) $25
Grant’s last Secretary of War, Pennsylvania GOP US Senator 1877-87
 Cameron, Ralph H. (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
His bill brought about Arizona statehood while Territorial Delegate, won authorization for Coolidge Dam, built Bright Angel Trail into the Grand Canyon

 Campbell, Beatrice Stella (Mrs. Patrick) (Signature) $45 Special Offer: $35
1905 autograph signed during a Philadelphia visit

 Campbell, Douglas (Photograph) $125 Special Offer: $110
World War I aviator. one of America’s 1st air combat “aces”

 Campbell, George W. (Letter & Free Franked Address Leaf) $235 Special Offer: $225
Uncommon 1814 LS while 8-month Treasury Secretary during War of 1812

 Cancel Miranda, Rafael (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $125
Puerto Rican nationalist, with 3 colleagues shot 5 Congressmen in the House of Representativs in 1954

 Caniff, Milt (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $60
Caniff is pleased "Steve Canyon" panel on soil stablization was used by the "Chemical and Engineering News"

 Cannon, Joseph G. (Signed Card) $35 Special Offer: $25
Card signed by “Uncle Joe”, the most dominant House Speaker in US history

 Cannon, Joseph G. (Photograph) $40 Special Offer: $35
Signed sepia photo of “Uncle Joe”, most dominant House Speaker in US history

 Capp, Al (Photograph) $115 Special Offer: $95
Signed photo of the creator of “L’il Abner”

 Capp, Al (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $175
Very good content TLS from the creator of “L’il Abner” to his co-creator of “Abbie ‘n Slats”, Raeburn Van Buren

 Capp, Al (Signed TIME Cover) $135 Special Offer: $115
1950 TIME cover inscribed & signed by the creator of the comic classic, “L’il Abner”

 Carmichael, Hoagy (Photograph) $425 Special Offer: $375
Nice signed photo of the composer, singer, pianist and actor

 Carnegie, Dale (Signed Card) $125 Special Offer: $95
Legendary speaker, writer and teacher of salesmanship & self-improvement

 Carson of Duncairn, Baron (Photograph) $175 Special Offer: $125
Famed barrister in Oscar Wilde libel suit, Irish & Ulster Unionist leader, foe of Irish Home Rule

 Carter, Jimmy (Photograph) $250 Special Offer: $225
1984 color ISP with nice inscription to hospital staff

 Carter, Jimmy (Letter) $195
Brief January 1977 TLS as President-elect
 Carter, Rosalynn (Photograph) $75
Signed 1986 b&w portrait photo
 Carter, Rosalynn (Letter) $75
TLS during the 1984 Democratic Convention, regarding her autobiography "First Lady from Plains"
 Caruso, Enrico (Signed Sketch) $850 Special Offer: $750
1915 signed self-portrait pen & ink sketch

 Cass, Lewis (Signature) $50 Special Offer: $40
Close of ALS by the Michigan statesman, Jackson & Buchanan Cabinet member, lost 1848 presidential election

 Cass, Lewis (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
1855 ALS as Senator, accepts membership in a Philadelphia debating society

 Celebrezze, Anthony J. (Photograph) $20
Signed photo as JFK-LBJ HEW Secretary
 Chaban-Delmas, Jacques (Signed Official Card) $25
Card signed by the WW II Resistance leader while French Prime Minister 1969-72
 Chadwick, Sir Edwin (Letter) $95 Special Offer: $85
The notable British 19th century public health advocate agrees to meet a fellow reformer on his lecture on the health of towns

 Chaffee, Adna R. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50 Special Offer: $40
Card signed as Brigadier General USV while in Cuba, led US Army in China in Boxer Rebellion, later Military Governor of the Philippnes and Army Chief of Staff

 Chaliapin, Feodor (Photograph) $235 Special Offer: $200
Austrian Willinger photo card signed by one of opera’s greatest bassos

 Chaliapin, Feodor (Signature) $110 Special Offer: $95
Autograph album page signed & inscribed by the great Russian bass

 Chaliapin, Feodor (Signed Card) $175 Special Offer: $135
1928 card signed by the great Russian basso, one of opera's greatest stars

 Chamberlin, Clarence D. (Photograph) $195 Special Offer: $175
Paris studio photo signed by 2nd man to fly transatlantic nonstop, 1st with passenger

 Chandler, Zachariah (Letter) $70 Special Offer: $60
1876 LS of Michigan Radical Republican leader in Senate as Grant’s Interior Secretary

 Chandler, Zachariah (Signature) $40
Detroit mayor, Michigan Radical Republican leader in Senate, Grant’s Interior Secretary
 Channing, Walter; Bigelow, Jacob; Hayward, George; Webster, John W.; Ware, John (Signatures) $115 Special Offer: $95
Signatures of 5 notable mid-19th century Harvard Medical School professors, 2 associated with sensational 1849 murder case!

 Charles, Prince of Wales (Photograph) $625 Special Offer: $575
1984 signed color photo of Prince Charles with District of Columbia police

 Chase, Salmon P. (Letter) $595 Special Offer: $525
1867 ALS while Chief Justice lamenting Republican losses in the 1867 Ohio state elections

 Chase, William C. (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $95
Led Army’s 1st Cavalry: “First in Manila, First in Tokyo”

 Childs, John Filby (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
English radical Noncomformist printer, opposed compulsory church taxes and royal bible printing monopoly

 Chisholm, Shirley (Photograph) $135 Special Offer: $115
Photograph signed by the 1st African-American congresswoman

 Choate, Joseph H. (Letter) $60 Special Offer: $50
Renowned attorney Choate nominates a lawyer for membership in the New York Bar Association

 Choate, Joseph H. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $20
Eminent New York City lawyer and diplomat
 Choate, Rufus & Shaw, Lemuel (Document) $150 Special Offer: $125
1833 legal document signed by two Massachusetts legal giants

 Christie, Ralph Waldo (Signed Calling Card) $50 Special Offer: $40
Controversial Navy torpedo developer, led submarines in SW Pacific, clashed with superiors

 Christopher, Milbourne (Signed Flyer) $35 Special Offer: $25
Magician, illusionist, author, debunker, noted collector of magicana

 Christopher, Warren M. (Photograph) $45 Special Offer: $35
Signed photo of the lawyer-statesman, 63rd US Secretary of State

 Church, Frederick E. (Autograph Sentiment Signed ) $225 Special Offer: $195
Frameable signature of the Hudson River School artist known for scenic grandeur

 Churchill, Sir Winston (Letter) $2495 Special Offer: $2295
A year before returning to power, Tory leader Churchill thanks a Conservative colleague and inquires of his health

 Claflin, Tennessee C. (Signature) $350 Special Offer: $295
“Tennie C.”, colorful and controversial women’s rights advocate

 Clark, Mark W. (First Day Cover) $110 Special Offer: $95
Signed 1968 First Day Cover

 Clark, Mark W. (Photograph) $115
Signed 1953 photo while commanding UN Forces in Korea, conferring with General James Van Fleet
 Clark, Mark W. (Photograph) $110
Signed photo in uniform as 4-star US Army General, led US Army in Italy, led UN forces in Korea 1952-53
 Clark, Tom C. (Photograph) $95 Special Offer: $80
Nicely Inscribed 1945 Photo as Attorney General

 Clark, Tom C. (Letter) $95 Special Offer: $85
1955 ALS on Court notecard to Mrs. Alben Barkley

 Clark, Tom C. (First Day Cover) $50 Special Offer: $40
1968 First Day Cover signed by President Truman's "biggest mistake"

 Clark, Tom C. (Letter) $90
1951 TLS as Associate Justice congratulating a friend whose son is to clerk for renowned 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Learned Hand
 Clark, Tom C. (Letter) $110
1956 ALS on Court notecard sending sympathies to Mrs. Alben Barkley on the death of the former Vice President
 Clarkson, Matthew (Letter) $350 Special Offer: $295
1793 ALS to state Comptroller General John Nicholson from the Philadelphia mayor, a hero of the 1793 yellow fever epidemic a few months after

 Clay, Henry (Letter + free franked address leaf) $1595 Special Offer: $1450
Excellent content 1839 ALS while Kentucky US Senator, has no intention to run for President, will support Whig candidate Wm. Henry Harrison

 Clay, Lucius D. (Letter) $95 Special Offer: $85
Brief 1949 TLS right after the lifting of the Berlin Blockade, sends thanks for goodwill message (on his retirement)

 Clayton, Powell (Letter) $65
1889 TLS from Union general, 1st Republican (“carpetbag”) Arkansas governor
 Clemens (Mark Twain), Samuel L. (Letter) $2750
Twain to his English publisher, approving Italian translations but nothing before “The Gilded Age”
 Clemens, Samuel L. ("Mark Twain") (Check) $1750 Special Offer: $1500
1900 personal check from America’s best-known writer & humorist !

 Clement, William T. (Signed Card) $60
Commanded 4th Marines in first landing on Japan 2 weeks after surrender
 Cleveland, Frances (Executive Mansion Card) $150
Executive Mansion Card signed while First Lady
 Cleveland, Frances F. (Letter) $195
Mrs. Cleveland invites Mrs. Jefferson and Mrs. Taft for tea at Gray Gables
 Cleveland, Frances F. (White House Vignette) $295 Special Offer: $275
Rare signed White House South Portico steel vignette

 Cleveland, Grover (letter) $450
ALS accepting Henry Villard's dinner invitation the day of his re-election to his 2nd term as President
 Cleveland, Grover S. (Letter) $595 Special Offer: $525
1895 ALS from his summer "White House", to the Acting Secretary of State

 Clinton, Bill (Letter) $375 Special Offer: $325
Governor Clinton salutes private-public sector literacy program partnerships

 Clinton, DeWitt (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $195
1827 ALS as Governor, seeks information before issuing a pardon to an inmate in the nation’s 1st juvenile reformatory

 Clinton, DeWitt (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
1820 LS as New York Governor concerning an identity issue with a pardon recommendation

 Clinton, DeWitt (Letter) $175 Special Offer: $150
1825 LS as New York Governor regarding resolution of a county judicial appointment dispute

 Clinton, DeWitt (Document) $125 Special Offer: $110
1813 DS as New York City Mayor

 Clinton, George (Signature) $185 Special Offer: $150
New York’s 1st state governor, Jefferson & Madison’s VP 1805-12

 Clinton, George (Letter) $395 Special Offer: $325
1804 ALS of New York’s 1st Governor, Jefferson & Madison’s VP (died in office)

 Cobb, Amasa (Signature) $35
One of few sitting Congressmen to see combat in the Civil War, fought at Antietam, Fredericksburg, Williamsburg, Johnsonville
 Cobb, Howell (Signature) $110
Signature as Buchanan’s Treasury Secretary, later a founder of the Confederacy, CSA Major General
 Cobb, Irvin S. (Photograph) $95 Special Offer: $75
Colorful Kentucky-born journalist, author & humorist, wrote for and appeared in films

 Cobb, Irvin S. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $35 Special Offer: $25
Colorful Kentucky-born journalist, author, humorist, wrote for, and appeared in, several films

 Cockrell, Francis M. & Armstrong, David H. (Signed Album Pages) $45
Missouri’s post-Reconstruction Era US Senators
 Cody, William F. ("Buffalo Bill") (Signed Card) $525 Special Offer: $495
“Buffalo Bill”'s signature with reproduction of 1899 show poster

 Coffin, Henry Sloane (Letter) $45 Special Offer: $35
ALS while President of the Union Theological Seminary to the wife of Yale University

 Colfax, Schuyler (Signed Album Page) $75 Special Offer: $65
Large album page signed while House Speaker or VP

 Colfax, Schuyler (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $40
Autograph Sentiment Signed by the Indiana politician, Speaker of the House and Vice President
 Colfax, Schuyler (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50
1877 autograph sentiment signed by the disgraced but popular former VP & House Speaker
 Colfax, Schuyler (ON HOLD) (Letter) $195 Special Offer: $175
ALS on penny postcard, has not had his photo taken since leaving public life

 Collamer, Jacob (Signature) $35 Special Offer: $30
Vermont US Rep & Senator, Zachary Taylor's Postmaster General

 Collins, J. Lawton (Letter) $115 Special Offer: $95
Army commander in European & Pacific Theaters, Army Chief of Staff in Korean War

 Collins, J. Lawton (Photograph) $125 Special Offer: $110
European & Pacific Theaters army commander, Army Chief of Staff in Korean War

 Collins, Jos. Lawton (First Day Cover) $60 Special Offer: $50
Army commander in European & Pacific theaters, Army Chief of Staff in Korean War

 Collins, Michael (Signed NASA Brochure) $395
NASA Apollo 11 Mission Report signed by command module pilot Collins
 Collins, Michael (Photograph) $425
Signed NASA color photo of the Apollo 11 command module pilot
 Colson, Charles W. "Chuck" (Autograph album page) $30 Special Offer: $25
Nixon aide and "hatchet man", jailed for Watergare scandal-related charges, turned evangelist

 Compton, Karl T. (Signature) $40
Member of National Defense Research Committee, MIT President, defended WW II A-Bomb use
 Congress of the US 1837 (Document) $195 Special Offer: $175
31 Members of the 24th Congress petition President Van Buren promoting a candidate for Consul General or Special Agent To Germany

 Connally, Tom (Signed Card) $25
Texas US Senator 1929-53, chaired Senate Foreign Relations Committee during and after WW II
 Conover, Simon B. & Jones, Charles W. (Signed album page) $30
Florida’s 1875-79 US Senators, a Republican physician and a certified insane Democrat
 Coolidge, Calvin (White House Card) $295 Special Offer: $250
Signed White House card

 Coolidge, Grace (White House Card) $125
Signed White House card
 Coolidge, Grace (Free Franked Envelope) $150
1934 free-franked Lincoln-Hoover cacheted envelope address by her to notable Lincoln collector John E. Boos
 Coolidge, Grace (Signed card) $85
Engraved card from their new home signed & dated 7 months after leaving The White House
 Coolidge, William D. (Signature) $60 Special Offer: $50
Inventor of the “Coolidge Tube”, made medical x-rays safe and convenient

 Cooper, James Fenimore (Check) $250 Special Offer: $225
Signed 1842 Otsego County Bank check

 Copeland, Royal S. (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $30
1925 TLS from the homeopathic physician, conservative New York US Senator

 Copeland, Royal S. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $25
Homeopathic physician, conservative New York US Senator 1923-38
 Corbett, Boston (Signature) $1995 Special Offer: $1795
Rare signature of the soldier who killed Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth

 Corbett, Harvey Wiley (Autograph Statement Signed) $185 Special Offer: $150
Lovely handwritten statement on the importance of architecture and architects in society

 Corcoran, William W. (signed card) $65 Special Offer: $50
Signature and unsigned CDV of the Washington DC banker, philanthropist, and art collector

 Corigliano, John (photograph) $60 Special Offer: $50
Color photograph of the contemporary American composer signed by him

 Corrigan, Douglas "Wrong Way" (signature) $70
Folk hero for “mistakenly” flying New York-Ireland solo 1938
 Cortelyou, George B. (Letter) $50
1904 TLS as 1st Secretary of Commerce and Labor
 Coué, Emil (AQS) $395 Special Offer: $295
French psychotherapist, developed system based on autosuggestion

 Coughlin, Rev. Charles E. (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
1944 TLS of the controversial 1930s radio priest noted for anti-Communism & anti-Semitism

 Cox, Jacob D. (Photograph) $125 Special Offer: $110
Mathew Brady Studio cabinet photo, likely while Grant's Interior Secretary

 Cox, James M. (Signature) $65
Ohio US Rep & Governor, 1920 Democratic presidential candidate (with FDR), his newspaper company now a media giant
 Coxey Sr., Jacob S. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $85
Led 1894 & 1914 “Coxey’s Army” marches on Washington, twice ran for president
 Craig Sr., Louis A. (Signed card) $25
Fought in the Indian Wars with 6th Cavalry, with 32nd Infantry in the Spanish-American War, died of malaria contracted in the Philippines
 Cranch, Richard & Baldwin, Loammi (Signed Banknote) $90 Special Offer: $75
Canceled Watermarked $4 State of Massachusetts-Bay 1780 US Guaranty Note signed by John Adams’ brother-in-law

 Cranch, William (ANS) $250 Special Offer: $225
2nd Supreme Court Reporter, administered oaths of office to Presidents Tyler & Fillmore while District of Columbia Chief Judge

 Crawford, Joan (Letter) $95 Special Offer: $85
Crawford expresses reserved interest in doing a "legitimate production" (a play)

 Crawford, Joan (Photograph) $185 Special Offer: $165
1950's matte finish photo portrait inscribed & signed

 Creswell, John A. J. (Letter) $135 Special Offer: $115
Lengthy 1872 ALS as Postmaster General to Boston's Postmaster belatedly accepting an invitation

 Crippen, Robert L. (Photograph) $75 Special Offer: $65
NASA astronaut, flew 4 Space Shuttle missions, 3 as commander

 Crittenden, John J. (Letter) $225
1838 ALS while Kentucky US Senator of the future US Attorney General, authored 1860 Crittenden Compromise to avoid civil war
 Cronin, A(rchibald). J(oseph). (Document) $40 Special Offer: $30
New York bank signature card signed by the popular Scottish physician-novelist

 Crosby, Percy (Letter) $115 Special Offer: $90
The creator of the popular “Skippy” comic strip appreciates an invitation to attend exhibition drills at Fort Myer, Virginia

 Crosby, Percy L. (Photograph) $125 Special Offer: $110
Controversial creator of the popular 1923-45 comic strip “Skippy”

 Crowder, Enoch H. (Photograph) $75 Special Offer: $65
US Army Judge Advocate General 1911-23, as Provost Marshal, implemented & administered WW I military conscription

 Crowinshield, Benjamin W. (Letter) $225
1815 ALS as Secretary of the Navy, in part praising Treasury Secretary Dallas
 Crowinshield, Francis Boardman (Photograph) $115 Special Offer: $75
Signed carte-de-visite photo of the Massachussetts statesman, Harvard Fellow 1861-77

 Crumb, R(obert). (Letter) $375 Special Offer: $325
1978 good content ALS from the best known counter-culture comics artist

 Culbertson, Ely (Signed Card) $35 Special Offer: $25
Dominant contract bridge player of the 1930s & 40s

 Culbertson, Ely (Photograph) $90 Special Offer: $65
Dominant contract bridge player of the 1930s & 40s

 Culbertson, Josephine (Signed card) $35 Special Offer: $20
1st woman bridge champion

 Cullen, Countee (Signed Card) $235 Special Offer: $215
1928 card signed by the renowned African-American poet, a leading figure in the Harlem Renaissance

 Cummings, Homer S. (Photograph) $110 Special Offer: $95
1938 official portrait inscribed to the 1st Asst. Postmaster General by FDR's dynamic Attorney General

 Curtis, George William (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $25
1870 sentiment signed by the influential author, editor, reformer, and opinion-maker
 Cushing, Caleb (Signature) $50 Special Offer: $40
Signature as Attorney General under Franklin Pierce, as US diplomat negotiated 1st treaty with China in 1844

 Cushing, Caleb (Letter) $95 Special Offer: $85
1866 ALS to powerful New York Republican boss Roscoe Conkling

 Cushing, William (ON HOLD) (Document) $3250
1757 MsDS by one of the original Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, one of the rarest Court autographs!

 Dahlgren, John A. (Autographed Note Signed) $250 Special Offer: $225
Likely War-time note to Navy Secretary Gideon Welles from John A. Dahlgren

 Dallas, Alexander J. (Letter) $225
1815 ALS as 6th Treasury Secretary to exiled Irish revolutionary, now New York lawyer, Thomas Aldis Emmet
 Dallin, Cyrus E. (Signed Postcard Reproduction) $110 Special Offer: $95
Signed postcard reproduction of sculpture “Appeal To The Great Spirit”, sculpted angel Moroni for LDS Temple in Salt Lake City, etc.

 Dana Sr., Richard Henry (Autographed Sentiment Signed) $40 Special Offer: $35
American writer & critic, early practitioner of Gothic literature

 Dana, Charles A. (Letter) $75
Dana of “The Sun” regrets he cannot accept J. P. Morgan & Committee’s invitation to attend Chamber of Commerce annual banquet
 Dana, Charles A. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $25
1886 Autograph Sentiment Signed while influential “New York Sun” owner-editor
 Daniels, Josephus (Letter) $45
1920 TLS as Wilson’s Navy Secretary to editor-publisher Hamilton Holt, unable to attend Greek Relief Committee banquet
 Darley, F. O. C. (Signature) $40 Special Offer: $35
Renowned 19th Century illustrator of works by Poe, Dickens, Dodge, Hawthorne, Cooper, Irving, Stowe, etc,

 David, George W. (Signed Card) $35
Army engineer, helped build Washington Monument, chaired board of consulting engineers to build Panama Canal, 1st Military Governor of Panama Canal Zone 1904-05
 Davis, Angela Y. (AQS) $115
1960’s political activist, Black Panther associate, 1980 & 1984 Communist Party VP candidate
 Davis, Bette (Signed Card) $150 Special Offer: $125
Card autographed for a GI in 1945

 Davis, David (Letter) $295 Special Offer: $250
ALS from one Lincoln friend likely to another

 Davis, James J. (Letter) $45 Special Offer: $40
1926 TLS as Secretary of Labor returning from campaign speaking trip

 Day, William R. (Document) $50
1873 MsDS as Stark County, Ohio Justice of the Peace, later US Secretary of State & Supreme Court Associate Justice
 Day, William R. (Check) $75
1899 check while federal appellate court judge, joined Supreme Court in 1903
 Day, William R.; Davis, Cushman K.; Frye, William P.; Gray, George; Reid, Whitelaw (Signed cards) $125
The American Commissioners that negotiated the 1898 Treaty of Paris to end the Spanish-American War
 De Guingand, Sir Francis "Freddie" (Photograph) $95 Special Offer: $75
Post-war portrait signed by Montgomery’s valued Chief of Staff, renowned for his diplomatic skills

 De Reszke, Edouard (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $95 Special Offer: $85
1902 card signed by the renowned Polish bass, one of the great late Victorian era opera singers

 De Reszke, Jean (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $60 Special Offer: $50
1895 autograph sentiment signed in French by the great Polish tenor saluting Philadelphians

 Dean, William F. (Photograph) $175 Special Offer: $150
Highest ranking Korean war POW, highest ranking Medal of Honor recipient

 DeBakey, Michael (Letter) $50
Dr. DeBakey pleased to be in collection of “Outstanding Scientists of Today”
 DeBakey, Michael (Photograph) $35
Signed photo of the eminent cardiovascular surgeon
 DeLancey Jr., Oliver (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $195
Succeded Major Andre as Clinton’s spymaster, Adjutant General of British Army in North America 1781-83

 Delano, Columbus (Autograph Quotation Signed) $125 Special Offer: $110
Rare 1872 AQS as Grant's Interior Secretary, likley inspired by the 1st African-American to speak in the US Capitol

 Delano, Columbus (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $95
1871 ALS as Interior Secretary, recommends nominee for pension agency at Louisville to Vermont Senator Edmunds

 Della Chiesa, Vivienne (Photograph) $20
Lyric soprano, with Chicago Opera 1930s-40s, popular nightclub & radio singer
 Dello Joio, Norman (AMQS) $115 Special Offer: $95
AMQS from his 1969 composition, “Mass for Mixed Chorus, Brass, and Organ”

 Dempsey, Jack (Signed album page) $95 Special Offer: $85
1940 autograph sentiment signed by “The Manassa Mauler”, popular Heavyweight Champion 1919-26

 Denby, Edwin (Photograph) $50
"Teapot Dome" scandal dupe?
 Dennis, George R. & Whyte, William Pinkney (Signed Album Page) $35
Maryland’s 1875-79 Reconstruction-era US Senators
 Dennison, William (Letter) $450 Special Offer: $395
1865 LS as Lincoln's Postmaster General, unable to attend funeral of statesman William L. Dayton

 Depew, Chauncey M. (Document) $90 Special Offer: $75
1897 $1000 New York Central and Hudson River Railroad bond signed as President

 Depew, Chauncey M. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $30
New York lawyer & US Senator, represented Vanderbilt railroad interests, NY Central Railroad president 1885-98
 Depew, Chauncey M. (Document) $110 Special Offer: $90
1897 DS of the New York lawyer & US Senator as NY Central & Hudson River Railroad president

 Depew, Chauncey M. (Photograph) $225 Special Offer: $175
Signed Sarony cabinet photograph of the New York lawyer, railroad executive & US Senator

 Dethleffsen, Erich (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $65
1967 TLS from the WW II Wehrmacht operations and general staff officer, praising the German soldier

 Dickerson, Mahlon (Letter) $75
1838 ALS while Van Buren’s Navy Secretary, sending his autograph
 Dickerson, Mahlon (Letter) $90 Special Offer: $75
Written within a week of his appointment as Secretary of the Navy by President Jackson

 Dickerson, Mahlon (Letter) $90
Paying expenses for New York City US Marshal’s care for 2 African children, likely saved from slavery
 Dickerson, Mahlon (Letter) $90
1834 LS as Navy Secretary with good US Navy medical historical association
 Dickerson, Mahlon (Signature) $20
Philadelphia & New Jersey jurist, Navy Secretary (Jackson-Van Buren), New Jersey Governor & US Senator
 Dickinson, Anna E. (Letter) $175
1864 ALS to controversial physician D. Willard Bliss, then in charge of Washington's Armory Square Hospital
 Diefenbaker, John G. (Signed Engraved Card) $70 Special Offer: $50
House of Commons notecard signed by Canada’s 13th Prime Minister

 DIndy, Vincent (AMQS) $250 Special Offer: $225
AMQS from an unidentified work by the controversial French composer-music teacher

 Disraeli, Benjamin, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield (Free Franked Panel) $275 Special Offer: $250
Free franked address panel while relatively new MP

 Disraeli, Benjamin, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield (Franked Envelope) $250 Special Offer: $225
Franked hand-addressed envelope (likely while Prime Minister) to The Lord Chancellor

 Djerassi, Carl (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
The birth control pill pioneer pushes a professional magazine to review his 1989 novel, "Cantor's Dilemma"

 Dobie, J. Frank (ANS) $110 Special Offer: $85
1964 note signed by the Texas folklorist on recording promotional flyer

 Dodge, Grace H. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $90 Special Offer: $75
Social worker & philanthropist, devoted her life & money to improving women’s education, esteem, and safety

 Dole, Bob (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
Only person in history of today’s major parties nominated for Vice President and President and not elected to either office!

 Dole, Sanford B. (Signed Card) $125 Special Offer: $110
1st President of Republic of Hawaii, 1st Territorial Governor on US Annexation

 Dollar, Robert (Letter) $110 Special Offer: $90
TLS of the Scots-born US shipping and lumber magnate, 6 weeks before his death

 Don, Kaye (Signed card) $40 Special Offer: $30
Admit card signed by the Irish-born motorcycle, car and speedboat racer

 Dorati, Antal (Christmas card) $45 Special Offer: $30
1977 Christmas card signed by the notable Hungarian-born conductor

 Douglas, Stephen A. (Signature) $150 Special Offer: $135
Free frank signature of “The Little Giant”, Lincoln's rival in politics and love

 Douglas, William O. (Signed Inaugural Cover) $110
Signed 1973 Nixon 2nd Inaugural cover
 Douglas, William O. (Signed Card) $50
1943 card signed while Associate Justice
 Douglas, William O. (Letter) $125
Justice Douglas appreciates "generous comments" on one of his books
 Douglas, William O. (Check) $295 Special Offer: $275
1958 check from Justice Douglas payable to his (2nd of 4) wife

 Douglas, William O. (Letter) $115
1949 brief TLS from Justice Douglas on visiting the University of Virginia Law School
 Douglass Jr., Robert W. (Photograph) $110 Special Offer: $95
1946 SP as Major General, USAAF, led VII Fighter Command 1942-44 & Seventh Air Force 1944-45 in Central Pacific

 Dow, Neal (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
1888 ALS from the Civil War general, 1880 presidential candidate, “Father of Prohibition”

 Dow, Neal (Signed Card) $85 Special Offer: $75
1881 card signed by the Civil War general, “Father of Prohibition”, 1880 presidential candidate

 Dow, Neal S. (Letter) $145 Special Offer: $125
1887 ALS from the “Father of Prohibition”, Civil War general, 1880 presidential candidate

 Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan (Letter) $1350 Special Offer: $1250
Interesting 1926 ALS remarking on his desire to offend Protestant and Catholic bigots

 Driscoll, Alfred E. (Signed Official Card) $25 Special Offer: $20
New Jersey Governor 1947-54, proponent of the New Jersey Turnpike & Garden State Parkway

 Druckman, Jacob (AMQS) $175 Special Offer: $150
AMQS from “Windows”, his 1972 Pulitzer Prize-winning composition

 Du Ponceau, Peter (Letter) $325 Special Offer: $275
1831 ALS from French-born ethnologist & linguist, student of Native American languages

 Du Pont, Pierre S. (Photograph) $550 Special Offer: $350
Nice portrait of the President & Director of E. I. du Pont De Nemours & General Motors, owned Longwood Gardens estate

 Du Pont, Pierre S. (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $195
1930 TLS of the President & Director of E. I. du Pont De Nemours & General Motors, to a music magazine editor on "the last piece of music that one might desire to hear"

 Duchin, Eddy (Signed Postcard) $50 Special Offer: $40
Popular “sweet” music pianist-bandleader, died at 42 of leukemia, subject of 1956 bio-pic starring Tyrone Power

 Dulles, Allen W. (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $135
1956 TLS as CIA Director to a university president, a former OSS member, accepting a speaking engagement

 Dulles, John Foster (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $135
Uncommon signed photo while 1949 New York US Senator

 Dunbar, Bonnie (FDC) $25
Signed 1980 FDC honoring pioneer aviatrix Blanche Stuart Scott
 Dunbar, Paul Laurence (Letter) $1295 Special Offer: $1100
1903 TLS from one of the 1st major African-American poets written from a Toledo hospital

 Dunham, Katherine (Photograph) $95 Special Offer: $75
Vintage signed photo of the "Matriarch & Queen Mother of Black Dance"

 Durante, Jimmy (Letter) $95 Special Offer: $75
The legendary “Schnozzola” thanks a Canadian fan for a joke line

 Duvall, Gabriel (Signature) $110 Special Offer: $90
Clipped signature as (1st) US Treasury Comptroller, served on Marshall Court 1812-35

 Eagleton, Tom (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $30
1972 Democratic VP nominee replaced after disclosure of psychiaric treatment history

 Eaker, Ira C. (Letter) $175 Special Offer: $150
Nice content postwar TLS as Hughes Tool Co. vice president

 Eaker, Ira C. (Photograph) $150
Pioneer Army aviator, led 8th Air Force in Europe, architect of strategic bombing force, led air forces in Mediterranean, Deputy Commander of AAF at end of war
 Eaker, Ira C. (Letter) $195 Special Offer: $175
Uncommon ALS of deputy USAAF commander, led bomber command in Europe

 Eaton, Cyrus S. (letter) $45 Special Offer: $35
Cleveland investment banker, opponent of the Cold War, dubbed “the Kremlin's favorite capitalist"

 Eberbach, Heinrich (Photograph) $110 Special Offer: $90
German Panzer commander in Poland, France and Russia, opposed British forces at Juno and Sword beaches in Normandy

 Eberhart, Mignon G. (First Day Cover) $25 Special Offer: $20
Edith Wharton stamp First Day Cover signed by “America's Agatha Christie”

 Ed, Carl (Original Sketches) $150 Special Offer: $125
Two pencil drawings on cards of his 1919-59 popular comic strip characters, Harold Teen & Lillums Lovewell

 Eddy, Nelson (Photograph) $125 Special Offer: $110
American baritone, MGM film star noted for 8 films with Jeanette MacDonald, opera, concert, TV & radio star

 Ederle, Gertrude (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $90 Special Offer: $75
American competitive swimmer, 1st woman to swim the English Channel 1926

 Edgeworth, Maria (Autograph Manuscript Signed) $425 Special Offer: $375
Manuscript page from her 1834 novel “Helen” by the late 18th-early 19th century popular Irish novelist

 Edison, Thomas A. (Signature) $475 Special Offer: $525
Clipped signature of “The Wizard of Menlo Park”

 Edmunds, George F. (Signature) $25 Special Offer: $20
Prominent Vermont US Senator 1866-91, sponsored law to end polygamy in Utah

 Eichelberger, Robert L. (Photograph) $95 Special Offer: $85
Led 8th Army in SW Pacific at New Guinea, Philippines, & Occupation of Japan

 Einstein, Albert (Signature) $2750 Special Offer: $2500
Frameable full 1931 signature of the Nobel Prize-winning physicist

 Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Letter) $475 Special Offer: $450
Former President Eisenhower thanks his former White House Chief of Staff for Golden Anniversary wishes

 Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Letter) $695 Special Offer: $625
President Eisenhower sends sympathies to White House Chief Usher J. B. West on the death of his father

 Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Letter) $695 Special Offer: $625
President Eisenhower sends appeciative and apologetic birthday wishes to White House Chief Usher J. B. West

 Eisenhower, Mamie D. (Letter) $135
Mamie hopes to visit Abilene and Eisenhower Library, praised by grandson David
 Eisenhower, Mamie Doud (Photograph) $90
Signed portrait while First Lady
 Eisenhower, Milton S. (Letter) $40 Special Offer: $30
1976 TLS as President Emeritus of Johns Hopkins University, sends corrections to his testimony before a Senate Subcommottee

 Elath, Eliahu (FDC) $25 Special Offer: $20
Israel’s 1st Ambassador to the US and to Great Britain

 Eliot, George (Signature) $225
One of Victorian England's greatest novelists, one of world's foremost women writers
 Ellsworth, William W. (Document) $65 Special Offer: $50
1840 DS as Connecticut Governor to New York Governor Wm. H. Seward, warrant for extradition with initialled docket by Seward

 Ely Jr., Smith (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $25
1877 LS as Mayor of New York

 Elzey, Arnold (Document) $950 Special Offer: $850
War-dated ADS as CSA Major General while commanding Richmond defenses, pass for a family to Loudon & back

 English, William H. (Signed Card) $50 Special Offer: $40
1880 Democratic VP candidate with Hancock

 Erhard, Ludwig (Signed Portrait) $30 Special Offer: $25
Signed color portrait of the 1963-66 West German Chancellor

 Erlander, Tage F. (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
1958 TLS of Sweden’s PM for 23 years, kept Sweden neutral in Cold War

 Ernst, Oswald H. (Signed Card) $30
Army engineer, West Point Superintendent 1893-98, led US troops at Coamo, Puerto Rico
 Ervin Jr., Sam J. (Signed Card) $25 Special Offer: $20
“Senator Sam”, presided over Senate Watergate investigation

 Ervin Jr., Sam J. (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $30
North Carolina’s “Senator Sam”, presided over Senate Watergate investigation

 Eustis, James B. & Kellogg, William P. (Signed Album Page) $35
Louisiana’s post-Reconstruction US Senators
 Eustis, William (Document) $115
1812 partial DS as Secretary of War, appointment of an infantry officer
 Evarts, William M. (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $65
Andrew Johnson's Attorney General and impeachment trial lawyer, Hayes' Secretary of State

 Everett, Edward (Letter) $125
1844 ALS while Minister to Great Britain to scholar-author Charles Astor Bristed, praising his essays
 Everett, Edward (Letter) $110
1842 ALS as Minister to Great Britain
 Ewing Sr., Thomas (Signature) $20
Signature of the 14th Treasury Secretary (Harrison-Tyler)and 1st Interior Secretary (Taylor-Fillmore)

 Fair, James G. (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $65
Co-owner of the Comstock Lode, California real estate & railroad speculator, banker, Nevada US Senator

 Fairless, Benjamin F. (Photograph) $45 Special Offer: $35
Karsh photograph of, and signed by, US Steel’s 1938-53 President

 Farley, James A. (Signed official card) $25
Signed official card as FDR's Postmaster General
 Farley, James A. (Photograph) $35
Nice studio portrait of FDR’s Postmaster General & New Deal patronage master
 Farrar, Geraldine (Letter) $30
1930 ALS of the retired soprano opera singer and silent screen actress
 Fast, Howard (Photograph) $40 Special Offer: $35
Jailed & blacklisted Communist, best known for novels “Citizen Tom Paine” & “Spartacus”

 Fawzi, Mahmoud (First Day Cover) $20 Special Offer: $15
Egyptian diplomat & statesman from Farouk to Sadat

 Fechtetler, William M. (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $65
Led 7th Fleet Amphibious Group 1944-45 in New Guinea & Philippine landings, Korean War CNO 1950-51

 Fenton, Reuben E. (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $65
1859 ALS of Whig NY Rep. Fenton, reporting on the future of a bill

 Ferebee, Thomas (Photograph) $95
Bombardier on 1945 "Enola Gay" Hiroshima atomic bomb mission
 Ferry, Orris S. (Signature) $30
Connecticut US Rep & Senator, Brigadier General in Civil War, at Battle of Winchester, Valley & Peninsula campaigns
 Ferry, Thomas W. & Christiancy, Isaac P. (Signed album page) $75
Michigan’s 1875-79 GOP Senators, Senate President Ferry presided over the 1877 Electoral Commission
 Field, Cyrus W. (Check) $115
1878 bank check written while heading NY Elevated Railway Company
 Field, Stephen J. (Signed Card) $125
Card signed as Retired Associate Justice (1897-99)
 Field, Stephen J. (Letter) $325
Good content 1875 LS while Associate Justice, seemingly currying favor with San Francisco financier-businessman Wm. Ralston, on rooms on his property for the federal judiciary in San Francisco
 Field, Stephen J. (Letter) $425
Lengthy good content 1874 ALS while Associate Justice, to San Francisco financier-businessman Wm. Ralston, mentions recent Court decision affecting banks, thanks him for a $1,200 gift (!), and much more!
 Field, Stephen J. (Photograph) $495 Special Offer: $450
Carte-de-visite photograph signed by Field in 1865 while Associate Justice

 Fillmore, Millard (Letter) $550 Special Offer: $495
ALS from the ex- President and 1856 presidential candidate, craftily avoiding a requested letter of introduction for acquaintances going to Europe

 Fillmore, Millard (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $450 Special Offer: $425
1865 inscribed autograph sentiment signed while ex-President

 Finch, Robert (Photograph) $30 Special Offer: $25
Managed Nixon’s 1960 presidential campaign, HEW Secretary 1969-70

 Fisher, Bud (Signed Card) $110 Special Offer: $90
Vintage signed card by the creator of “Mutt and Jeff”

 Fitch, Aubrey W. (Signed Card) $90 Special Offer: $75
Aircraft carrier commander, led air units in South Pacific, Deputy CNO (Air) 1944-45

 Fitzgerald, Ella (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $115 Special Offer: $95
Vintage autograph album page inscribed & signed by the “First Lady of Song”

 Flagg, James Montgomery (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $195
Frameable small 1929 ALS with distinctive signature

 Flower, Roswell P. (Signed Card) $25 Special Offer: $20
Card signed by the 30th Governor of New York

 Floyd, Carlisle (Photograph) $65 Special Offer: $55
Signed photograph of one of America’s foremost contemporary opera composers & librettists

 Flynn, Errol (Signed Card) $175 Special Offer: $150
Swashbuckling film hero of the 1930s-1940s

 Foch, Ferdinand; Mangin, Charles E.; Weygand, Maxime (Photograph) $1100 Special Offer: $950
Signed photograph of Generals Foch, Mangin and Weygand reviewing French Seneglaese soldiers

 Fong, Hiram L. (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $20
1970 TLS from the 1st Asian-American US Senator to Senator Muskie, acknowledging message of re-election congratulations

 Fonteyn, Dame Margot (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50 Special Offer: $40
1987 card signed by the great classical English "prima ballerina assoluta", noted for 20-year dance partnership with Rudolf Nureyev

 Ford Sr., William Clay (First Day Cover) $40 Special Offer: $30
Youngest grandson of Henry Ford, owner of NFL Detroit Lions

 Ford, Gerald & Betty (Signed cards) $95
Post-presidential cards signed by the President & First Lady
 Ford, Gerald R. (Letter) $750 Special Offer: $650
Rare post-White House ALS thanking a friend for Christmas “treats”

 Ford, Gerald R. (Signed Inaugural Cover) $195 Special Offer: $175
Signed 1973 Nixon Inaugural cover

 Ford, Gerald R. (Signed Bookplate) $150 Special Offer: $125
Signed bookplate as 38th US President

 Ford, Gerald R. (Signed Steel Engraving) $195 Special Offer: $175
Signed BPE steel engraving portrait

 Ford, Gerald R. (Letter) $850 Special Offer: $695
Rare Post-White House ALS Thankingformer White House Chief Usher Rex Scouten for his contribution to the Gerald R. Ford Foundation

 Ford, Gerald R. (Signed Card) $75
Post-presidential signed & dated card
 Ford, Gerald R. (Signed typescript) $195 Special Offer: $175
Nice frameable signed politics-related typescript

 Forrestal, James (Letter) $115
1945 TLS from the tragic last Cabinet level Secretary of the Navy
 Forrestal, James V. (Signed Card) $65
Last Cabinet level Secretary of the Navy, first Secretary of Defense, 1949 suicide
 Forster, E(dward) M. (Letter) $325 Special Offer: $275
1969 ALS of the popular English novelist who had 5 novels published in his lifetime, 3 became very successful films 50+ years later

 Forsyth, John (Letter) $125
1838 ALS while Van Buren’s Secretary of State
 Forsyth, John (Letter) $115
1839 LS as Van Buren’s Secretary of State
 Forsyth, John (Document) $110
1838 DS as Van Buren’s Secretary of State
 Forsyth, John (Letter) $125
The Secretary of State warns the US Consul at Guayaquil, Ecuador to send a legally required bond or face dismissal by the President!
 Fortas, Abe (Signed booklet) $250 Special Offer: $195
Rare signed copy of his 1968 booklet, "Concerning Dissent and Civil Disobedience"

 Fosdick, Harry Emerson (Signed Card) $20
Popular liberal Baptist theologian, radio preacher, author
 Fosdick, Harry Emerson (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $25
Popular liberal Baptist theologian, radio preacher and author

 Foster, John W. (Letter) $90
1902 LS of the diplomat, Secretary of State, author, and first legal "lobbyist', to Admiral George Dewey
 Foster, William Z. (Signed Card) $90 Special Offer: $75
Led US Communist Party 1921-56, Party 1924, 1928 & 1932 US presidential candidate

 Fowler, Joseph S. & Patterson, David T. (Signatures) $115 Special Offer: $95
Tennessee’s 1st US Senators on 1866 readmission to the Union, both voted “not guilty” in impeachment of trial Andrew Johnson

 Fox, Fontaine (Signed Sketch) $175 Special Offer: $150
Signed original sketch of Toonerville Trolley's "Aunt Eppie Hogg"

 Francis, Tench (Document) $90 Special Offer: $80
Prominent colonial Philadelphia lawyer, a founding trustee of what became the University of Pennsylvania

 Frankfurter, Felix (First Day Cover) $275 Special Offer: $225
1950 US National Government Sesquicentennial-Judicial Branch stamp First Day Cover signed while Associate Justice, a leader of the Court's conservatives

 Frankfurter, Felix (Letter) $325 Special Offer: $295
1944 TLS as Associate Justice, advocate of judicial restraint, a leader of the Court's conservatives

 Frelinghuysen, Frederick T. (Signature) $20
Signature of the New Jersey US Senator 1866-67, later Secretary of State (Arthur, 1881-85)
 French, Daniel Chester (Letter) $250 Special Offer: $225
The eminent American sculptor on preparation of his medal commemorating the Battle of Manila Bay

 French, Daniel Chester (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $135 Special Offer: $115
Eminent American sculptor, created seated Lincoln statue for Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

 Freuchen, Peter (Photograph) $90 Special Offer: $75
Uncommon signed photo of the Danish Greenland explorer, traveler and author

 Fruehauf, Harvey C. (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
Good content 1941 TLS to Oklahoma US Rep Mike Monroney on the proposed property-seizure bill

 Fuchs, Sir Vivian (Photograph) $60 Special Offer: $50
First to cross the Antarctic via the South Pole

 Fullerton, Gordon (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
Air Force & NASA astronaut, research pilot, test flew Space Shuttle prototype Enterprise, piloted STS-3 & Spacelab 2

 Gabreski, Francis S. (Typed Quotation Signed) $110 Special Offer: $95
Nice patriotic TQS on duty and faith signed by the top WW II ETO fighter pilot ace, 1 of 7 aces also in Korean War

 Gadski, Johanna (Photograph) $70 Special Offer: $60
1913 Postcard Photo of the German leading Wagnerian soprano at the Metropolitan Opera

 Gadski, Johanna (Signed Card) $40 Special Offer: $30
1902 card signed by the German diva, lead Wagnerian soprano at the Metropolitan Opera 1898-1904 & 1907-17

 Galton, Sir Francis (Note) $150 Special Offer: $125
1888 ANS from the founder of fingerprint identification and the science of "eugenics"

 Gannett, Frank E. (Autographed Sentiment Signed) $40 Special Offer: $30
1944 card signed by the media mogul, founded Gannett Corporation

 Garcia, Carlos P. (Letter) $70 Special Offer: $60
1958 TLS as Philippine President to “Meet the Press” producer-host, Lawrence E. Spivak

 Gardner, Erle Stanley (Photograph) $125 Special Offer: $110
Creator of the great fictional crime-solving lawyer, Perry Mason

 Gardner, John W. (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $25
LBJ HEW Secretary 1965-68, founded Common Cause & White House Fellowship program

 Garfield, Eliza Ballou (Signed card) $95 Special Offer: $85
First presidential mom to see her son inaugurated and to live in the Executive Mansion

 Garfield, Lucretia R. (Check) $395 Special Offer: $350
Signed bank check written a year after President Garfield’s death

 Garfield, Lucretia R. (Free Franked Envelope) $175 Special Offer: $150
Free franked envelope addressed by her to her husband’s friend and college classmate

 Garland, Hamlin (Photograph) $90 Special Offer: $80
Wrote of midwestern farm life, 1922 Pulitzer Prize winner

 Garland, Hamlin (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $40 Special Offer: $30
Signature of the 1922 Pulitzer Prize winner, wrote of Midwestern farm life , later tried to prove legitimacy of psychic mediums

 Garland, Judy (Signed program) $495 Special Offer: $450
1951 RKO Palace program cover signed on her portrait

 Garner, Erroll (Photograph) $175 Special Offer: $150
Jazz pianist, composed standard “Misty”

 Garner, John Nance (Signed card) $40
Card signed by FDR's 1st VP, the only man to serve as Speaker of the House and President of the Senate on the same day!
 Garner, John Nance (Signed Card) $50 Special Offer: $45
Card signed by the Texas congressman, 1931-33 House Speaker, FDR VP 1933-41

 Garrison, Lloyd K. (Letter) $45
TLS of the eminent attorney as 1st Chairman of the new US National Labor Relations Board to a noted New York Times official
 Garson, Greer (Signed Card) $115 Special Offer: $95
Oscar nominee 7 times, won 1942 Best Actress Academy Award for “Mrs. Miniver”

 Gates, Horatio (ON HOLD) (Letter) $3850 Special Offer: $3500
1779 ALS to General Ward urgently requesting soldiers be sent to Tiverton, Rhode Island, convinced the British are en route to Newport

 Gavin, James M. (Letter) $95 Special Offer: $85
1970 TLS of the youngest WW II Major General, with the 82nd Airborne at Normandy & Nijmegen paratroop assaults

 George III (Letter) $1695 Special Offer: $1495
Rare ALS of America’s last king!

 Gerard, James W. (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
Noted diplomat, popular Ambassador to Germany before US entry into WW I

 Gerard, James W. (Photograph) $25 Special Offer: $20
Nice photo of the New York lawyer and jurist, Ambassador to Germany 1913-17

 Gericke, Walther (Photograph) $95 Special Offer: $75
Signed photo of the German paratrooper who led the 1943 capture of Italian Army Headquarters in "Operation Student"

 Gerry, Elbridge (letter) $1795 Special Offer: $1595
1792 ALS while Member of the Continental Congress, to Quartermaster General James Hodgdon

 Gershwin, George (Check) $1395 Special Offer: $1250
1935 personal check, year “Porgy and Bess” premiéred

 Getty, J. Paul (Signature) $70 Special Offer: $50
Signature of the American oilman, one of the world’s wealthiest men at his death

 Giannini, Dusolina (Photograph) $75 Special Offer: $60
Portrait as Aida inscribed to her teacher Marcella Sembrich’s accompanist, pianist- composer Frank La Forge

 Gibbons, Floyd (Signature) $25 Special Offer: $20
Noted war correspondent & radio news commentator at the Salt Lake City Tabernacle

 Gibson, Charles Dana (Signed Brochure) $75 Special Offer: $60
1942 exhibit brochure signed by the creator of the “Gibson Girl” and Gibson Martini!

 Gibson, Sir Alexander D. (Christmas Card) $35 Special Offer: $20
1st principal conductor & artistic director of the Scottish National Orchestra 1959-84, founded Scottish Opera 1962, music director to 1986

 Gifford, Walter S. (Photograph) $60 Special Offer: $40
AT&T president 1925-48, oversaw tremendous corporate growth & pioneering technology

 Gilder, Richard Watson (Letter) $165 Special Offer: $125
1895 ALS as Chairman to NY Governor Levi Morton on Report of the Tenement House Committee

 Gilfillan, James (Signature) $25 Special Offer: $20
(13th) Treasurer of the United States, 1877-83

 Gillett, Frederick H. (Autograph album page) $30 Special Offer: $25
42nd Speaker of the House, next in line to presidency 1923-25

 Gingrich, John (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $60
Aide to Forrestal, heroic commander of cruiser Pittsburgh in WW II, led blockade of Wonsan in Korean War, 1st AEC Chief of Security

 Ginzburg, Ralph (Letter) $110 Special Offer: $85
Controversial editor, publisher, photo-journalist, convicted in 1963 for violating federal obscenity laws

 Gladstone, William E. (Letter) $250 Special Offer: $225
1894 ALS 4 days before the end of his last term as Prime Minister, to his 1846 assistant private secretary, a poet and critic

 Gladstone, William E. (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $195
ALS while Conservative MP for Oxford University begrudgingly making a charitable contribution

 Glaser, Lulu (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $30
Sepia 1913 portrait of the actress called the embodiment of the ideal 1890s girl

 Glass, Philip (Signed Mini-Poster) $60 Special Offer: $45
Signed mini-poster for CD signing appearance

 Glenn, John (Photograph) $125 Special Offer: $110
2nd American in space, 1st to orbit Earth, US Senator

 Glenn, John & Annie (Signed sentiment) $95
Autograph Sentiment Signed by Annie Glenn and her husband John
 Glynn, Martin H. (Signed Card) $25 Special Offer: $20
1st Irish-American Roman Catholic Governor of New York 1913-14

 Godey, Louis A. (Document) $115 Special Offer: $90
1853 10-month $360 promissory note signed twice by the “Godey’s Lady’s Book” founder-editor-publisher

 Goldberg, Arthur J. (Photograph) $150
Signed & inscribed photograph of the statesman & jurist
 Goldberg, Arthur J. (First Day Cover) $95
Signed 1968 First Day Cover
 Goldberg, Arthur J. (Letter) $195
1970 TLS after losing New York gubernatorial election, to Senator Muskie, thanking him for campaign help
 Goldwater, Barry (First Day Cover) $75 Special Offer: $65
1973 First Day Cover signed by "Mr. Conservative"

 Goldwater, Barry (Photograph) $125 Special Offer: $110
Signed bust photograph of “Mr. Conservative” , 1964 GOP presidential candidate

 Gompers, Samuel (Document) $235 Special Offer: $195
Gompers & two others certified as AFL delegates to 1919 International Federation of Trade Unions Conference in Amxsterdam

 Goodman, Benny (Signed Program) $175 Special Offer: $125
1982 concert program with Al Hirschfeld cover portrait signed by “The King of Swing”

 Goodman, Benny (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $125 Special Offer: $90
Card signed by “The King of Swing”, one of the preeminent clarinet and jazz greats

 Gordon II, William W. (Letter) $30
Served under Jeb Stuart in Civil War, father of founder of the Girl Scouts, served on Puerto Rico Peace Commission as Brigadier General USV
 Gordon, John B. (Document) $225 Special Offer: $195
Georgia Governor & US Senator, CSA Major General, 1st UCV commander-in-chief, alleged Georgia KKK leader

 Goren, Charles H. (Photograph) $75 Special Offer: $50
1950s-60s champion bridge player, wrote numerous books & columns that popularized the game

 Gough, John B. (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
Popular 19th century temperance reformer & orator

 Grable, Betty (Photograph) $225 Special Offer: $175
Vintage photo inscribed & signed by the dancer-singer-actress, #1 WW II “pin-up girl”

 Graham, William A. (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $110
1851 ALS as Fillmore’s Navy Secretary, 1852 Whig VP candidate with Winfield Scott

 Graham, William A. (letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
1852 ALS while Navy Secretary saluting Washington's 120th birthday, later 1852 Whig VP candidate

 Granger, Gideon (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $110
1807 LS as US Postmaster General relating to his property in Genessee County, New York

 Grant, Frederick Dent (Signed card) $115 Special Offer: $95
1899 card signed as Brigadier General USV from Puerto Rico by Ulysses S. Grant's eldest son

 Grant, Gordon (Signature) $50 Special Offer: $40
Frameable signature of the artist known for maritime subjects

 Grant, Julia Dent (Letter) $975 Special Offer: $850
1898 pencil ALS to Bishop John P. Newman, President Grant's pastor in the White House and at his death

 Grant, Ulysses S. (Franked Envelope) $1495 Special Offer: $1295
Franked Executive Mansion envelope addressed to Secretarty of State Fish

 Grant, Ulysses S. (Signature) $525 Special Offer: $395
Undated pencil signature cut from a draft telegram

 Granville, 2nd Earl (Granville George Leveson-Gower) (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $20
1849 ALS of the future Liberal Party 3-time Foreign Secretary

 Grason, William & Bland, Theodorick (Document) $50 Special Offer: $40
1839 vellum Allegany County, Maryland land grant signed by Governor Grason and Chancellor Bland

 Gravely, Jr., Samuel L. (Photograph) $65 Special Offer: $50
1st African-American US Navy officer, 1st to command a ship and 1st flag officer

 Gray, Horace (Signed Card) $95
Card signed by the 1st Justice to hire a law clerk – paid from his own pocket!
 Greely, Adolphus W. (Signed card) $75
Polar explorer, Army Chief Signal Officer, San Francisco earthquake relief military commander, awarded Medal of Honor
 Green, William (Photograph) $85 Special Offer: $65
Photo signed by the 2nd President of the American Federation of Labor (1924-52)

 Green, William F. (Signed Card) $35 Special Offer: $25
(2nd) President of the American Federation of Labor 1924-52

 Greene, Francis V. (Signed card) $40
Led a brigade at Battle of Manila, assisted in Manila surrender negotiations
 Grey, Zane (Signed Cover) $110 Special Offer: $95
1938 special Air Mail cover signed by one of the greatest adventure writers of the American West

 Grimes, James W. (Signature) $50 Special Offer: $40
3rd Iowa Governor, one of 7 GOP Senators to vote to acquit President Andrew Johnson

 Grivas, Georgios (Photograph) $145 Special Offer: $125
Greek Cypriot soldier, led fight for independence from Britain and for union (“Enosis”) with Greece

 Gronouski, John A. (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $25
JFK-LBJ Postmaster General, 1st Polish-American Cabinet member

 Gross, Milt (Signed Envelope) $25 Special Offer: $20
Popular 1920’s-40’s cartoonist-animator noted for Yiddish-inflected dialogue

 Grosvenor, Gilbert H. (Letter) $135 Special Offer: $95
“Father of photojournalism”, edited National Geographic Magazine 1899-1954, Society President 1920-54

 Grow, Robert W. (Photograph) $135 Special Offer: $115
War dated photo as 6th Armored Division commander in Germany after Normandy & the Bulge

 Gruenther, Alfred M. (Photograph) $95 Special Offer: $75
Eisenhower protege, military planner of North Africa and Italy invasions, led NATO 1953-56

 Gruenther, Alfred M. (Signed TIME Portrait) $50 Special Offer: $40
Signed TIME portrait of Eisenhower's protege, planned North Africa & Italy invasions, led NATO 1953-56

 Gruning, Wilhelm (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
Signed 1905 German postcard photo in costume as Siegfried

 Guest, Edgar A. (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $25
Michigan’s popular “People’s Poet” declines a public appearance

 Guest, Edgar A. (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $25
Michigan’s only Poet Lauerate offers advice on getting Henry Ford’s autograph!

 Gurney, A. R. (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $25
Author-playwright Gurney encourages another author-playwright on his plot

 Guthrie Jr., A. B. (Photograph) $65 Special Offer: $45
Pulitzer Prize-winning Western novelist, wrote Oscar-nominated script for 1953 film “Shane”

 Haeckel, Ernst (Autograph Quotation Signed) $295 Special Offer: $225
AQS by the biologist-zoologist, 1st German advocate of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

 Haig Jr., Alexander M. (Letter) $40 Special Offer: $30
1984 TLS of the Army general, Nixon-Ford White House Chief of Staff, Reagan Secretary of State 1981-82

 Haitink, Bernard (Signed Greeting Card) $30 Special Offer: $20
Dutch conductor, led the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra 1961-88, the London Philharmonic Orchestra 1967-79, the Chicago Symphony 2006-2010, etc.

 Hale, John P. (Signature) $50 Special Offer: $40
New Hampshire Free Soil/ Republican US Rep & Senator, 1852 Free Soil presidential candidate

 Hall, A. Oakley & Connolly, Richard B. (Check) $50 Special Offer: $40
1871 check signed by "Tweed Ring" members, NYC Mayor Hall & City Comptroller Connolly

 Halle, Sir Charles (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $35 Special Offer: $25
Autograph Sentiment Signed by the accomplished pianist-conductor, founded Manchester's Hallé Orchestra 1858

 Hallowes, Odette Bailly Sansom Churchill (Photograph) $275 Special Offer: $225
Color photo of the British spy with her decorations and medals

 Halsey, William F. "Bull" (Signature) $135
1951 frameable inscribed signature of the WW II naval hero
 Hamlin, Hannibal (Autograph album page) $150 Special Offer: $125
Signed autograph album page while Maine US Senator (ca. 1877)

 Hamlin, Hannibal & Blaine, James G. (Signatures) $225 Special Offer: $195
Autograph album page signed by Maine’s ca. 1881 US Senators

 Hamlin, Hannibal (ON HOLD) (Letter) $295 Special Offer: $250
1866 ALS while Boston Port Collector to a Maine congressman, remaining involved in Maine politics

 Hammer, Armand (Photograph) $145 Special Offer: $110
Oil tycoon noted for close Cold War USSR ties, art collector & philanthropist

 Hammond Jr., John Hays (Signature) $35 Special Offer: $30
“The Father of Radio Control”

 Hampton, Wade (Document) $250 Special Offer: $225
1880 Senate DS by the South Carolina Confederate who replaced Jeb Stuart as head of Lee’s cavalry

 Harbach, Otto A. (Signature) $60 Special Offer: $50
Broadway playwright, composer, lyricist-librettist

 Hardin, Clifford M. (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $25
Nixon Agriculture Secretary Hardin to Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans

 Harding, Florence Kling (Check) $195 Special Offer: $175
1924 check to a friend of the Hardings, with them when the President died, written 5 months before her death

 Harding, Warren G. (Letter) $725 Special Offer: $650
1921 White House TLS to a Marion, Ohio acquaintance offering condolences and hope for a job

 Harding, Warren G. (Check) $525 Special Offer: $475
1909 Marion Star newspaper payroll check completed and signed by Harding

 Harding, Warren G. (Letter) $750
White House TLS 4 months before his death, will be happy to receive a "good luck horseshoe"
 Harding, Warren G. (ON HOLD) (Letter) $750
White House TLS lamenting 1922 GOP election losses, apologizing for responsibilities his Administration must assume
 Harlan, James (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50
Andrew Johnson's Interior Secretary 1865-66, Iowa US Senator, Robert Lincoln’s father-in-law
 Harlan, James (Signature) $40 Special Offer: $35
Iowa Senator, Interior Secretary 1865-66, Robert Lincoln’s father-in-law

 Harlan, John M. (First Day Cover) $75
Signed First Day Cover while Associate Justice
 Harman, Avraham (First Day Cover) $20 Special Offer: $15
Renowned Israeli Diplomat, Ambassador to US 1959-68

 Harper, James (Document) $75 Special Offer: $60
Co-founded Harper Bros. publishers, “Know-Nothing” NYC Mayor 1844-45, established 1st municipal police force

 Harrison, Anna (Letter) $1750 Special Offer: $1600
1855 ALS from Wm. Henry Harrison's widow, First Lady for one month in 1841, to her sole surviving son, an Ohio congressman

 Harrison, Benjamin (ON HOLD) (Letter & Endorsement) $825 Special Offer: $725
Senator Harrison recommends an engineer to Army Chief Engineer Gen. Horatio Wright

 Harrison, John Scott (Signature) $90 Special Offer: $75
Ohio US Rep, grandson of Virginia Signer Benj. Harrison, son of President Wm. Henry Harrison, father of President Benj. Harrison

 Harrison, Mary Scott Lord Dimmick (Signed Card) $65
1938 card signed by President Benjamin Harrison’s 2nd First Lady
 Harrison, William Henry (Document) $2495
July 1840 uncommon ADS while Whig presidential candidate, furnishing $35 to his son-in-law
 Harrison, William Henry (ON HOLD) (Document) $1750
1795 ADS as ADC to "Mad" Anthony Wayne, orders commissary to provide Chippewa Chief Moses with a sheep days before the signing of the Treaty of Greenville
 Harrod, James (Document) $1595 Special Offer: $1295
1785 legal document signed by the frontiersman who built the first settlement in Kentucky

 Harteneck, Gustav (Letter) $115 Special Offer: $95
Good 1970 TLS in English on why he became a military officer and his opposition to Bolschevism

 Hartsfield, Hank (Signature) $25
In-person astronaut signature, adds Space Shuttle flights
 Hasbrouck, Henry C. (Signed card) $20
Artillery officer, fought Modoc Indians, West Point Commandant 1882-88
 Hastings, Thomas D. (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
Architect who transformed St. Augustine, Florida, designed New York Public Library & Arlington Cemetery’s Memorial Ampitheater

 Hatcher, Richard G. (Photograph) $25 Special Offer: $20
1st elected African-American mayor of a large US city

 Hathaway, Sybil, Dame of Sark (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $50
1961 ALS of the 21st Seigneur of Sark, last feudal state in Europe

 Hawkins, Hamilton S. (Signed Card) $40 Special Offer: $30
Only West Point commandant not to graduate from the Academy, led 1st Brigade, 1st Div. in Cuba at San Juan Hill

 Hayes, Rutherford B. (Letter) $1150
President Hayes, in office for 2 months, thanks financier John Jacob Astor III for his hospitality during Hayes' visit to New York
 Hayes, Rutherford B. (Document) $425
1880 document signed as President
 Hedin, Sven (Signed Portrait) $110 Special Offer: $90
Swedish Central Asian explorer, geographer, topographer & author

 Henderson, David B. (Document) $40 Special Offer: $35
Future House Speaker (last Civil War veteran to serve in the House), receives Chickamauga & Chattanooga battlefields atlas

 Hendricks, Thomas A. (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $65
Signature of the unsuccessful 1876 VP candidate with Tilden, Cleveland’s VP, died in office 1885

 Hendricks, Thomas A. (Franked Envelope) $75 Special Offer: $65
1876 Democratic VP candidate with Tilden, Cleveland’s VP, died in office 1885

 Hendricks, Thomas A. (Signature) $75 Special Offer: $65
1876 Democratic VP candidate with Tilden, Cleveland’s VP, died in office 1885

 Henning, Doug (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $95
Colorful 70’s – 80’s magician-showman

 Henning, Doug (Signed Album Page) $50 Special Offer: $40
In-person signature of the colorful 1970’s & 80’s Canadian magician & showman

 Henry, Joseph (Document) $275 Special Offer: $250
1873 letter as Smithsonian Secretary introducing Vermont Senator Edmunds

 Henry, Patrick (Document) $1850
1st Governor of Virginia, major advocate of independence, opposed the Constitution as drafted without a Bill of Rights
 Henshaw, David (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $65
1842 ALS before serving as Tyler’s 7-month Navy Secretary

 Henshaw, David (Signature) $25 Special Offer: $20
Uncommon franking signature as Tyler’s Navy Secretary

 Hereford, Frank & Davis, Henry G. (Signed Album Page) $40 Special Offer: $35
West Virginia 1877-81 US Senators, one the 1904 Democratic VP candidate

 Hergesheimer, Joseph (Photograph) $40 Special Offer: $30
1940 inscribed and signed Hal Phyfe portrait of the major 1920's writer

 Herrick, Myron T. (Signed Card) $30 Special Offer: $25
Autograph sentiment signed on official card as 42nd Ohio Governor

 Hershey, Lewis B. (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $95
Controversial Selective Serivce System Director 1941-1970, spanned WW II thu Vietnam drafts

 Hershfield, Harry (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50 Special Offer: $35
The “Jewish Will Rogers”, radio, television and newspaper humorist, “Abie The Agent” comic strip creator

 Herzl, Theodor (Letter) $1850 Special Offer: $1650
1902 TLS from the father of modern political Zionism and, in effect, of the State of Israel

 Heschel, Abraham Joshua (Letter) $250 Special Offer: $225
March 1939 TLS from Frankfurt by the eminent liberal Jewish theologian, returning there briefly after being deported by the Gestapo to Warsaw

 Heye, Hellmuth (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $60
1968 ALS in English by the German WW II naval commander on his career and decorations

 Heyworth, Lawrence (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $95
1842 ALS to fellow reformer William Lovett favoring direct payment of salaries to MPs by their constituencies

 Hibben, John Grier (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
Philosopher, Presbyterian minister, succeeded Woodrow Wilson as president of Princeton University

 Hickel, Walter J. "Wally" (Letter) $45 Special Offer: $35
3 weeks before being fired by Nixon, Interior Secretary Hickel congratulates Senator Ed Muskie on his re-election

 Higginson, Henry L. (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $25
Boston businessman-philanthropist, founded Boston Symphony Orchestra 1881

 Hill, David B. (Signed Card) $20
New York Lieut. Governor, Governor and US Senator, rival of Grover Cleveland
 Hindley, Charles (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $60
1837 ALS to fellow reformer and a Chartist Movement founder,William Lovett, hopes to attend London Working Men's Association dinner

 Hindman Jr., Thomas C., et al. (Letter) $795 Special Offer: $675
18 Congressmen (3 future CSA generals) endorse a pick for Arkansas District US Attorney

 Hinton, Walter (Signed Cover) $75 Special Offer: $65
1930 cover signed by the pilot of NC-4 on 1919 1st transatlantic flight

 Hitchcock, Ethan Allen (Signed official card) $20
Official card signed by McKinley& TR's Interior Secretrary
 Hoag, Earl S. (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $95
Led Air Transport Command over "The Hump" between India & China, reorganized ATC in Europe in preparation for Normandy invasion

 Hoar, Ebenezer R. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50 Special Offer: $40
Autograph Sentiment Signed by Grant’s 1st Attorney General, 1st to head the Department of Justice

 Hoar, George F. (Signed Album Page) $15
Signature of the prominent Massachusetts statesman
 Hoban, James (Document) $895 Special Offer: $795
Rare 1824 DS of Irish-born architect of The White House as District of Columbia Justice of the Peace

 Hobart, Garrett A. (Check) $250 Special Offer: $195
Uncommon 1897 bank check signed by McKinley’s VP and "assistant President", died in office

 Hodgskin, Thomas (Letter) $95 Special Offer: $75
1843 LS of the English "socialist" reformer inviting a prominent Chartist activist to his lecture advocating repeal of the Corn Laws

 Hoffman, John T. (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $25
New York City Mayor 1866-68, NY Governor 1869-72, ties to Boss Tweed ruined further ambitions

 Hoge, William (Signed Card) $85 Special Offer: $70
Army engineer & armor commander, led Omaha Beach engineer brigade and 9th Armor at Ardennes & Remagen Bridge

 Holder Jr., Erich H. (Signed card) $20
Card signed by the 1st African-American US Attorney General
 Holland, Josiah G. (Signature) $30 Special Offer: $20
Editor, novelist & poet, authored Christmas hymn "There’s a Song in the Air"

 Holm, Eleanor (Signed Brochure) $25
In-person signature during 1933 Chicago May Company appearance
 Holmes Jr., Oliver Wendell (Christmas Card) $395 Special Offer: $350
1932 Christmas card from the one of the Supreme Court's greatest Associate Justices

 Holmes Sr., Oliver Wendell (Letter) $185 Special Offer: $165
Brief 1861 ALS sending his autograph

 Holmes, William H. (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $25
Eminent US anthropologist, archaeologist, geologist & Smithsonian museum director

 Holyoake, Sir Keith J. (Letter) $40 Special Offer: $30
1965 TLS as New Zealand’s Prime Minister, only person to be both PM & Governor-General

 Hoover, Herbert (Letter) $2750 Special Offer: $2250
Scarce ALS, 1925 letter of sympathy as Secretary of Commerce

 Hoover, Herbert (Signature) $90 Special Offer: $80
Signature of President Hoover & son Herbert Hoover Jr.

 Hoover, J. Edgar (Letter) $135 Special Offer: $115
1956 letter as FBI Director expressing sympathy to widow of prominent labor leader

 Hoover, J. Edgar (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $115
1968 TLS as Director , appreciates expression of confidence, has no thought of retiring

 Hoover, Lou Henry (Letter) $295
4 page post-White House ALS written on a train to family friend Marie Sullivan
 Hoover, Lou Henry (White House card) $175
Signed White House card
 Horne, Lena (Signed Card) $110 Special Offer: $75
Singer, dancer, actress, civil rights activist, 1st Black performer to sign long-term studio contract

 Horowitz, Vladimir (Signed program) $195 Special Offer: $150
1951 concert program signed by the greatest 20th century pianist

 Horthy de Nagybanya, Adm. Miklos (Signature) $195 Special Offer: $175
Hungary’s head of state 1920-44, allied with Nazi Germany 1941-44

 Hovhaness, Alan (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $185
Prolific 20th century Armenian-American composer of 67+ symphonies

 Howard, Sidney Coe (Document) $225 Special Offer: $175
1928 contract for South African rights to one of his plays from Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, & “Gone With the Wind” Oscar-winning screenplay writer

 Howe, Samuel G. (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
Noted teacher of the blind seeks ½-price railroad pass for a blind girl

 Howe, Timothy O. (signature) $15
Ca. 1869 signature as Wisconsin US Senator, later Arthur’s Postmaster General
 Howe, Timothy O. & Cameron, Angus (Signed Album Page) $25
Wisconsin’s 1875-79 Republican US Senators
 Howells, William Dean (Signature) $70 Special Offer: $40
“The Dean of American Letters”

 Howells, William Dean (Photograph) $275 Special Offer: $175
Boston studio cabinet photograph signed by “the Dean of American Letters”

 Huckabee, Mike (Photograph) $40 Special Offer: $20
Color inscribed portrait of the 2008 & 2016 GOP presidential hopeful, 1999-2007 Arkansas Governor, minister, radio & TV talk show host

 Huebner, Clarence R. (Photograph) $225 Special Offer: $195
Major General, led 1st Infantry (“The Big Red One”) from Omaha Beach to Huertgen Forest, led V Corps in Germany 1945

 Hufstedler, Shirley M. (Signature) $25 Special Offer: $15
1980 in-person signature while Carter's Secretary of Education

 Hughes, Charles Evans (Signed card) $40
Card signed by the statesman and jurist
 Hull, William (Document) $350 Special Offer: $295
Surrendered Detroit to British in 1814 without a fight, his death sentence stayed by President Madison

 Humboldt, Alexander von (ON HOLD) (Signed Envelope) $235 Special Offer: $200
Envelope addressed to Boston visitor in Berlin, with Humboldt's franking signature

 Humphrey, Hubert H. (Letter) $110 Special Offer: $95
VP Humphrey sends Christmas & New Year greetings (and a modest gift) to a Washington pal

 Hurd, Peter (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $110
Handwritten letter (ALS) from the student of Howard Pyle and son-in-law of N. C. Wyeth

 Hurley, Patrick J. (Photograph) $65 Special Offer: $50
Hoover’s Secretary of War, FDR personal envoy during WW II

 Husa, Karel (AMQS) $95 Special Offer: $80
AMQS from his 1969 Pulitzer Prize-winning composition, “String Quartet No. 3”

 Hussein I , King of Jordan (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $125
1982 color photo of Jordan’s popular king, inscribed to DC police officer

 Iakovos, Archbishop (Signature) $70 Special Offer: $50
Led Greek Orthodox Church in the US 1959-96, marched in Selma, Alabama with Dr. King

 Ickes, Harold (Letter) $90 Special Offer: $75
TLS as FDR’s Interior Secretary for one week, to prominent Philadelphia philatelist

 Ickes, Harold (Photograph) $75 Special Offer: $65
Signed photo of FDR’s & Truman’s Interior Secretary

 Ickes, Harold L. (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $65
Designation of Public Works Administration’s Community Chest Divisional Chairman

 Ickes, Harold L. (Signed Official Card) $25
Signed Official Card as FDR’s Interior Secretary
 Inbal, Eliahu (Christmas card) $25 Special Offer: $20
1971 Christmas card & sentiment of the Israeli-English conductor

 Ingalls, John J. (Photograph) $85 Special Offer: $70
Kansas Senator, 3rd in succession to presidency 1885-89

 Ingalls, John J. & Plumb, Preston B. (Signed Album Page) $40
Kansas’ 1877-91 Republican US Senators
 Inge, Dean William R. (Signed Card) $25 Special Offer: $15
1944 card signed by the former Anglican Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral, columnist, author, religious philosopher

 Ingersoll, Robert G. (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $200
Good content 1889 LS by the noted agnostic regarding oath taking for public officials

 Ingersoll, Royal E. (Signed Card) $95 Special Offer: $85
Led US Atlantic Fleet 1942-44 and Western Sea Frontier 1944-46

 Irving, Harry B. (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $35
Photograph signed by the actor-lawyer, eldest son of Sir Henry Irving

 Irving, Henry B. (Photograph) $40 Special Offer: $35
Signed photo of the actor-lawyer and eldest son of Sir Henry Irving

 Irwin, James B. (Signed Brochure) $135 Special Offer: $115
Religious brochure color cover portrait in space suit signed by the 8th Moonwalker

 Jabotinsky, Zev (Letter) $695 Special Offer: $595
Zionist leader, writer, orator, journalist, and soldier, founded Zionist Revisionist Movement

 Jackson, Andrew (Document) $2750 Special Offer: $2495
President Jackson’s handwitten draft of a diplomatic nomination

 Jackson, Henry M. (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
1970 TLS to Senator Ed Muskie, thanking him for his wire on Jackson’s re-election

 Jackson, James Caleb (Signature) $75 Special Offer: $50
Abolitionist & health reformer, hydropathy advocate, invented 1st dry, whole grain breakfast cereal

 Jackson, Rev. Jesse L. (Photograph) $40 Special Offer: $30
Signed color photo from his 1984 presidential campaign, 2nd African American to mount a national campaign

 Jacob, Francois (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
French-Jewish biologist, shared 1965 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for enzyme resarch

 James, Harry (Photograph) $95 Special Offer: $85
Signed photo of the popular "swing era" bandleader with trumpet

 Jardine, William M. (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $30
Signed photo likely when Coolidge’s Agriculture Secretary

 Jarvis, Anna M. (Letter) $185 Special Offer: $165
1938 TLS from the founder of America’s Mother’s Day holiday

 Jenner, Sir William, 1st Baronet (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $90 Special Offer: $75
English patholgist, discovered distinction between typhus & typhoid, physician to Queen Victoria & Prince of Wales

 Jerome, William Travers (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $25 Special Offer: $20
Anti-corruption NYC DA 1902-09, prosecuted Harry Thaw for Stanford White murder; cousin of Winston Churchill

 Jervis, Sir John, 1st Earl St. Vincent (Letter) $185 Special Offer: $150
Distinguished late 18th- early 19th century English naval commander

 Johnson, Andrew (Autograph Quotation Signed) $1495 Special Offer: $1295
Rare AQS while Governor of Tennessee

 Johnson, Bradley T. (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $110
1871 ALS by the former Maryland Confederate general while a Richmond lawyer

 Johnson, Hiram W. (Letter) $115 Special Offer: $100
1940 TLS as Senator, sends thanks for message of congratulations on (last) re-nomination

 Johnson, Hiram W. (Signed Card) $60 Special Offer: $50
California progressive Republican Governor 1911-17, 1912 running mate of Theodore Roosevelt, isolationist US Senator 1917-45

 Johnson, Lady Bird (Letter) $110
1985 TLS Inviting Former Treasury Secretary Fowler & wife to a cocktail party & dinner at the LBJ Library during an LBJ Foundation Board meeting
 Johnson, Lady Bird (Letter) $185
1965 TLS as First Lady to Mrs. Henry Fowler, proposing Virginia “safari” with Cabinet wives!
 Johnson, Lady Bird (Photograph) $75
Lovely 1968 color photo taken at the LBJ Ranch
 Johnson, Lady Bird (Photograph) $85
Lovely signed & inscribed White House color portrait of Mrs. Johnson
 Johnson, Lyndon B. (Letter) $495
3 days before leaving The White House, the President says goodbye to a Republican congessman
 Johnson, Lyndon B. (Framed Signed Print) $1250
Copy of color painting of Cecil Stoughton's famed b&w photo of LBJ being sworn in as President on Nov. 22, 1963, inscribed to a CIA employee
 Johnson, Reverdy (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
1857 ALS from Annapolis while practicing law between his Senate terms

 Johnson, Reverdy (Letter) $350 Special Offer: $295
1867 ALS while MarylandUS Senator, to Governor Thomas Swann, likely discussing President Johnson and the soon-to-be-passed, vetoed, and later the veto-overridden 1867 Reconstruction Acts

 Johnson, Richard M. (Free Franked Address Leaf) $175
Free-franked address panel to a noted New York portrait painter
 Johnson, Richard Mentor (Check) $250
Check handwritten a year & a day before his election as VP by the Senate
 Johnson, Richard Mentor (ON HOLD) (Letter) $395
1840 ALS as VP to Navy Secretary Paulding, seeking a midshipman appointment for a 12 year-old boy
 Johnson, Wm. E. "Pussyfoot" (Photograph) $30 Special Offer: $25
Prohibition advocate, US law enforcement officer in Indian Territory & Oklahoma

 Johnston, Harriet Lane (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $250 Special Offer: $225
Niece of bachelor James Buchanan and his 1857-61 White House hostess, Baltimore & Washington philanthropist

 Johnston, John W. & Withers, Robert E. (Signed Album Page) $50 Special Offer: $40
Virginia’s post-Reconstruction Era US Senators

 Joliot-Curie, Irene (Letter) $475 Special Offer: $425
French physicist, daughter of Pierre & Marie Curie, shared 1935 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with her husband

 Jones, George & Raymond, Henry A. (Signatures) $50 Special Offer: $40
Signatures of the 1851 founders of “The Gray Lady”, The New York Times

 Jones, Jesse H. (Photograph) $45 Special Offer: $40
Houston entrepreneur, FDR Commerce Secretary 1940-44, ran RFC 1933-45

 Jorgensen, Anker (Signed Portrait) $20 Special Offer: $15
Danish PM, led Denmark into the European Economic Community

 Juin, Alphonse Pierre (Photograph) $250 Special Offer: $225
Led French forces in North Africa under Vichy to Nov. 1942, led French forces in Italy with Fifth US Army, last living Marshal of France

 Julian, George W. (Letter) $115 Special Offer: $95
1875 ALS of the staunch abolitionist, Indiana US Rep, 1852 Free Soil VP candidate, a leader of House Reconstruction-era radical Republicans

 Jusserand, Jules Jean (Photograph) $75 Special Offer: $60
1925 photo signed by the great French diplomat, Ambassador to the US 1902-25, 1st recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in History in 1926

 Kahn, Gus (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $40 Special Offer: $35
Popular Broadway & Hollywood composer

 Kahn, Otto W. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $40 Special Offer: $35
Banker, philanthropist, patron of the arts

 Katzir, Ephraim (Photograph) $45 Special Offer: $30
Signed photo of the prominent bio-physicist, 4th President of State of Israel

 Kaufman, George S. (Autographed Note Signed) $125 Special Offer: $110
Brief ANS mentioning Sinclair Lewis

 Kaufman, George S. (Typed Note Signed) $175 Special Offer: $150
Characteristically odd 1935 TNS from the Algonquin Round Table member to an actor friend seeking a part

 Kautz, August V. (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $200
General Kautz informs General Butler of the 1st Maryland Cavalry's vote in favor of the 1864 Maryland Constitution

 Kefauver, Estes (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $60
Tennessee US Senator, led 1950-51 Senate organized crime investigation, 1956 Democratic VP candidate

 Kefauver, Estes (Photograph) $60 Special Offer: $50
Tennessee US Senator, led 1950-51 Senate organized crime investigation, 1956 Democratic VP candidate

 Kekkonen, Urho (First Day Cover) $40 Special Offer: $25
Signed 1965 US Winston Churchill stamp First Day Cover while President of Finland

 Kellar, Harry (Autograph Quotation Signed) $325 Special Offer: $275
Wonderful AQS from “The Dean of American Magicians” comparing success to a lovely woman!

 Kellermann, Francois Etienne de, 2nd Duke de Valmy (Letter) $395
1800 ALS to First Consul Bonaparte urging a promotion for his aide-de-camp mentioning "Maringo", with note by Bonaparte's Chief of Staff future Marshal Berthier
 Kellogg, Frank B. (Photograph) $125 Special Offer: $110
Signed photo of Coolidge’s Secretary of State, 1929 Nobel Peace Prize laureate

 Kellogg, Frank B. (Signed Card) $40 Special Offer: $35
Card signed while Secetary of State, awarded 1929 Nobel Prize for Peace

 Kelvin, William Thomson, 1st Baron (Signed album page) $125 Special Offer: $110
Renowned British engineer and mathematical physicist, developed basis for “Absolute Zero” and formation of 1st & 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics

 Kemnade, Friedrich (Photograph) $75 Special Offer: $65
Much-decorated German naval officer, top E-boat commander

 Kemnade, Friedrich (letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
1989 ALS of the much-decorated German naval officer, top E-Boat commander in WW II

 Kemp, Jack (Photograph) $30 Special Offer: $25
Professional football player, Congressman, Presidential Cabinet member, 1996 GOP VP candidate

 Kemp, Jack (Signed Official Card) $50 Special Offer: $40
1996 GOP VP candidate, pro football player, New York US Rep, G. H. W. Bush Cabinet Member

 Kemp, Jack (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
1996 GOP VP candidate, pro football player, NY US Rep, G. H. W. Bush Cabinet Member

 Kendall, Amos (Letter & Free Frank) $125
1830 LS of Jackson “kitchen cabinet” advisor as 4th Auditor of the Treasury
 Kendall, Amos (Check) $125 Special Offer: $110
1836 sight draft (check) as Jackson’s Postmaster General

 Kendall, Amos (Letter) $125
1838 ALS while Van Buren’s Postmaster General
 Kendall, Amos (Signature) $20
Jackson’s Postmaster General and “kitchen cabinet” member, later Samuel F. B. Morse’s business agent
 Kennedy, Edward M. "Ted" (Signature) $40 Special Offer: $30
Kennedy declines to attend July 3 golf club luncheon

 Kennedy, Jacqueline (Letter) $695
The First Lady-to-be sends thanks for a book 2 weeks after her son’s birth
 Kennedy, Jacqueline (Free Franked Envelope) $595
1968 scarce free franked envelope addressed in her hand
 Kennedy, Jacqueline (Letter) $1100
1961 White House TLS to the widow of Truman’s “Veep”, Mrs. Alben Barkley
 Kennedy, Jacqueline (ON HOLD) (Letter) $750
Sept. 1968 TLS to JFK friend & supporter thanking him for copy of his book, “The Seated Lincoln”
 Kennedy, John F. (ON HOLD) (Photograph) $2995
Nice ca. 1962 signed & inscibed photo at his desk in the White House Oval Office
 Kennedy, John F. (ON HOLD) (Letter) $1895
1953 TLS as Senator assisting a constitutent with replacement of a lost mustering-out check
 Kenney, George C. (Signed card) $50 Special Offer: $40
Led MacArthur’s air war in the SW Pacific, 1st head of the postwar Strategic Air Command

 Kenyon, Dorothy (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $25
Controversial feminist lawyer-jurist-diplomat

 Kevorkian, Jack (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $50
1993 card inscribed & signed by the euthanasia activist called “Dr. Death”

 Key, David M. (Letter) $110 Special Offer: $95
Good content 1878 ALS as PMG to Vermont Sen. George Edmunds on relieving a wife-beating postmaster of his duties

 Key, David M. (Document) $35 Special Offer: $30
Ex- Tennessee US Senator & Hayes Postmaster General receives Chickamauga & Chattanooga battlefields atlas

 Key, David M. (Letter) $75
April 1877 ALS as Postmaster General to President Hayes, trying to arrange a meeting for a Post Office Department employee with him
 Keyes, Frances Parkinson (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
1955 ALS to Mrs. Alben Barkley from the author, widow of a US Senator, wrote novels & non-fiction based notably in Washington and South Louisiana

 King, Frank O. (Signed Printed Sketch) $95 Special Offer: $80
Signed 1951 printed sketch of Corky from “Gasoline Alley”

 Kingman, Dong (Signed Reproduction) $35 Special Offer: $20
Twice signed greeting card reproduction of his “Wall Street”, created for Forbes

 Kinkaid, Thomas C. (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $110
Led Allied naval forces & US 7th Fleet in SW Pacific, supported Solomons, Aleutians, New Guinea, Borneo & Philippine landings and campaigns

 Kirkwood, Samuel J. & Allison, William B. (Signed album page) $40
Iowa’s influential post-Civil War Republican US Senators
 Kittinger, Joseph W. (Signed Cover) $35 Special Offer: $25
1984 Vatican City cover honoring his 1984 1st solo transatlantic balloon flight

 Klein, Calvin (Photograph) $30 Special Offer: $20
American clothing designer, his brand also on perfume, watches & jewelry

 Knerr, Harold H. (Signed Original Sketch & Sentiment) $250 Special Offer: $195
Original sketch & sentiment from the 1914-49 writer-artist of “The Katzenjammer Kids”, longest-running comic strip ever!

 Knoblock, Edward (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $20
British playwright & screenwriter, good content on his 1931 musical play “Grand Hotel”

 Koestler, Arthur (Photograph) $225 Special Offer: $175
Hungarian-English-Jewish author, best known for 1941 “Darkness at Noon”

 Kosinski, Jerzy (Signed Program) $60 Special Offer: $40
In-person 1988 program signed by the Polish-Jewish-born novelist, screenwriter & actor

 Kostelanetz, Andre (Photograph) $20 Special Offer: $15
Popular orchestra conductor-arranger, pioneered “easy listening” music

 Kreisky, Bruno (Photograph) $30 Special Offer: $20
Jewish Socialist Chancellor of Austria 1970-1983

 Kronold-Koert, Selma (AQS) $35 Special Offer: $30
Opera “Golden Age” Polish-Jewish born soprano, sang in US premieres of “Cavalleria Rusticana”, “L’Amico Fritz” & “I Pagliacci “

 Krueger, Walter R. (Signed Portrait) $125 Special Offer: $110
1st US soldier to rise to General from private, led 6th Army in SW Pacific

 Kunstler, William M. (Signed Portrait) $40 Special Offer: $25
Controversial radical lawyer, civil rights activist

 La Follette Jr., Robert M. ("Young Bob") (Photograph) $60 Special Offer: $50
Wisconsin Progressive/GOP Senator 1925-47, leading Senate isolationist, lost to McCarthy in 1946 GOP primary

 Lahr, Bert (Signed program) $350 Special Offer: $275
1951 "Two on the Aisle" Playbill cover signed by the Cowardly Lion of "The Wizard of Oz"

 Lamar, Lucius Q. C. (Autograph album page) $175 Special Offer: $150
Drafted Mississippi's Ordinance of Secession, CSA diplomat, Cleveland's Interior Secretary, Associate Justice 1888-93

 Lamont, Robert P. (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $25
Signed photograph of Hoover’s Commerce Secretary

 Landon, Alf (Photograph) $80 Special Offer: $65
Kansas governor, 1936 GOP presidential candidate

 Landon, Alf (First Day Cover) $50 Special Offer: $40
1954 Kansas Centennial stamp FDC signed by the Kansas Governor and 1936 GOP presidential candidate

 Landon, Alf M. (Signed Card) $40 Special Offer: $35
Kansas Governor, 1936 GOP presidential candidate

 Langley, Samuel P. (Letter) $495 Special Offer: $450
1875 ALS of the aviation pioneer, 3rd Smithsonian Secretary and noted astronomer, devised precise time standards needed with growth of railroads

 Lansing, Robert (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $175
Uncommon 1917 ALS as Secetary of State, thanking a retired American diplomat for a gift of coffee

 Lansing, Robert (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $150
1916 TLS as Secetary of State, thanks a retired diplomat for assisting with the Second Pan American Scientific Congress

 Lantz, Walter (Signed Sketch) $135 Special Offer: $115
Signed original 1979 sketch of “Woody Woodpecker”

 Lawrence, William (Signature) $25 Special Offer: $20
Ohio US Rep, Instrumental in creation of the Dept. of Justice and the American Red Cross, secured US ratification of the Geneva Convention with Clara Barton

 Lee, Fitzhugh (Signed card) $225 Special Offer: $175
CSA Virginia cavalry commander, nephew of R. E. Lee

 Lee, Fitzhugh (Signed Card) $175
CSA Virginia cavalry commander, nephew of R. E. Lee, US Major General in Spanish-American War
 Lee, Robert E. (Signature) $2995 Special Offer: $2750
Clipped signature from an ALS to a nephew

 Lee, Robert E. (Letter) $4500 Special Offer: $3995
April 1861 ALS from Arlington paying a doctor's bill - 2 weeks before resigning from the US Army, taking command of Virginia forces, and leaving his home, never to return!

 Legare, Hugh S. (Letter) $115 Special Offer: $95
3rd person ALS of the future Tyler Attorney General (died in office) while So. Carolina Congressman

 Lehár, Franz (Photograph) $225 Special Offer: $175
Hungarian composer best known for operettas Inc. "The Merry Widow”

 Lehman, Herbert (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $30
1950 TLS of the liberal Democrat New York US senator, 1st Jewish New York governor (1933-42)

 Lemnitzer, Louis L. (Signed TIME Portrait) $50 Special Offer: $40
1959 TIME cover portrait signed in 1964 as General and Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR)

 Leppard, Raymond (Christmas Card) $25 Special Offer: $20
1974 Christmas greeting card ANS by the British conductor-harpsichordist

 Lerner, Alan Jay (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $125
Award-winning librettist-lyricist of musicals, inc. “Brigadoon”, “Gigi”, “My Fair Lady”, "Camelot”

 Levin, Rabbi Aryeh (Letter) $295 Special Offer: $250
Eminent Orthodox rabbi, called “The Father of Prisoners” and “the Tzadik of Jerusalem” for his compassion

 Lewis Jr., Fulton (Photograph) $20 Special Offer: $15
Influential conservative radio commentator 1936-66

 Lewis, John L. (Signed Card) $40 Special Offer: $30
Controversial 1920-60 Mine Workers president, a founder of the CIO, took the UMWA into the AFL in 1944

 Lichty, George M. (First Day Cover) $25 Special Offer: $20
First Day Cover signed by the cartoonist, 1932 creator of “Grin and Bear It”

 Lilienthal, David E. (Letter) $110 Special Offer: $90
AEC Chairman Lilienthal appreciates encouragement in the development of the US atomic energy program

 Lind, Don L. (Photograph) $40 Special Offer: $35
Waited 19 years for his only space flight, 1985 STS-51-B, 1st operational Spacelab mission

 Lipton, Sir Thomas J. (Letter) $175 Special Offer: $135
1927 TLS to the wife of New York City's Police Commissioner by the celebrated yachtsman, founder of Lipton Tea Co.

 Lipton, Sir Thomas J. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $75 Special Offer: $60
Famed yachtsman, 5-time unsuccessful America’s Cup challenger; created Lipton Tea Company

 Liszt, Franz (Framed signature) $750 Special Offer: $650
Matted & framed signature of the legendary Hungarian composer and pianist

 Livermore, Mary A. (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $60
“The Queen of the Platform”, abolitionist, woman suffrage & education, temperance advocate

 Liverpool, Lord (Robt. Banks Jenkinson) (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
ALS while British PM, fought Napoleon & United States in 1812

 Livingston, Robert (Signature) $185 Special Offer: $165
Helped draft, but did not sign, the Declaration of Independence; administered 1789 Oath of Office to George Washington

 Lloyd, Harold (Signed Note) $150 Special Offer: $135
In person 1935 signature on Washington DC hotel letterhead, adds sketch of his trademark eyeglasses

 Lloyd, Henry Demarest (Letter) $40 Special Offer: $25
1900 TLS to editor Hamilton Holt on labor-management disputes and the International Permanent Court of Arbitration

 Locke, John Ross ("Petroleum V. Nasby") (Signed Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $125
Sarony carte-de-visite photo of Locke signed as Nasby with note on verso

 Lodge Jr., Henry Cabot (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $60
1966 TLS as Ambassador to South Vietnam by the Massachusetts US Senator, 1960 GOP VP candidate, diplomat

 Lodge Jr., Henry Cabot (Signed card) $40 Special Offer: $35
Massachusetts US Senator, diplomat, 1960 GOP VP candidate with Nixon

 Lodge Jr., Henry Cabot (Letter) $80 Special Offer: $65
1938 TLS as junior Massachusetts US Senator, Nixon's 1960 running mate, diplomat

 Lodge Sr., Henry Cabot (Signature) $30 Special Offer: $25
1904 signed slip while Massachusetts US Senator

 Loewy, Raymond (Photograph) $185 Special Offer: $150
20th century industrial designer, created Shell & Exxon logos, presidential Air Force One design, Studebaker Avanti, Lucky Strike package, etc.

 London, Jack (Letter) $1150 Special Offer: $950
London refers a fellow Socialist editor to his rather capitalist European agent

 Long, John D. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $40 Special Offer: $35
1899 card signed as Navy Secretary, noted for feud with Under Secretary Theodore Roosevelt over preparations for Spanish-American War

 Long, John D. (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
1894 LS while Boston lawyer, declines invitation to address a civic group; later Navy Secretary during Spanish-American War

 Longfellow, Henry W. (Letter) $425 Special Offer: $375
The great popular poet praises a singer, apparently a protege of a noted Unitarian minister

 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (Letter) $450 Special Offer: $395
The great poet respectfully declines to accept an invitation to attend an evening party

 Longworth, Nicholas (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $60
1927 TLS as House Speaker, declines invitation to speak at Tufts' convocation

 Longworth, Nicholas & Alice Roosevelt (Signed Cards) $80 Special Offer: $65
2 matching cards signed by Washington’s #1 “power couple” of the early 20th century

 Lousma, Jack (Photograph) $65 Special Offer: $50
Astronaut, 1973 Skylab 3 pilot, commanded 1982 STS-3 (3rd Space Shuttle mission)

 Lousma, Jack & Fullerton, C. Gordon (Signed Launch Cover) $85 Special Offer: $75
Signed 1982 3rd Columbia Space Shuttle flight launch cover

 Lousma, Jack R. (Photograph) $65 Special Offer: $50
US astronaut, piloted 1973 Skylab 3 mission, commanded 1982 3rd shuttle “Columbia” flight

 Low, Seth (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $30
1st President of Columbia University, reformist 2nd Mayor of New York City

 Lowell, John Amory (Photograph) $175 Special Offer: $125
Boston businessman & philanthropist, 1st Lowell Institute trustee 1839-81, Harvard Fellow 1837-77

 Lowery, Robert (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $95
1848 good content ALS to fellow British reformer William Lovett on the hard, lonely and often unpaid work of preaching political and social reform

 Luce, Henry R. (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
ALS from the communications empire founder to the wife of Yale’s president

 Luce, Henry R. (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
ALS to the wife of Time Inc.’s vice chairman, an original investor, praising a biography of St. Ignatius Loyola

 Ludlow, William (Signed Card) $65 Special Offer: $50
Army engineer, surveyed Yellowstone & Black Hills, chaired Nicaragua Canal Commission 1895, Military Governor of Havana & Dept. of Havana 1899-1900, led 1900 board that recommended Army War College creation

 Luhan, Mabel Dodge (Signature) $115 Special Offer: $85
Rare autograph of the wealthy patron associated with the Taos Art Colony; author

 Lyautey, Marshal Louis H. G. (ANS) $95 Special Offer: $80
Led 1896 French invasion of Madagascar, governed Morocco 1907-25

 Lyons, Richard P. M., 1st Viscount (ANS) $40 Special Offer: $35
Eminent British envoy to the US during the Civil War

 Mac Cready Jr. , Paul B. (First Day Cover) $35 Special Offer: $30
Aeronautical engineer, pioneer in human-powered, solar, and alternate energy-powered flight

 MacGraw, Ali (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $25
1960s-70s star of “Goodbye Columbus”, “Love Story”, “The Getaway”, etc.

 Maclaurin, Richard C. ("Maclaurin of Tech") (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
1916 TLS from the dynamic president of MIT to President Howe of Case School of Applied Science

 Macnider, Hanford "Jack" (Photograph) $90 Special Offer: $75
A founder of the American Legion and National Commander 1921-22, diplomat, led 158th Regimental Combat Team in the Philippines in WW II

 Macready, John A. (Signed Cover) $50 Special Offer: $40
Notable early aviator, co-pilot of 1923 1st nonstop transcontinental flight

 Maddox, Lester (Photograph) $60 Special Offer: $50
Segregationist Georgia governor, 1976 American Independent Party presidential candidate

 Magee, James C. (Signed Card) $35 Special Offer: $25
Army Surgeon General 1939-43, led wartime US Army Medical Corps

 Magnin, Edgar F. (Signed Inaugural Cover) $20 Special Offer: $15
“Rabbi to the Stars”, best known rabbi in the world’s 3rd largest Jewish community for 69 years

 Magsaysay, Ramon (Letter) $135 Special Offer: $110
“The Idol of the Masses”, WW II guerilla leader, 7th Philippine president, defeated Huk rebellion, killed in 1957 plane crash

 Mahan, Alfred Thayer (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $75 Special Offer: $65
Influential 19th century US naval strategist, developed concept of “sea power”

 Mailer, Norman (Letter) $175 Special Offer: $125
1971 letter thanking children for drawings

 Makarova, Natalia (Signed Card) $25 Special Offer: $20
Russian prima ballerina, Kirov Ballet star 1956-70, danced with ABT & London Ballet after defecting, famously partnered with Baryshnikov

 Malraux, Andre (First Day Cover) $65 Special Offer: $40
1964 US JFK Memorial stamp First Day Cover signed by the eminent French author & statesman

 Mann, James R. (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $25
Progressive Republican, best known as author of anti-prostitution “Mann Act” of 1910

 Manning, William T. (Signed Card) $20 Special Offer: $15
Rector of New York’s Trinity Church 1908-21, Episcopal Bishop of New York 1921-46

 Mansfield, Mike (Signed Program) $20 Special Offer: $15
1999 in-person signature of the highly respected former Senate Majority Leader and Ambassador to Japan

 Marcus, Stanley (Letter) $20 Special Offer: $15
1978 TLS from the 1950-76 head of Dallas-based luxury specialty retailer, Neiman Marcus

 Marcy, William L. (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $65
ALS of the influential early-mid 19th century statesman, likely while Pierce's Secretary of State

 Markham, Edwin (Signed Card) $25 Special Offer: $15
Card signed by the popular poet, wrote “The Man With the Hoe” & “Lincoln, the Man of the People”, latter read by him at 1922 opening of the Lincoln Memorial

 Marriner, Sir Neville (Photograph) $75 Special Offer: $40
Mid-1970s portrait signed by the founder-conductor of the renowned Academy of St. Martin in the Fields orchestra

 Marsh, Dame Ngaio (First Day Cover) $35 Special Offer: $30
New Zealand-born author, One of 4 original “Queens of Crime”

 Marshall, George C. (Letter) $295 Special Offer: $275
General of the Army Marshall declines Amb. Grew’s invitation to Washington National Monument Society luncheon

 Marshall, Ray (Signature) $25 Special Offer: $15
1978 in-person signature while Secretary of Labor

 Marshall, Thomas R. (Photograph) $225 Special Offer: $195
Signed Clinedinst photo likely while Wilson’s VP

 Martin Jr., Joseph W. (Signed Card) $25 Special Offer: $20
House GOP Leader 1939-59, a chief congressional oppnent of FDR, Speaker 1947-49 & 1953-55

 Martin, Archer J. P. (Signed Envelope) $40 Special Offer: $35
British chemist, co-recipient of 1952 Nobel Prize for invention of partition chromotography

 Martin, Helena Savill Faucit ("Lady Martin") (AQS) $45 Special Offer: $30
19th century English actress, performed with Macready & Irving, quotes Lord Byron

 Masaryk, Jan (Signed Card) $115 Special Offer: $100
1939 card signed by the Czech diplomat and 1940-48 Foreign Minister, murdered by Communists

 Masaryk, Tomas G. (Letter) $750 Special Offer: $550
Early ALS in English of the Czechoslovak statesman, to London publisher Thomas Longman

 Mathias Jr., Charles McC. "Mac" (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
The Maryland liberal GOP US Senator congratulates colleague Senator Ed Muskie on 1970 reelction

 Matlin, Marlee (Signed ticket) $30 Special Offer: $20
In-person signature of the only deaf, and the and youngest, performer to win a Best Actress Oscar

 Mattern, Jimmie & Griffin, Bennett (Signatures) $70 Special Offer: $40
Signatures of pilots of failed 1932 "Century of Progress" round-the-world flight

 Matthews, Stanley & Thurman, Allen G. (Signed Album Page) $95 Special Offer: $75
Ohio’s 1877-79 Senators, a future Supreme Court Justice and a future VP candidate

 Maude, Frederick S. (Letter) $175 Special Offer: $135
1904 LS as secretary to Canada’s Governor General, later led allied forces in Mesopotamia, captured Baghdad 1917

 Maurois, André (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $110
Handsome signed photograph of the eminent French author

 Maury, Matthew F. (Letter) $395 Special Offer: $350
Very good content 1845 LS from the eminent 19th century scientist, to Harvard astronomer Wm. Cranch Bond, regarding a shipment of chronometers and inquiring about a barometer

 Maxey, Samuel Bell & Coke, Richard (Signed Album Page) $150 Special Offer: $125
Two colorful Texas CSA officers and politicians, served together as US Senators 1877-87

 Maxim, Hudson (Signature) $95 Special Offer: $75
Inventor of smokeless gunpowder

 Maynard, Horace (Signature) $25 Special Offer: $20
Tennessee Unionist congressman, Minister to Turkey, Postmaster General (Hayes)

 Mayo, Charles H. & William J. (Signed Cards) $135 Special Offer: $110
Cards signed by the physician founders of the world famous Mayo Clinic

 McBride, Clifford (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
Popular 1930’s-50s cartoonist noted for “Napoleon and Uncle Elby” strip

 McCain III, John S. (Signed booklet) $90 Special Offer: $40
In-person signed 2003 congressional internship description program and application

 McClelland, Robert (Signature) $35 Special Offer: $25
Clipped signature of the Michigan statesman, Interior Secretary 1853-57 (Pierce)

 McCook, Alexander McDowell (Signature) $60 Special Offer: $50
One of the famed "Fighting McCooks", led defense of Washington against Jubal Early at Fort Stevens July 1864

 McCormack, John W. (Letter) $45 Special Offer: $35
1941 TLS as House Majority Leader to an African-American journalist, likely backing investigation into revocation of head of German-American Bund‘s citizenship

 McCoy, Clyde (Signature) $50 Special Offer: $35
Popular jazz trumpet player, known for “Sugar Blues" theme song & "wah-wah" sound

 McCoy, Clyde (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50 Special Offer: $35
Popular jazz trumpet player, composed his famed theme song, “Sugar Blues”

 McCoy, Frank Ross (Signed Card) $30 Special Offer: $20
Soldier-diplomat, served from Spanish-American War thru WW II

 McCreery, Thomas C. & Beck, James B. (Signed album page) $20 Special Offer: $15
Kentucky’s 1877-79 Democratic US Senators

 McDonald, David L. (Letter) $40 Special Offer: $35
As Chief of Naval Operations 1963-77, credited with building Navy’s combat air force in Vietnam War

 McDonald, Maurice "Nick" (Photograph) $115 Special Offer: $100
Photo signed by the Dallas policeman who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald after JFK’s assassination

 McDonald, Maurice "Nick" (Letter) $150 Special Offer: $125
Good content 1967 TLS from the Dallas Police officer who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald after President Kennedy’s assassination

 McDowell, James (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $25
1848 ALS as Virginia US Rep to Treasury Secetary Walker

 McGrath, J. Howard (Photograph) $25 Special Offer: $20
Truman Attorney General 1949-52, resigned in corruption investigation

 McKechnie, Donna (Photograph) $25 Special Offer: $15
Musical theater dancer, singer, actress & choreographer, starred in Broadway classic “A Chorus line”

 McKim, James M. (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $110
The Philadelphia abolitionist thanks a Delaware Quaker abolitionist for a donation to “the Cause”

 McKinley, William (Letter) $1450 Special Offer: $1250
1880 ALS from Ohio Congressman McKinley to wife Ida at home in Canton

 McKinley, William (Check) $975 Special Offer: $875
1899 rare personal check signed while President

 McKinley, William (Letter) $1450 Special Offer: $1250
1880 ALS from Ohio Congressman McKinley to wife Ida at home in Canton, reports of coming morning visit to President Hayes

 McKinley, William (Letter) $1450 Special Offer: $1250
A most tender and affectionate 1880 ALS to wife Ida while Ohio Congressman

 McLane, Louis (Letter) $95 Special Offer: $85
1833 LS as Jackson’s Treasury Secretary

 McLane, Louis (Letter) $110 Special Offer: $95
1841 ALS while Baltimore & Ohio Railroad president to a Baltimore merchant & collector

 McLean, John (Letter) $450 Special Offer: $395
Justice McLean 1840 draft ALS to Harvard President Josiah Quincy accepting an honorary degree

 McLean, John (Letter) $395 Special Offer: $350
Associate Justice McLean, Cincinnati landlord, remits rents

 McLean, John (Letter) $425 Special Offer: $375
1840 ALS while Associate Justice, to the lawyer son of his Assistant when Postmaster General, later counsel for Lincoln assassination conspirators, the Surratts

 McNair, Ronald E. (Photograph) $350 Special Offer: $295
2nd African-American in space, killed in 1986 “Challenger” disaster

 McNarney, Joseph T. (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $125
US Army aviator, Deputy Army Chief of Staff, led US forces in Mediterranean Theater, and US occupation forces in Germany

 McNarney, Joseph T. (Signed Envelope) $85 Special Offer: $75
Army aviator, Deputy Chief of Staff under Geo. C. Marshall, led US forces in Mediterranean Theater & US occupation forces in Germany

 McNarney, Joseph T. (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $110
US Army aviator, Army Deputy Chief of Staff, led US Forces in Mediterranean Theater, and US Occupation Forces in Germany

 McNutt, Paul V. (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $25
Served Indiana, American Legion and Philippines, WW II Federal Security Administrator

 Mead, Margaret (Signed Album Page) $60 Special Offer: $50
Famed anthropologist, wrote landmark “Coming of Age in Samoa” in 1928

 Medill, Joseph (Signature) $90 Special Offer: $75
Signature of the great Chicago newspaperman, Republican stalwart, 23rd Mayor of Chicago

 Mehta, Zubin (Signed Album Page) $30 Special Offer: $20
Eminent Indian-born classical western music conductor

 Meir, Golda (Signed Card) $250 Special Offer: $225
1972 Signature while Prime Minister in English & Hebrew

 Mellon, Andrew O. (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $65
Engraved card signed as Treasury Secretary

 Memminger, Christopher A. (Letter) $395 Special Offer: $350
The former CSA Treasury Secretary talks South Carolina Reconstruction politics with a fellow Signer of the Ordinance of Secession

 Mencken, H. L. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $90 Special Offer: $75
Frameable card signed by “The Sage of Baltimore”

 Mencken, H. L. (Signed Envelope) $85 Special Offer: $75
1946 envelope signed by the “Sage of Baltimore”

 Menninger, Dr. Karl A. (Signature) $35 Special Offer: $30
Pioneer American psychiatrist & prominent author in the field

 Menocal, Mario Garcia (Signed Card) $35 Special Offer: $30
Signature of Cuba’s 1913-21 President

 Menuhin, Yehudi (Christmas Card) $90 Special Offer: $75
1955 Christmas card from one of the great violinists of the 20th Century!

 Menuhin, Yehudi (Letter) $90 Special Offer: $70
Optimistic as to the success of a French documentary about him, Menuhin consoles the producer

 Meredith, William M. (Signature) $40 Special Offer: $35
Signature as Zachary Taylor's Treasury Secretary (1849-50)

 Merriam, Frank F. (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $35
1938 TLS as California Governor to a prominent GOP supporter, laments re-election defeat

 Merriam, Henry C. (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $65
Led African-American troops in the Civil War and awarded Medal of Honor, fought Indians in the Northwest, led all US Army forces in the Pacific in Spanish-American War

 Merrill, Frank D. (Signed Card) $225 Special Offer: $175
Led "Merrill's Marauders" behind Japanese lines in Burma 1943-44

 Merritt, Wesley (Signed Card) $150 Special Offer: $125
Major General in Civil War & Spanish-American War, fought at Gettysburg, captured Manila

 Metalious, Grace (Letter) $165 Special Offer: $125
Wrote mid-1950’s controversial best-seller “Peyton Place”, died at age 39

 Meyer, George von L. (Letter) $60 Special Offer: $50
1907 TLS as TR’s Postmaster General

 Miall, Edward (Letter) $95 Special Offer: $75
Interesting 1843 ALS to fellow reformer Thomas Beggs, good political content on on backing a candidate for Parliament

 Mifflin, George H. (Photograph) $60 Special Offer: $40
Boston publisher, president of Houghton Mifflin Company 1908-21

 Miles, Josephine (Signed typescript) $25 Special Offer: $20
Signed typescript of “Lucifer Alone” by the eminent Berkeley poet & critic

 Miles, Nelson A. (Signed card) $125 Special Offer: $110
Civil War Medal of Honor recipient, Jefferson Davis' jailer, defeated Geronimo & Chief Joseph, led US Army in Spanish-American War, commanded in Cuba and led invasion and post-War administration of Puerto Rico

 Miller Watson, Florene (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $35
One of the original 25 WW II Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron, later Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASP)

 Miller, Joaquin (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50 Special Offer: $40
1878 card signed by “The Poet of the Sierras” & “The Byron of the Rockies”

 Miller, Nathan L. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $20 Special Offer: $15
New York lawyer for Carnegie and US Steel, 43rd Governor of New York 1921-22

 Miller, William E. (Photograph) $90 Special Offer: $65
Signed color photograph of Goldwater’s 1964 GOP VP running mate

 Mills Brothers (Photograph) $165 Special Offer: $135
1936-57 photo signed by the fabulous Mills Brothers

 Mills, Juliet (Photograph) $20 Special Offer: $15
Inscribed & signed photo from her 1970-71 TV series “Nanny and the Professor”

 Milnes, Sherrill (Photograph) $15
Signed postcard photo as Rodrigo in Verdi’s “Don Carlo”
 Milnes, Sherrill (Photograph) $20 Special Offer: $15
Early signed photo of the baritone famed for his Verdi repertoire

 Milstein, César (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
Argentine Jewish biochemist and antibody researcher, co-recipient of 1984 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine

 Mintoff, Dom (Signature) $20 Special Offer: $15
Signature of the architect of Malta’s independence on 1960 ALS of his wife

 Miro, Joan (Photograph) $1250 Special Offer: $1100
Photo of, and signed by, the great Catalan artist, taken by “the American Oskar Schindler”, Varian Fry

 Mitchell, Donald G. (Signature) $40 Special Offer: $25
Popular 19th century American writer under pseudonym “Ik Marvel”

 Mitchell, Donald G. (Photograph) $95 Special Offer: $50
Popular 19th century American writer under pseudonym “Ik Marvel”

 Mitchell, John H. & Grover, La Fayette (Signed Album Page) $30 Special Offer: $25
Oregon’s 1879-83 US Senators

 Mitchell, Leona (Photograph) $25 Special Offer: $20
Renowned African-American lyric-spinto soprano

 Mitchell, Silas Weir (ANS) $95 Special Offer: $50
Prominent Philadelphia neurologist & notable historical novelist

 Mix, Tom (Autograph album page) $195 Special Offer: $150
Autograph album page pencil inscribed & signed by "the King of the Cowboys"

 Mollien, Francois Nicolas, Comte (Letter) $125 Special Offer: $110
1802 LS from Napoleon’s future 2nd Minister of Finance, thanks Paris Athéneé Des Artes for an honor

 Mondale, Walter F. (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $65
TLS as Senator and Jimmy Carter's 1976 Democratic VP nominee

 Mondale, Walter F. (Signed Ticket) $75 Special Offer: $65
Signed 1977 Inaugural Parade Special Grandstand Seating ticket

 Mondale, Walter F. "Fritz" (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
Signed Inauguration Day photo as Vice President to DC police officer

 Mondale, Walter; McCarthy, Eugene; LeVander, Harold (First Day Cover) $50 Special Offer: $40
1970 Minnesota-related First Day Cover signed by Governor LeVander and Senators McCarthy & Mondale

 Monroe, James (Free Frank Signature) $595 Special Offer: $525
Free franked address leaf as Madison's Secretary of State

 Montoya, Joseph M. (Letter) $20 Special Offer: $15
Senator Montoya thanks colleague Ed Muskie for his telegram of congratulations on Montoya’s reelection to the Senate

 Moorer, Thomas H. (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
WW II naval aviator, only one to serve as CINCLANT & CINCPAC, CNO & Joint Chiefs Chairman in Vietnam War

 Moran, 1st Baron (Charles McMoran Wilson) (First Day Cover) $35 Special Offer: $30
Signed 1965 US Winston Churchill stamp First Day Cover

 Morgan Jr., J. P. ("Jack") (ON HOLD) (Signature) $125
Signature from a document signed as executor of his father's estate
 Morgan, Edwin D. (Signature) $40 Special Offer: $35
New York’s Civil War Governor, Senator, and Major General

 Morgan, John T. & Spencer, George E. (Signed Album Page) $85 Special Offer: $75
Alabama’s post-Reconstruction US Senators, one a Confederate, one a Unionist

 Morgan, John Tyler (Signed Card) $65 Special Offer: $55
Alabama CSA cavalry general, KKK Grand Dragon, US Senator 1877-1907

 Morley, Christopher (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50 Special Offer: $40
A founder of “The Baker Street Irregulars” (for Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts), author and editor

 Morrill, Justin S. (Signature) $25 Special Offer: $20
Vermont US Rep & Senator, Drafted Land Grant College Act and controversial tariff and anti-polygamy legislation in 43-year congressional career

 Morrill, Lot M. (Signature) $25 Special Offer: $20
Maine Governor & Senator, Treasury Secretary (Grant)

 Morris, Benjamin Wister (Letter) $110 Special Offer: $90
Prominent NYC architect, designed interiors for ocean liner “Queen Mary”, NYC skyscrapers

 Morrow, Dwight W. (Photograph) $90 Special Offer: $75
Businessman, lawyer, diplomat, US Senator, father-in-law of Charles Lindbergh

 Morse, Jedediah (Signature) $35 Special Offer: $30
“The Father of American Geography”, minister, teacher, father of inventor-artist Samuel F. B. Morse

 Morton, J. Sterling (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
TLS while Secretary of Agriculture on “Plant Trees” letterhead

 Morton, J. Sterling (Signed card) $30 Special Offer: $25
“Plant Trees” card signed by the founder of Arbor Day while Secretary of Agriculture

 Morton, John (ON HOLD) (Document) $825
1772 Pennsylvania half-crown note signed by Morton, 1st Signer to die!
 Morton, Levi (Signed card) $40 Special Offer: $35
NY US Rep & Governor, popular US Minister to France, VP (B. Harrison) 1889-93

 Morton, Levi P. (Signed Album Page) $50 Special Offer: $40
1886 album page, signed between service as Minister to France and election as VP

 Morton, Rogers C. B. (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $25
Signed & inscribed color photo likely while Ford Interior Secretary

 Moultrie, William (Document) $750 Special Offer: $650
1787 ADS, pay receipt while South Carolina’s governor

 Muller, David Heinrich (Photograph) $70 Special Offer: $50
1903 signed photo of the eminent Austrian-Jewish orientalist & semitist

 Mulliken, Robert S. (Signed Card) $50 Special Offer: $40
Card signed by the American chemist & physicist, awarded 1966 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for development of molecular orbital theory

 Munzel, Oskar (Letter) $85 Special Offer: $75
Interesting post-War ALS of the decorated Eastern Front Panzer commander

 Murphy, Frank (Signed Card) $110 Special Offer: $90
Went from Detroit to Manila to Lansing to the Justice Department to the Supreme Court 1933-1940!

 Murphy, Frank (Letter) $195 Special Offer: $175
1948 TLS as Associate Justice – served in Detroit, Manila, Lansing, Justice Department, then to the Supreme Court from 1933-1940!

 Murphy, Frank (Signed Court card) $110 Special Offer: $95
Uncommon signed Court notecard

 Murray, Philip (Signature) $35 Special Offer: $25
1st President of the United Steelworkers, 2nd CIO President 1940-52

 Muskie, Ed (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
1968 Democratic VP candidate & 1972 Democratic presidential hopeful

 Muskie, Edmund S. (Letter) $40 Special Offer: $35
1971 TLS to former Treasury Secretary Fowler, gathering support for his 1972 doomed run for the Democratic presidential nomination

 Nader, Ralph (First Day Cover) $65 Special Offer: $50
Influential consumer advocate, 3-time US presidential candidate

 Nader, Ralph (Autograph Quotation Signed) $95 Special Offer: $75
In-person AQS by the prominent consumer advocate, 3-time presidential candidate

 Nagel, Charles (letter) $40 Special Offer: $35
1926 ALS by Taft's Secretary of Commerce and Labor, last to hold that position

 Napier, Field Marshal Robert C., 1st Baron Napier of Magdala (Letter) $225 Special Offer: $195
British Soldier in India, Afghanistan, China & Ethiopia, Commanded Army In India, Governor of Gibraltar

 Nebel, Rudolf (Signed Photograph & Quotation) $75 Special Offer: $65
Early German rocketry & space flight advocate

 Negley, James S. (Signature) $50 Special Offer: $40
Major General (Vols) in Civil War, fought in Georgia & Tennessee, Penna. US Rep 1869-75 & 1885-87

 Neiman, Leroy (Signed Card) $50 Special Offer: $40
American artist best known for brightly colored expressionistic paintings of musicians & sporting events

 Nelson, Samuel (Letter) $335 Special Offer: $295
Justice Nelson declines a Congressional banquet invitation to celebrate Washington’s birthday

 New, John C. (Signature) $50 Special Offer: $40
Treasurer of the United States 1875-76

 Niebuhr, Reinhold (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $65
1947 TLS by the Protestant “Christian Realist” theologian

 Nixon, Pat (Signed Program) $150 Special Offer: $135
Signed program for 1971 launch of US nuclear-powered guided-missle frigate “California”

 Nixon, Pat (Signed Cover) $150 Special Offer: $135
Signed commemorative envelope for 1971 launch of US nuclear-powered guided- missle frigate “California”

 Nixon, Pat (Letter) $195 Special Offer: $175
April 1974 TLS as First Lady to a well-wisher

 Nixon, Richard M. (Letter) $395 Special Offer: $350
VP (and soon-to-be 1960 GOP nominee) Nixon sends thanks for miniature Viennese elephant orchestra gift (!)

 Nixon, Richard M. (Photograph) $395 Special Offer: $350
1953 ISP while VP with nice inscription

 Nixon, Richard M. (Signed Card) $195 Special Offer: $175
Frameable card signed by the 37th US President

 Nixon, Richard M. (Letter) $1495
Rare ALS 2 years before elected President, nice letter of condolence to a friend on her husband's death, both IGFA Hall of Fame fishermen
 Nixon, Richard M. (Signed Cover) $250
Signed 1972 philatelic cover honoring President Nixon's historic trip to the USSR
 Nobel Prize-Chemistry: Urey, Harold C.; Karrer. Paul; Robinson, Sir Robert; Martin, Archer J. P.; Sanger, Frederick; Norrish, Ronald G. W.; Barton, Derek H. R.; Leloir, Luis; Herzberg, Gerhard; Anfinsen, Christian B.; Frisch, Ernst Otto (FDC) $250 Special Offer: $195
1963 US National Academy of Science Centennial stamp FDC signed by 11 Nobel Prize laureates for chemistry

 Norman, Jessye (ANS) $35 Special Offer: $25
Christmas wishes from the popular African-American dramatic soprano

 Norris, George W. (Signed Card) $50 Special Offer: $40
Liberal, progressive Republican Nebraska Congressman & Senator, father of TVA & 20th Amendment

 Norstad, Lauris (Photograph) $45 Special Offer: $30
Led US & NATO European forces during Berlin and Cuban Missile crises

 North, Frederick, Lord (Signature) $165 Special Offer: $135
1776 signature of Lord North, America’s last Prime Minister

 Nott, Eliphalet (AQS) $175 Special Offer: $150
Latin AQS from the Presbyterian minister, president of Union College 1804-66, president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1829-45

 Novak, Eva (Photograph) $40 Special Offer: $25
1917 photo signed by the popular silent screen actress, Tom Mix co-star in 10 films

 Novotna, Jamila (Signed Portrait) $25 Special Offer: $20
Program Portrait “The Bartered Bride” as Marenka/ Marie

 Nureyev, Rudolf (Signature) $85 Special Offer: $75
Signature of the great Russian dancer & choreographer

 Nutt, Commodore & Stratton, Mrs. Charles (Mrs. Tom Thumb) (Signed card) $185 Special Offer: $150
Two of P. T. Barnum's famed "little person" attractions, Nutt rivaled Tom Thumb for her love and lost

 Nye, Gerald P. (Signed Card) $35 Special Offer: $25
No. Dakota Republican US Senator, uncovered Teapot Dome scandal, a founder of pre-WW II isolationist “America First Committee”

 Obregon Salido, Alvaro (Photograph) $250 Special Offer: $195
Signed photograph of the Mexican soldier-statesman, assassinated 1928

 Ochoa, Severo (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
1959 Nobel co-laureate for Physiology or Medicine on scouting

 Ochoa, Severo & Carmen (Signatures) $30 Special Offer: $25
1967 US JFK aerogramme signed by 1959 Nobel laureate for synthesis of RNA & wife

 Ochs, Adolph S. (Signature) $65
Progressive “New York Times” owner-publisher 1896-1935, crusaded against anti-semitism in American press
 OConnor, Sandra Day (Signed booklet) $125 Special Offer: $110
Pocket copy of the Constitution signed by the 1st woman Associate Justice

 OConnor, Sandra Day (First Day Cover) $75 Special Offer: $65
Court-related First Day Cover signed by the 1st woman named to the Court

 OConor, Charles (Signed Card) $50 Special Offer: $40
Southern sympathizer, counsel for Jefferson Davis’ treason trial, helped bring down Boss Tweed & the Tweed Ring 1871-75, 1872 “Straight-Out Democrats” presidential nominee

 Odets, Clifford (Signed Album Page) $70 Special Offer: $50
Album page inscribed & signed by the playwright and screenwriter

 Odetta (Document) $50 Special Offer: $40
1960 contract rider for her appearance at New York City’s famed Village Gate club - sang at 1963 March on Washington

 Oe, Kenzaburo (Signature) $35 Special Offer: $30
Japanese novelist, awarded 1994 Nobel Prize in Literature

 Oikawa, Koshiro (Letter) $495 Special Offer: $395
Friendly 1940 TLS from the future Japanese Naval Minister and Chief of the IJN General Staff, to the future US Asiatic Fleet commander

 Olmert, Ehud (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $85 Special Offer: $60
In-person autograph sentiment signed by Israel’s disgraced former PM while Mayor of Jerusalem

 ONeill, Rose C. (Signature) $165 Special Offer: $135
1st American woman cartoonist, “Queen of Bohemian Society”, inspired song “Rose of Washington Square”

 Onizuka, Ellison S. (Cover) $250 Special Offer: $225
Space Shuttle astronaut killed in 1986 "Challenger" disaster!

 Opdyke, George (Letter) $75 Special Offer: $60
1862 LS from New York City’s Civil War Mayor

 Ormandy, Eugene (Signed Album Page) $35 Special Offer: $25
Autograph album page signed in 1957 by the great Philadelphia Orchestra conductor

 Orr, James L. (Document) $90 Special Offer: $75
Speaker Orr summons witness to1859 House inquiry into charges against Navy Dept. & Navy Yard officers

 Orr, James L. (Document) $90 Special Offer: $75
The Speaker of the House summons a former New Hampshire lighthouse keeper before 1859 Select House Committee inquiry into Navy Dept. & Navy Yard officers

 Osborne, Thomas Mott (Signature) $20 Special Offer: $15
Prison reformer & author, learned conditions first-hand as voluntary prisoner

 Otis, Elwell S. (Signed Card) $75 Special Offer: $65
Led 8th Army in Manila Campaign, Philippines Military Governor 1899-1900

 Owen, Ruth Bryan (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $30
1937 ALS from the south’s 1st Congresswoman, 1st woman US ambassador, author

 Owen, Ruth Bryan (Letter) $45 Special Offer: $30
1935 TLS while Ambassador to Denmark (1st woman US ambassador), invitation to composer Charles Wakefield Cadman

 Oxnam, Rev. G. Bromley (Photograph) $30 Special Offer: $25
Signed photo of the eminent liberal Protestant churchman, a founder of American University

 Ozawa, Seij (Signed Album Page) $25 Special Offer: $20
Autogrpah album page signed by the great Japanese-born conductor, led BSO for 29 years

 Paderewski, Ignace Jan (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $195 Special Offer: $150
Autograph sentiment signed by the great Polish pianist, composer and statesman

 Paley, William S. (Letter) $70 Special Offer: $50
1939 TLS from the fFounder of CBS radio & television networks

 Paley, William S. (Signed Card) $45 Special Offer: $35
Card signed by the pioneer broadcaster, founder of the CBS radio & television networks

 Palmer, A. Mitchell (Signed Card) $40 Special Offer: $30
Card signed by Wilson’s Attorney General, enforced Prohibition, directed “Palmer Raids” against “Reds” and anarchists

 Palmer, Arnold (Framed signature) $110 Special Offer: $95
In-person signature matted & framed with photo of him hitting out of the rough

 Parker, Eleanor (Photograph) $30 Special Offer: $25
1940s-60s leading lady, best remembered as Baroness Schraeder in “The Sound of Music”

 Parker, John M. (Note) $35 Special Offer: $30
Progressive Party 1916 vice presidential candidate, Louisiana governor

 Parratt, Sir Walter (Signed Card) $30 Special Offer: $20
English organist and teacher, Master of the Queen's (King's) Music to Victoria, Edward VII, and George V

 Patch, Alexander M. (Signature) $195 Special Offer: $175
led Americal Division at Guadalcanal and 7th Army in So. France & Germany; died Nov. 1945

 Patman, Wright (Letter) $25 Special Offer: $20
Powerful chair of the House Banking and Currency Committee thanks Senator Muskie for congratulatory telegram on his reelection

 Patterson, Russell (Signed Portrait) $75 Special Offer: $60
Cartoonist, illustrator-promoter of the Jazz Age “flapper”, Broadway & Hollywood costume and scenic designer

 Patti, Carlotta (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $85 Special Offer: $70
1863 autograph aentiment signed by the popular concert soprano, elder sister of Adelina Patti

 Paulding, James K. (Letter) $60 Special Offer: $50
1838 ALS of the prominent writer while Van Buren’s Navy Secretary

 Pavarotti, Luciano (Photograph) $135 Special Offer: $115
Signed color photo in costume fFrom “Pagliacci”

 Payne, John Barton (Photograph) $30 Special Offer: $20
Signed photo when Wilson”s Interior Secretary (1920-21)

 Pearson, Drew (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $20
1953 TLS on his 192-station taped radio network letterhead, to a Pennsylvania physician fan

 Peary, Adm. Robert E. (Letter) $525 Special Offer: $425
Nov. 1904 LS to the Peary Arctic Club Secretary-Treasurer, offers to contribute supplies for a dinner, including "pickled narwhal skin"

 Peary, Adm. Robert E. (Letter) $325 Special Offer: $285
1917 TLS appreciating remembrance of anniversary of his “discovery of the North Pole”

 Peel, Sir Robert (ANS + Portrait) $125 Special Offer: $95
ANS of the eminent British statesman with portrait for framing

 Peerce, Jan (Photograph) $30 Special Offer: $20
Popular Jewish-American opera, concert & recording star

 Peres, Shimon (Photograph) $75 Special Offer: $65
President of Israel 2007-14, twice PM, co-recipient of 1994 Nobel Peace Prize

 Perrine, Charles Dillon (Typed Sentiment Signed) $50 Special Offer: $40
American-Argentine astronomer, discovered two of Jupiter’s moons, etc.

 Perutz, Max F. (Letter) $60 Special Offer: $50
British 1962 Nobel Prize for Chemistry co-laureate for studies of globular protein structures

 Pettus, Edmund W. (Document) $165 Special Offer: $135
Alabama Confederate general & US Senator, “Bloody Sunday” Selma bridge named for him

 Phillips, Wendell (Autograph Quotation Signed) $250 Special Offer: $195
1864 AQS quoting John Brown

 Phillips, Wendell (Autograph Quotation Signed) $195 Special Offer: $175
1871 “Liberty & Justice” AQS on card

 Phillips, Wendell (Letter) $185 Special Offer: $165
Undated ALS displaying uncommon humor!

 Pickering, John (Document (Partial)) $115 Special Offer: $90
New Hampshire State & Federal jurist, 1st Federal official impeached and removed from office

 Pickering, Timothy (Document) $495 Special Offer: $425
Quarter Master General Pickering's 1783 receipt for funds for forage signed also by William Hull, vilified in War of 1812

 Pickering, Timothy (Letter) $625 Special Offer: $525
1795 ALS as Secretary of War to Superintendent of Military Stores Hodgdon on improper Mud Island Fort return

 Pidgeon, Walter (Photograph) $90 Special Offer: $75
Handsome signed vintage matte finish MGM portrait

 Pierce, Jane A. (Letter) $1350 Special Offer: $1150
1851 ALS of the future First Lady to her sister, regarding health of their brother and his family and her son Bennie, mentions "Mr. Pierce"

 Pike, James A. (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
Controversial liberal Episcopal bishop, died in Judean desert

 Pike, James A. (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
Signed photo of the controversial liberal 5th Episcopal Bishop of California1958-66, died in Judean Desert

 Pinero, Sir Arthur Wing (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50 Special Offer: $35
1902 autograph sentiment signed by the English dramatist

 Pinkerton, William A. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $90 Special Offer: $75
Led Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency 1884-1923

 Pinza, Ezio (Signed Program) $60 Special Offer: $45
Italian basso, opera and Broadway star, notable for “South Pacific”

 Platt, Thomas C. (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $30
1904 TLS by the New York GOP "boss", helped secure nomination of GovernorTheodore Roosevelt for VP in 1900 to get him out of New York State!

 Pogue, William R. "Bill" (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
Pilot of 1973-74 Skylab 4, 3rd and last mission to 1st US space station, longest manned space flight

 Poinsett, Joel R. (Signature) $50 Special Offer: $40
Statesman-diplomat, Christmas poinsettia plant named for hHim

 Poland, John S. (Signed Album Page) $75 Special Offer: $65
Signature as 6th Infantry Regt. Captain and brevet Lieut. Colonel, commanded Standing Rock Army post in Dakota Territory 1874-76, before battles of the Rosebud and Little Big Horn

 Polk, Sarah C. (Letter) $595 Special Offer: $525
1878 ALS written from "Polk Place" by the 1845-49 First Lady

 Pomeroy, Marcus M. "Brick" (Autograph Quotation Signed) $90 Special Offer: $75
Wisconsin “Copperhead” Democrat newspaperman, viciously attacked Lincoln in print and called for his death!

 Pound, Roscoe (Letter) $30 Special Offer: $20
Renowned legal scholar, Harvard Law School dean 1916-36

 Powell Jr., Lewis F. (Signed Inaugural Cover) $95 Special Offer: $85
Signed 1973 Nixon Inaugural cover

 Powell Jr., Lewis F. (Signed SCOTUS Card) $110 Special Offer: $95
1973 signed engraved Court notecard

 Powell, Colin L. (Photograph) $45 Special Offer: $40
1st African American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff & Secretary of State, oversaw 1991 “Desert Storm” & 2003 overthrow of Saddam Hussein

 Powell, Colin L. (Photograph) $60 Special Offer: $45
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State, oversaw 1991 “Desert Storm” & 2003 overthrow of Saddam Hussein

 Power, Thomas S. (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $40
1964 ALS of Curtis LeMay's successor as head of Strategic Air Command 1957-64, led SAC during the Cuban Missle Crisis

 Powers, Hiram (Signed Album Page) $50 Special Offer: $40
First great American sculptor, many of his works in the US Capitol's Statuary Hall

 Preston, William Ballard (Signature) $75 Special Offer: $60
Secretary of the Navy (Taylor), authored 1861 Virginia secession resolution

 Priest, Ivy Baker (Signed currency) $50 Special Offer: $40
Signed Series 1935E $1 silver certificate bearing her facsimile signature

 Prince, Hal (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $25 Special Offer: $20
Masterful Broadway musical producer and director, recipient of record 21 Tony Awards!

 Prince, Harold ("Hal") (Photograph) $35 Special Offer: $20
Multi-Tony Award-winning Broadway musical producer & director

 Proctor, Redfield (Signed Card) $20 Special Offer: $15
Card signed by Benjamin Harrison’s Secretary of War

 Proxmire, William (Letter) $35 Special Offer: $20
1970 TLS to Senator Muskie, praises his election eve speech, acknowledges re-election congratulations

 Pulitzer, Joseph (Check) $1500 Special Offer: $1150
1889 check from the the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and New York World publisher, left money to create Columbia University School of Journalism and Pulitzer Prizes

 Purcell, Edward M. (Signature) $65 Special Offer: $50
Co-recipient of 1952 physics Nobel Prize for research leading to development of the MRI

 Putnam, George (Photograph) $175 Special Offer: $125
Carte-de-visite photo signed by a founder of the Transcendentalist Movement

 Putnam, George H. (Letter) $50 Special Offer: $35
Notable publisher, President of G. P. Putnam’s Sons for 52 years

 Quay, Matthew S. (Document) $70 Special Offer: $60
Civil War Medal of Honor recipient, powerful Penna. GOP boss, US Senator 1887-99 & 1901-04

 Quesada, Elwood R. "Pete" (Photograph) $90 Special Offer: $50
Photo in uniform as Army Air Corps Major General, pioneer aviator led 9th Air Force at Normandy, 1st FAA administrator, Washington Senators owner 1961-63

 Quesada, Elwood R. "Pete" (Photograph) $50 Special Offer: $40
Army Air Corps-USAF aviator, led 9th Air Force at Normandy, 1st FAA administrator, Washington Senators owner 1961-63

 Ramsay, Sir William (AQS) $225
Brief AQS from British 1904 Nobel Prize-winning chemist
 Ramsey, Alexander (Signature) $40
Minnesota Governor & US Senator, Secretary of War (Hayes)
 Randall, James R. (Autograph Quotation Signed) $595
AQS, 2nd stanza of "Maryland, My Maryland!" by the "Poet Laureate of the Lost Cause"
 Randall, Samuel J. (Signature) $30
Signature of the powerful Speaker of the House on the next-to-last day of the 44th Congress
 Randolph, Theodore F. & McPherson, John R. (Signed album page) $20
New Jersey’s post-Reconstruction Democratic US Senators
 Rankin, John E. (Letter) $30
1951 TLS of the arch-conservative, racist, anti-Semitic Mississippi Congressman as Veterans’ Affairs Committee chairman
 Rankin, John E. (Signed Card) $25
1944 card signed by the racist & anti-Semitic arch-conservative, Mississippi Congressman
 Rayburn, Sam (Letter) $110
1950 TLS as House Speaker, "Mr. Sam" thanks a former House member for a telegram of sympathy on Rayburn's brother's death
 Raye, Martha (Photograph) $55
Sepia 1936 Paramount publicity photo signed by “The Big Mouth”
 Raymond, Henry J. (Autograph Sentiment Signed ) $40
1861 autograph sentiment signed by the 1851 co-founder of The New York Times, a founder of the Republican Party, biographer of Lincoln
 Reagan, Nancy (Photograph) $110
Signed & inscribed lovely color photograph
 Reagan, Ronald (Photograph) $350
Authentically signed handsome b&w early portrait from his Hollywood days
 Redfield, William C. (Letter) $30
Banker & 1st Secretary of Commerce thanks another banker for a family kindness
 Reed, Stanley (Signed Card) $35
Card signed most likely while Associate Justice
 Reed, Stanley F. (First Day Cover) $40
1964 JFK Memorial Stamp FDC signed while retired from the Court
 Reed, Thomas B. (Photograph) $125
Signed 1897 cabinet photo of “Czar Reed”, powerful Speaker of the House of Represenatives
 Reed, Thomas B. (Signature) $30
1892 signature of “Czar Reed”, powerful Speaker of the House of Represenatives 1889-91 & 1895-99 while also Rules Committee Chairman
 Reed, Thomas B. (Signed card) $40
1899 card signed by the powerful 1889-91 & 1895-99 Speaker of the House
 Regan, Donald T. (Photograph) $30
Reagan Treasury Secretary & White House Chief of Staff
 Rehnquist, William H. (First Day Cover) $110
Signed 1978 Holmes stamp First Day Cover
 Rehnquist, William H. (Signed SCOTUS Card) $150
Engraved Court notecard signed by the 2nd Chief Justice to preside over a presidential impeachment trial
 Reid, Whitelaw (Signed Album Page) $30
Signed 1893 album page with unsigned Sarony cabinet photo
 Reid, Whitelaw (Letter) $60
1879 ALS as New York Tribune editor
 Reik, Theodor (Letter) $125
The eminent Ph. D. psychoanalyst is not “a medical personality”!
 Reinhardt, Emil F. (Photograph) $225
Commanded 69th US Infantry, 1st to link with Russians in 1945 on the Elbe at Torgau, Germany
 Reinhardt, Emil F. (Photograph) $195
Led US 69th Infantry, 1st unit to link with the Russians in 1945 on the Elbe at Torgau, Germany
 Remington, Frederic (Framed Letter) $1495
Handsomely framed letter from Frederic Remington to Hearst political cartoonist Homer Davenport, shortly before Remington is off to Cuba
 Remington, Frederic (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $750
Nice Autograph Sentiment Signed, written 4 months before his death
 Reno, Marcus A. (Signature) $895 Special Offer: $750
Highest ranking officer under Custer at Little Bighorn debacle

 Revels, Hiram R. (Signature) $395 Special Offer: $350
First African-American US Senator/Member of Congress

 Rhodes, Cecil J. (Signature) $225
Signature of the noted British diamond mining magnate, African colonial admninistrator, financier, and philanthropist
 Richardson, Robert C. (Signed Cover) $45
Commanding General of US Army Forces in Pacific
 Richardson, William A. (Signed Engraving) $85
Treasury Department engraving signed as Secretary
 Richman, Harry (Photograph) $50
Popular entertainer, famed for recording & film “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, co-piloted 1936 1st transatlantic round trip flight
 Rickenbacker, Eddie (Letter) $195
1955 TLS as Eastern Air Lines Board Chairman, to a job seeker
 Ridgely of Hampton (Chas. Ridgely Carnan, Chas. Carnan Ridgely) (Letter) $150
1818 LS as 15th Governor of Maryland, forwarding a message from North Carolina's Governor to the state Assembly
 Rinehart, Mary Roberts (Autograph Sentiment Signed ) $30
“The American Agatha Christie”, popular mystery writer
 Ripley II, S. Dillon (Letter) $20
Smithsonian Secretary accepts an invitation to attend a pre-1981 Inaugural reception for VP-elect Bush
 Ritner, Joseph (Document) $40
1837 DS as 8th Governor of Pennsylvania to the Governor of New York, extradition warrant for 3 men charged with assault and battery with intent to kill
 Rivers, Larry (Signature) $50
Frameable signature of the New York School “pop” artist
 Rives, Amélie (Letter) $65
1889 ALS on card from the Virginia novelist, R. E Lee’s goddaughter, sending autograph to a woman
 Roberts, Ellis H. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $40
Card signed while 20th Treasurer of the United States
 Roberts, Oral (Photograph) $35
Signed photograph of the controvrsial Pentecostal televangelist
 Roberts, Owen J. (Autograph album page) $30
FDR Court appointee, Wrote 1940 opinion upholding 1st Amendment rights of Jehovah's Witnesses
 Roberts, Owen J. (Signed Card) $50
FDR appointee, wrote 1936 opinion striking down a major New Deal program
 Robertson, 2nd Lt. William D. (Photograph) $195 Special Offer: $150
"The Spirit of the Elbe", the formal US-Soviet "link-up" at Torgau

 Rockefeller Jr., John D. (Letter) $175
1922 TLS thanking a minister for preaching at the Seal Harbor Congregational Church
 Rockwell, Norman (Signed Print) $475
Signed large print of “Jockey Weighing In”
 Roe, Charles F. (Signed card) $95
Cavalry officer, his troop the 1st to arrive at the Little Bighorn after Custer's force was massacred, wrote later graphic description
 Rogers, Edith Nourse (Letter) $35
1936 TLS from the 6th woman elected to Congress, the powerful voice for veterans sponsored the GI Bill and helped create the Women's Army Corps (WAC)
 Rolph Jr., James (Letter) $30
San Francisco’s 30th & longest serving Mayor, 27th California Governor
 Romney, George (Photograph) $30
Business executive, Michigan Governor, Nixon Cabinet member
 Ronald Reagan 1981 Presidential Inauguration (Unsigned Presidential Inaugural Memorabilia) $20
Unsigned 1981 Engraved Reagan-Bush Commemorative Inaugural Invitation
 Roosevelt, Edith Kermit (Free Franked Envelope) $110
1933 free-franked, hand-addressed envelope
 Roosevelt, Eleanor (Signature) $125
Frameable signature of the popular First Lady and stateswoman
 Roosevelt, Eleanor (Letter) $195
Brief 1938 White House TLS
 Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Signed Card) $425
Signed engraved official New York Governor notecard
 Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Letter) $695
1933 TLS regarding appointment of Judge Joseph Poindexter to be Territorial Governor of Hawaii
 Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Photograph) $795
ISP likely while New York governor
 Roosevelt, Theodore (Letter) $895
1914 TLS politely declines a request from a noted ornithologist likely to write for his magazine, "The Warbler"
 Roper, Daniel C. (Letter) $60
An invitation from FDR’s Secretary of Commerce to an August watermelon party!
 Rosenberg, Anna M. (Photograph) $30
Asst. Secretary of Defense 1950-53, then highest post achieved by a woman in the US military establishment
 Rosendahl, Charles E. (Photograph) $135
US Navy airship advocate, commanded “Los Angeles” & “Akron”, Lakehurst CO 1934-38
 Ross, Edmund G. (Signature) $325 Special Offer: $275
Kansas Senator, his vote saved Andrew Johnson from impeachment - one of JFK’s “Profiles In Courage”

 Ross, Nellie Tayloe (Signed Card) $40
1st woman state governor (Wyoming), 1st woman to be Director of the US Mint
 Rostow, Walt W. (Photograph) $30
LBJ's Special Assistant for National Security Affairs, his main Vietnam War "hawk"
 Rothschild, Lionel (Letter) $495
Led London House of Rothschild 1836-79, 1st Jewish Member of Parliament (1858)
 Rousseau, Lovell H. (Signature) $110
War date signature of the Kentucky unionist US Rep as Major General, accepted transfer of Alaska from Russia in 1867
 Rowan, Carl T. (Photograph) $30
Acclaimed African-American journalist, diplomat and government official
 Rowe, James H. (Letter) $30
Humorous 1970 TLS to former LBJ Treasury Secretary Fowler from the former FDR aide, New Dealer, presidential advisor
 Roxas, Manuel A. (Typed Sentiment Signed) $150
1947 typed sentiment signed by the 1st President of the independent Philippine Republic
 Rozelle, Pete (Signed Envelope) $40
Ground-breaking NFL Commissioner 1960-89, entered Football Hall of Fame 1985
 Rubinstein, Anton (Signature) $95
19th Century Russian piano virtuoso and conductor, founder of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, 1st Russian music school
 Ruckstuhl, Frederick W. (Signed Card) $35
Beaux-Arts sculptor, won Grand Medal at 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, 3 of his works in US Capitol's National Statuary Hall
 Ruffo, Tita (Photograph) $110
Early 20th century Italian baritone, rivaled Caruso for fame - and fees!
 Ruge, Friedrich (Letter) $110
Senior Kriegsmarine officer in charge of minesweepers, naval advisor to Rommel before and after D-Day
 Rusk, Dean (Signed official card) $35
Signed official card as JFK-LBJ Secretary of State
 Russell, Bertrand (Signed Card) $125
British philosopher, mathematician, social critic, awarded 1950 Nobel Prize for Literature
 Russell, Harold (Check) $20
Only actor to win 2 Oscars for one role, activist in fight for employment rights for people with disabilities
 Russell, Howard Hyde (Autograph Statement Signed) $30
Founded temperance Anti-Saloon League & Lincoln-Lee Legion For children
 Ryan, T. Claude (Photograph) $195
Pioneer airplane manufacturer, company built Lindbergh’s “The Spirit of St. Louis”

 Saddler, Donald (Photograph) $75
Ballet, Broadway & film dancer, award-winning choreographer
 Sandburg, Carl (Signed Card) $95
Poet of America’s common people, Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer of Lincoln
 Sapir, Pinhas (FDC) $45
Father of the Israeli economy, managed from a black notebook
 Sargent, Aaron A. & Booth, Newton (Signed Album Page) $40
California’s 1870s US Senators
 Saunders, Alvin & Paddock, Algernon (Signed Album Page) $20
Ca. 1881 signatures of Nebraska’s US Senators, its last territorial Governor & Secretary
 Sawyer, Charles W. (Letter) $50
1951 TLS as Truman's Commerce Secretary saluting a retiring employee
 Scalia, Antonin M. (Signed Cover) $425
Rare 1985 Reagan 2nd Inaugural cover authentically signed by the iconic conservative jurist!
 Schaefer, Vincent J. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $40
General Electric chemist, developed artificial snow and cloud-seeding to produce rain
 Schenck, Robert C. (Signature) $50
Ohio US Rep 1843-51 & 1863-71, diplomat, Major General in Virginia & Maryland
 Schick, Béla (Photograph) $175
Hungarian-American Jewish pediatrician, discovered test to determine susceptibiltiy to dipthereia
 Schmidt, Harvey (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $135
Tony Award-winning composer of longest running musical ever, “The Fantasticks”

 Schulberg, B. P. (Signed Card) $125
Pioneer film producer, signed Clara Bow to her first contract
 Schumann-Heink, Ernestine (Signature) $50
1901 autograph of the great Wagnerian contralto at the Metropolitan Opera 1898-1931
 Schurman, Jacob G. (Signed card) $15
Autograph sentiment signed by Cornell's 3rd President, US diplomat
 Schurz, Carl (Signature) $55
German-born diplomat, Civil War general, Missouri US Senator, Secretary of the Interior (Hayes), journalist
 Schurz, Carl & Henderson, John B. (Signatures) $125
Missouri’s important, notable ca. 1869 US Senators
 Schwab, Charles M. (Document) $75
Colorful Pennsylvania steel baron, “broke the bank” at Monte Carlo, died bankrupt
 Schwab, Charles M. (Signed Card) $40
Pennsylvania steel baron, “broke the bank” at Monte Carlo, died bankrupt
 Schwarenka, Franz Xavier (Letter) $65
1895 ALS of the German pianist-composer mentions prominent Wagnerian dramatic basso
 Schweiker, Richard S. (Letter) $25
Freshman Pennsylvania GOP Senator Schweiker congratulates Democrat Ed Muskie on his 1970 re-election
 Schweitzer, Dr. Albert (Document) $375
Dr. Schweitzer vouches for payment of his Chief of Medical Services tax payments while she is on leave
 Seabrooke, Thomas Q. (Photograph) $30
Signed cabinet photo in costume from one of his most popular roles
 Seagrave, Gordon S. (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $35
"The Burma Surgeon", US medical missionary, served under General Stilwell in the Burma Campaign
 Sedgwick, Catharine M. (ANS) $185
Autographed note signed by of one of the early 19th century’s major female writers, noted for “domestic fiction”
 See Jr., Elliot M. (Photograph) $295
Member of 2nd US astronaut group, scheduled Gemini 9 command pilot, killed in 1966 accident
 Seelye, Julius H. (Letter) $75
1848 ALS as an Amherst student seeking (in vain) to convince a future Shakespearean scholar to not leave the College
 Seelye, Laurenus Clark (Photograph) $50
1904 photograph as (1st) President of Smith College
 Segal, George (First Day Cover) $30
“Pop Art” sculptor noted for casting life-size figures and hosting original “happenings”
 Sekou Toure, Ahmed (Photograph) $75
1st President of Guinea 1958-84, architect of independence from France
 Senghor, Leopold (Letter) $150
Senegal’s 1st President, 1st African member of the Academie Francaise, renowned poet and cultural theorist
 Sergeant, John (Letter) $150
Nice 1838 ALS on penmanship by Henry Clay’s 1832 running mate, written during his last term in Congress
 Serurier, Jean Mathieu-Philbert, 1st Comte Serurier (Letter) $395
Rather sarcastic 1797 LS to General Dumas (father of the novelist), who has complained that his troops lack meat, during the Siege of Mantua
 Service, Robert W. (Signed Magazine Picture) $135
Signed round rotogravure magazine portrait of “The Bard of the Yukon”
 Sevestyanov, Vitaly Ivanovich (Photograph) $125
1970 signed photo of USSR Soyuz 9 & 18 cosmonaut
 Sevez, Francois-Adolphe-Laurent (Photograph) $1250
Rare signed photo of De Gaulles’s chief of staff, signed German WW II Instrument of Surrender as an official witness
 Shafter, William R. (Signed Card) $110
Awarded Medal of Honor for action at Fair Oaks in Civil War, as Major General received surrender of Spanish forces at Santiago, Cuba
 Shamir, Yitzhak (Photograph) $85
7th Israeli Prime Minister, served 1983-84 & 1986-92
 Shaw, Irwin (Photograph & ANS) $40
Successful expatriate novelist, playwright, screenwriter, & short story writer
 Sherman, Frederick C. (Signed Envelope) $115
Commanded USS Lexington 1940-42, led Pacific aircraft carrier task forces in South and Central Pacific thru Iwo Jima & Okinawa
 Sherman, James Schoolcraft (ON HOLD) (Letter) $225
1911 TLS as Taft's Vice President, died in office 1912
 Sherman, John (Signature) $50
Ca. 1869 signature while Ohio US Senator
 Sherman, John (Letter) $75
1857 ALS of the eminent statesman while a 34-year-old Ohio Congressman
 Sherwood, Robert Emmet (Document) $185
1933 DS from Pulitzer Prize-Winning playwright, & Oscar-winning screenplay writer for British rights to his play "Reunion in Vienna"
 Shultz, George P. (Photograph) $35
Nixon Secretary of Labor & Treasury, 1st Office of Management & Budget Director; Reagan Secretary of State
 Sickles, Daniel E. (Dan") (Signed card) $135
1899 card signed by the scandalous and controversial politician-soldier as Major General, US Army
 Sigourney, Lydia H. (AQS) $150
The popular American poet misquotes English poet Edward Young
 Sigourney, Lydia H. (ALS & AQS) $375 Special Offer: $350
The popular Connecticut poet provides a quote from one of her most successful works, “Niagara”

 Sikorsky, Igor I. (Signed Album Page) $95
Aviation pioneer, developed Pan AM Airways 1st "flying boats" and the 1st viable helicopter
 Silverthorn, Merwin H. (Letter) $50
1948 TLS as Brigadier General, USMC, decorated in WW I & WW II
 Sims, Naomi (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $25
1st African-American supermodel, businesswoman, author
 Sinclair, Harry F. (Signed Card) $75
Founded Sinclair Oil Company 1916, convicted in “Teapot Dome” scandal
 Sinclair, Harry F. (Letter) $150
1935 TLS from the founder of Sinclair Oil Co., convicted in “Teapot Dome” scandal, congratulating the new Treasury Department General Counsel!
 Sloan, John (Signed Envelope) $150
Eminent American realist artist, member of “The Eight” and “Ashcan School”
 Slocum, Henry W. (Signature) $125
2nd youngest Union Major General (Vols), fought at 1st & 2nd Manassas, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Tennessee, Atlanta & Carolinas; NY US Rep 1869-73 & 1883-85
 Smathers, George A. (Letter) $25
1964 TLS of Florida Senator Smathers ordering a book on Mexico written by his colleague, Alaska Senator Ernest Gruening
 Smith, Al (Letter) $85
1934 TLS by the former New York governorand 1928 Democratic presidential candidate (1st Catholic nominee), to a Chicago liberal socialite
 Smith, Al (Signed Card) $35
New York governor, 1928 Democratic presidential candidate (1st Catholic nominee)
 Smith, Alfred E. "Al" (Photograph) $125
Signed photo of the New York governor, 1928 Democratic presidential candidate (1st Catholic nominee)
 Smith, Alfred E. "Al" (Letter) $125
1923 TLS as New York Governor to a State Assemblyman questioning the benefit to the State from his bill
 Smith, Charles Emory (Signed card) $20
Card signed as Postmaster General a month after McKinley's assassination
 Smith, Eli (Letter) $125
Early 19th century Protestant missionary in the Middle East, Created 1st Arabic type printing press, began 1st Arabic translation of the Bible
 Smith, Howard E. (Letter & Original Sketch) $85
Original ink sketch of a cowboy on a bucking bronco on 1920 TLS of the American Impressionist artist, student of Howard Pyle
 Smith, Marcus Aurelius ("Mark") (Letter) $40
Tombstone prosecutor, one of Arizona’s first two US Senators
 Smith, Margaret Chase (Letter) $35
1967 letter of advice to a constituent seeking a US Capitol job
 Smith, Margaret Chase (Photograph) $65
Wonderful photo of a smiling Senator Smith likely while campaigning for the 1964 Republican presidential nomination
 Smith, Robert (Letter) $175
1792 legal ALS to Robert Carter III from the future Jefferson-Madison Cabinet member
 Smith, Samuel F. (AQS) $550
Signed handwritten beginning of first stanza ("My country-'tis' of thee...of thee I sing") of national hymn “America”
 Smith, Sidney (Photograph) $150
Signed photo of the creator of “The Gumps” comic strip that ran for 42 years!
 Smith, Sidney (Signed Original Sketch) $195
Signed original sketch of Andy Gump
 Smith, Sidney (Signed Original Sketch) $195
Signed original sketch of Tilda, The Gumps’ annoying maid
 Smuts, Jan Christiaan (Letter) $250
South African statesman, only person to sign peace treaties ending WW I and II
 Snow, William J. (Letter) $65
1926 ALS while (1st) US Army Chief of Field Artillery, “Father” of Fort Bragg
 Soderstrom, Elisabeth (Photograph) $40
The renowned Swedish soprano as Emilia Marty in “The Makropoulos Affair”
 Somervell, Brehon (Letter) $195
The General who built the Pentagon, led US Army Service Forces 1942-45, in charge of logisitics
 Somoza Garcia, Anastasio "Tacho" (Photograph) $110
Signed photo of the 20-year dictator of Nicaragua, his sons controlled the country to 1979
 Soth, Wilhelm (Photograph) $75
German tank commander in Poland, France and Hungary, awarded Knights Cross of the Iron Cross
 Sothern, Edward H. (Photograph) $50
Distinguished late 19th-early 20th century American Shakespearean actor noted for dashing, romantic leads
 Sousa, John Philip (Signed Card) $225
1930 neatly mounted card signed by “The March King”
 Southard, Samuel L. (Letter) $110
1824 LS as Navy Secretary trasnsmitting 1825 budget estimates to the Treasury Register
 Southwood Smith, Thomas (Letter) $75
1857 ALS from the English public health physician and reformer to fellow social reformer Thomas Beggs
 Soyer, Raphael (Signed Reproduction) $75
Reproduction of self portrait signed by the noted American social realist artist
 Spaak, Paul-Henri (First Day Cover) $25
Belgian, United Nations & NATO statesman
 Spaatz, Carl (Photograph) $195
One of 1st Army pilots, led USAAF bombing campaigns against Germany & Japan, present at 3 surrender ceremonies, 1st Air Force Chief of Staff 1947-48
 Spaatz, Carl A. (letter) $150
One of 1st Army pilots, led USAAF in Europe, developed daylight bombing strategy against Germany, 1st Air Force Chief of Staff 1947-48
 Spalding, Albert (Letter) $45
Foremost 20th century American violinist, son of sporting goods manufacturer and Baseball Hall of Famer
 Spanier, "Muggsy" (Photograph) $295 Special Offer: $250
Famed Chicago Dixieland jazz cornet player & bandleader

 Sparkman, John (Signed Portrait) $40
1953 signed & inscribed color portrait of the 1952 Democratic VP candidate
 Specter, Arlen (Letter) $20
The Senator-elect recommends an orchestra to the 1981 Presidential Inaugural Committee
 Spellman, Cardinal Francis J. (Signed Card) $40
Card signed by the most powerful US Catholic cleric of the 20th century
 Spellman, Francis Cardinal (Photograph) $75
Color portrait as Cardinal signed by the most powerful American Catholic cleric
 Spencer, John C. (Letter) $125
1833 ALS from the future (Tyler) Secretary of War to the former Secretary of War (J. Q. Adams)
 Spender, Stephen (Letter) $115
English writer, noted for themes of social injustice and class struggle
 Spock, Dr. Benjamin (Signed Card) $35
Pediatrician, author, leftist political activist, People's Party 1972 presidential & 1976 VP candidate
 Stanwyck, Barbara (Signed Card) $50
Film & television star, highest paid American woman in 1944!
 Stark, Harold R. "Betty" (Signed Envelope) $125
August 1939 envelope signed as Chief of Naval Operations, future commander of US Naval Forces in Europe, oversaw Navy’s role at Normandy landings
 Stephen, Sir Alfred (Photograph) $45
1887 signed photograph of the New South Wales, Australia statesman and jurist
 Sternberg, George M. (Signed card) $125
1st US bacteriologist, Army physician and Surgeon General 1893-1902, expert on tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid, and yellow fever, established Army Medical School 1893
 Stevens, John Paul (First Day Cover) $50
First Day Cover signed in person while Associate Justice
 Stevens, John Paul (Signed Court card) $60
Engraved Court notecard signed by the 3rd longest serving Justice in Court history
 Stewart, Homer J. (Photograph) $75
US rocket pioneer, helped develop Explorer I, 1st US satellite launched Jan. 1958
 Stewart, James (Photograph) $150
Signed original still photo from “Cheyenne Autumn” (1964)
 Stewart, Potter (Signed Brochure) $35
Signed Court biographical brochure page
 Stewart, William M. (Signature) $25
49er, one of Nevada’s 1st US Senators, an author of the 15th Amendment, a founder of Chevy Chase, Maryland
 Stilwell, Joseph W. (Photograph) $375
"Vinegar Joe", China-Burma-India & SE Asia theater commander
 Stimson, Henry L. (Letter) $195
Secretary of War Stimson encourages a boy to study hard, be a good, and see victory as a result!
 Stimson, Henry L. (Letter) $125
Secretary of State Stimson thanks a noted Atlanta collector for a newspaper editorial copy
 Stockdale, James B. (Typescript) $115
Excellent signed typescript excerpt from his 1984 book, "A Vietnam Experience: Ten Years of Reflection"
 Stoddert, Benjamin (Document) $325
Future 1st Navy Secretary offers (with a whiff of desperation) to sell Maryland acreage
 Stoddert, Benjamin (Letter) $395
Ca. 1801 ALS from the 1st Navy Secretary, engaging in some influence peddling
 Stoddert, Benjamin (Letter) $350
1801 ALS from the former (1st) Navy Secretary regarding his own tangled finances & investments
 Stokes, William B. (Letter) $65
1864 ALS from the former Congressman, led (Union) 5th Tennessee Cavalry against Confederate guerrillas
 Stone, Edward Durrell (Photograph) $135
Exponent of International Style of architecture
 Stone, Harlan F. (Photograph) $275
Signed Harris & Ewing official portrait dated while Associate Justice
 Storrs, Richard S. (Signature) $30
1878 Signature while pastor of Brooklyn’s Congregational Church of the Pilgrims
 Stoughton, William L. (Signature) $40
Led 11th Michigan Infantry 1861, Army of the Cumberland Brigadier General at Stones River, Chickamauga & Chattanooga, US Rep 1869-73
 Straus, Nathan (ON HOLD) (Signature) $30
Owned R. H. Macy’s 1896-1914, in 1923 voted man who did most for public welfare in 1st 25 years of Greater New York City
 Strong, William (Signed Card) $150
Card Signed as Associate Justice
 Stuart, Alexander H. H. (Signed Card) $50
Card signed by Fillmore’s Interior Secretary, instrumental in restoring Virginia to the Union in 1870
 Stuart, Alexander H. H. (Letter) $90
1852 LS as Fillmore’s Interior Secretary, to Rep S. G. Haven, President’s ex-law partner & friend
 Stuart, Leslie (Photograph) $50
Popular English Edwardian musical comedy composer, best known for 1899 international hit, "Floradora"
 Summerall, Charles P. (Photograph) $115
Led Army 1st Division then 5th Corps in W W I, Army Chief of Staff, Citadel President
 Summerall,Charles P. (Photograph) $65
Corps commander in France in WW I, Army Chief of Staff 1926-30, President of the Citadel 1931-53
 Summerfield, Arthur E. (Letter) $35
1953 TLS as Eisenhower’s Postmaster General
 Supreme Court of the United States 1968-69 (First Day Cover) $1250
1968 Oliver W. Holmes Jr. stamp FDC signed by the 9 members of the last “Warren Court”
 Supreme Court of the United States 1949-53 (Photograph) $2350
Large signed official Bachrach photo of the 1949-53 Vinson Court
 Supreme Court of the United States: 1898-1902 (Signed cards) $1100
9 cards signed by the late 19th-early 20th century "Fuller Court", noted for its general conservatism faced with enormous social and business changes
 Sutherland, Dame Joan (Photograph) $50
“La Stupenda”, Australia’s great dramatic coloratura soprano in “La Sonnambula”
 Sutherland, John (Letter) $125
ALS from Florence Nightingale's closest collaborator on public sanitation, to reformer Thomas Beggs
 Sutro, Adolph (Check) $40
“The King of the Comstock”, noted for Sutro Tunnel & Sutro Baths, San Francisco mayor 1894-96
 Swaggart, Jimmy (Photograph) $25
Controversial Pentecostal televangelist
 Swanson, Claude (Letter) $25
1921 TLS as Virginia US Senator praising the work of the outgoing Comptroller of the Currency
 Swarthout, Gladys (Letter) $25
1949 TLS to composer Chas. Wakefield Cadman’s sister on pleasure of singing his song, “At Dawning”
 Swigert, John L. "Jack" (Signed Portrait) $295
Command Module Pilot of aborted Apollo 13 moon mission, died after election to Congress

 Taft's Cabinet (Signed Cards) $165
The 11 men who served in President Taft’s Cabinet
 Taft, Helen H. (Free Franked Envelope) $135
Free-franked, hand-addressed envelope postmarked 1939
 Taft, Robert A. (Letter) $60
1948 TLS from the Senate conservative leader, 3-time Republican presidential hopeful
 Taft, William H. (Check) $775
Rare 1921 personal check while Yale law professor
 Taft, William H. (Letter) $795
1921 ALS thanking an Illinois congressman for his congratuations on Taft's appointment, confirmation and swearing-in 3 days earlier as Chief Justice
 Taft, William H. (Letter) $325
1924 TLS while Chief Justice to editor Edward Bok, mentions Booker T. Washington's Tuskegee successor, "Major" Robert R. Moton
 Talley, Marion (Photograph) $35
1935 signed & inscribed Clarence Bull glamour matte finish photo
 Talmadge, T. De Witt (Signed Card) $75
Card signed by the popular prominent 19th century Protestant preacher & lecturer
 Tarkington, Booth (Signed Card) $115
Popular Indiana-born novelist-dramatist, won 2 Pulitzer Prizes (1919 & 1922)
 Tatum, Edward L. (First Day Cover) $20
1967 US JFK stamp FDC signed by 1958 Nobel Prize co-laureate & wife
 Taylor, Maxwell (Letter) $95
General Taylor salutes the 25th anniversary of NBC’s “Meet The Press”
 Taylor, Zachary (Document) $3995
1849 DS of President Zachary Taylor, 2nd rarest presidential autograph!
 Terry, Fred (Photograph) $35
Eminent late 19th-early 20th century English actor, Ellen Terry’s brother, husband of Julia Neilson
 Thayer, John M. & Tipton, ThomasW. (Signatures) $65
Signatures of Nebraska’s 1st US Senators
 Thomas, J. Parnell (Signed Card) $40
New Jersey Republican congressman, Chaired House on Un-American Activities Committee 1947-49, cited “Hollywood Ten” for contempt of Congress
 Thomas, Lorenzo (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50
US Army Adjutant General, his nomination to replace Secretary of War Stanton precipitated Andrew Johnson’s impeachment
 Thomas, Lowell (Signed Card) $25
Radio & TV broadcaster, author, traveler, made Lawrence of Arabia famous, brought the world to the American public
 Thomas, Norman (Photograph) $110
Color portrait of the noted reformerand 6-time Socialist presidential candidate
 Thomas, Norman (Signed card) $50
Reformer, 6-time Socialist presidential candidate
 Thornton, William (Document) $295
Designed US Capitol, 1st Architect of the Capitol, 1st Patent Office Superintendent
 Thurman, Allen G. (Signature) $50
Ohio US Senator, unsuccessful 1884 Democratic VP candidate with President Grover Cleveland
 Thurmond, J. Strom (Photograph) $45
1948 “Dixiecrat” presidential candidate, served South Carolina in Senate for 47 years
 Tibbets, Paul W. (Signature) $95
Piloted “Enola Gay” on August 1945 Hiroshima atomic bomb mission
 Tibbs, Casey (Signature) $125 Special Offer: $95
Signature of saddle bronc champion and actor, one of rodeo’s greatest stars ever

 Tilden, Samuel J. (Letter) $150
1885 LS to Treasury Secretary Daniel Manning from the loser of the closest US election until 2000!
 Tillman, Benjamin R. (Signed Card) $75
“Pitchfork Ben”, South Carolina White supremacist governor & US senator, a founder of Clemson University
 Tishler, Max (Letter) $40
Led mass production of penicillin in WW II and developed large-scale postwar vaccines and drugs
 Tobin, Maurice J. (Photograph) $25
Signed photograph as Truman’s Secretary of Labor
 Todd, Sir Alexander R., 1st Baron (Letter) $65
Scottish biochemist, received 1957 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for research on nucleosides
 Tompkins, Daniel D. (Document) $90 Special Offer: $75
1848 MsDS as New Orleans quartermaster to future CSAMajor General S. G. French

 Toombs, Robert (Letter) $235
1856 ALS from Senator Toombs sending his autograph
 Totten, Joseph G. (Letter) $295
Good content 1825 ALS to a friend seeking help with position at Fort Adams (Rhode Island) from the future Army Chief Engineer
 Towers, John H. (Signed Card) $115
Pioneer Navy pilot, with NC-3 on 1919 1st transatlantic flight, commanded 1st US aircraft carrier, ADM Nimitz's deputy in the Pacific Theater
 Towers, John H. (Photograph) $195
Pioneer US Navy aviator,with NC-3 on 1919 1st transatlantic flight, commanded 1st US aircraft carrier, deputy to ADM Nimitz in Pacific
 Townsend, Dr. Francis E. (Signature) $45
Creator of Depression era revolving old age pension proposal, “The Townsend Plan”
 Toynbee, Joseph (Letter) $125
1849 ALS of the pioneering English otolaryngologist, to physician-reformer Thomas Beggs
 Trinkle, Elbert Lee (Letter) $25
1923 TLS as Virginia Governor appointing a Richmond woman as a delegate to the United States Good Roads Association's annual convention
 Trinkle, Elbert Lee (Letter) $20
1925 TLS as Governor appointing a Richmond woman a delegate to the 1926 Annual Meeting of the American Forestry Association and the Southern Forestry Congress
 Truman, Bess W. (Letter) $295
Undated ALS from the First Lady to the wife of Vice President Barkley, a cordial invitation to a “family dinner”
 Truman, Bess W. (Letter) $295
Uncommon ALS from the First Lady to the “Second Lady”, wife of Vice President Alben Barkley
 Truman, Harry S (Letter) $325
The former President complies (twice) with an autograph request
 Truman, Harry S (Letter) $250
The former president is jealous of his former Treasury Secretary's Africa trip!
 Truman, Harry S (Check) $425
1925 bank check completed in Truman's hand and signed by him while in the "political wilderness"
 Truman, Harry S (Photograph) $225
The former President signs this iconic 1953 photo used for a postage stamp honoring him
 Trumbull, Lyman & Yates, Richard (Signatures) $85
Two great Illinois statesmen as ca. 1869 US Senators
 Truscott Jr., Lucian K. (Signed Card) $150
Led US Rangers at Dieppe Raid August 1942, fought in North Africa, invasion of Sicily, led VI Corps at Anzio, with CIA postwar
 Tuck, Amos (Letter ) $95
A New Hampshire founder of the Republican Party, friend of Lincoln
 Turnage, Allen H. (Photograph) $95
Led USMC 3rd Division at Bougainville & Guam, awarded Navy Cross
 Turner, Roscoe (First Day Cover) $75
Colorful American barnstormer, stunt pilot, air racer, Bendix and Thompson Trophy winner
 Twining, Nathan F. (Photograph) $95
Led 13th & 15th Air Forces in WW II, Air Force Chief of Staff 1953-57, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs 1957-60

 U Nu (Photograph) $110
1st Prime Minister of Burma, served 1948-56, 1957-58, 1960-62
 Upshaw, Dawn (Photograph) $20
Signed portrait of the popular Grammy Award-winning American soprano

 Van Buren, Martin (Letter) $1250
Martin Van Buren 1831 ALS to Navy Secretary Woodbury assisting a West Point cadet get a Marine Corps appointment
 Van Buren, Raeburn "Ray" (Original Sketch) $95
Original 1936 sketch by the co-creator of the “Abbie ‘an Slats” comic strip
 Van Der Zee, James (Signature) $295
African-American photographer, noted for portraits of Black celebrities and ordinary people of Harlem
 Van Loon, Hendrik (ANS) $65
1943 ANS on letterhead of the Dutch-American historian, journalist and author
 Van Vechten, Carl (Letter) $115
American writer and photographer, patron of “the Harlem Renaissance”
 Van Winkle, Peter G.; Willey, Waitman T. (Signatures) $110
West Virginia’s 1st US Senators: one joined 6 other GOP Senators against impeaching Andrew Johnson, one presented petition to Congress to admit West Virginia into the Union
 Vandegrift, Alexander A. (Signed Card) $225
1943 card signed as Major General Commanding 1st Marine Division, Medal of Honor & Navy Cross recipient, Marine Corps Commandant 1944-46
 Vandenberg, Arthur H. (Letter) $35
Senator Vandenberg to a noted collector on a missing photograph
 Vanderbilt, Harold S. (Signed Card) $65
Great-grandson of Commodore Vanderbilt, champion yachtsman and bridge player
 Vassar, Matthew (Signature) $115
English-born Poughkeepsie, NY brewer, founded Vassar College 1861
 Vaughn, Sarah (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $85
1949 sentiment signed by “The Divine One”
 Velez, Lupe (Signed Card) $85
Signature of “The Mexican Spitfire” while Mrs. Johnny Weismuller (1933-39)
 Venizelos, Eleutherios (Photograph) $95
One of Greece’s greatest 20th century statesmen
 Vickers, Jon (Photograph) $35
Signed photo of the Canadian heldentenor as Canio in “Pagliacci”
 Villella, Edward (Letter) $20
1967 TLS by the foremost 20th century American-born ballet dancer
 Vinson, Fred M. (Signed Court card) $150
1947 TNS while Chief Justice on Court notecard
 Vinson, Fred M. (Signed Program) $110
In-person signature on 1953 Washington dinner program
 Voigt, Deborah (Photograph) $20
American dramatic soprano noted fchiefly or Strauss & Wagner repertoire
 Von der Heydte, Freiherr Friedrich A. (Signed Card) $60
Led German paratroopers in Crete, Russia, No. Africa, Normandy, Holland, and the Ardennes
 Voorhees, Daniel W. (Signed album page) $15
Indiana Democrat US Senator 1877-97, led powerful Senate Finance Committee 1893-95 in coinage & tariff issues
 Voorhees, Donald (Photograph) $20
Emmy-nominated “Bell Telephone Hour” radio & television program conductor for 28 years

 Wade, Benjamin F. (Signed Album Page) $90
Ohio Radical Republican Senator, as Senate President pro tempore, would have become President had the impeached Andrew Johnson been convicted by the Senate
 Wade, James Franklin (Signed Card) $35
Son of Ohio Radical Republican Senator Benj. F. Wade, led African-American"buffalo soldier" regiments in West 1864-87, as Major General US Vols, supervised 1898 Spanish evacuation of Cuba & Puerto Rico
 Wadsworth Jr., James W. (Photograph) $25
Conservative GOP NY US Senator 1915-27, opposed Prohibition & women’s suffrage, US Rep 1933-51
 Wainwright, Jonathan M. (Photograph) $225
Led Allied forces in Philippines, Japanese POW 1942-45, Medal of Honor recipient
 Waksman, Selman A. (Photograph) $145
1952 Nobel laureate, coined term “antibiotics”, discovered streptomycin, neomycin, and others
 Walcutt, Charles C. (Document) $75
US Army brigadier general, with Ohio regiment from Shiloh to March to the Sea
 Wald, Lillian D. (Letter) $135
Public health/visiting nurse pioneer, founder of New York City’s celebrated Henry Street Settlement
 Wallace, George C. (Photograph) $90
Segregationist Alabama governor, 1968 3rd party presidential candidate, shot in 1972
 Wallace, George C. (Letter) $115
1973 TLS as Alabama Governor, 4-time presidential candidate, paralyzed in 1972 attempted assassination
 Wallace, Henry A. (Signed Card) $75
Card signed by the controversial FDR-Truman cabinet member, FDR’s 2nd VP, 1948 presidential candidate
 Wallace, Henry C. (Photograph) $50
Signed photo likely while Harding-Coolidge Secretary of Agriculture
 Waller, Thomas "Fats" (Document) $325 Special Offer: $275
1936 receipt signed by the popular songwriter, master of the stride piano

 Waller, Thomas "Fats" (Document) $325 Special Offer: $275
1934 Harlem Opera House salary advance receipt signed by the popular songwriter, master of the stride piano

 Walsh, David I. (Signed Card) $25
Massachusetts’ 1st Irish-American & Catholic governor & US senator, chaired Senate Naval Affairs Committee in WW II
 Walthall, Edward C. (Document) $135
Mississippi CSA Major General, post-War US Senator
 Walton, Ernest Thompson Sinton (Signature) $95
Irish Physicist, Shared 1951 Nobel Prize for development of atom-splitting particle accelerator
 Wanamaker, John (Letter) $75
1890 TLS as Postmaster General from the creator of the retail “money-back guarantee”
 Wanamaker, John (Letter) $125
1897 TLS from the department store magnate, a cold letter to a woman facing dismissal from the Post Office
 Warren, Earl (Photograph) $250
Photo likely signed while California Governor
 Warren, Earl (Letter) $165
California Governor Warren expresses thanks after 2nd reelection victory
 Warren, Earl (Letter) $235
Chief Justice Warren seeks to fill a vacancy on the Judicial Conference of the United States' Advisory Committee on Admiralty Rules
 Warren, Earl (Letter) $195
Governor Warren thanks Lincoln biographer G. Lynn Sumner for a signed copy of his book
 Warren, William (Autog. Sentiment Signed) $65
19th century American actor noted for playing English gentlemen roles for 50 years
 Warren, William (Autograph Quotation Signed) $35
Famed 19th century Boston comic actor misquotes Shakespeare
 Waterhouse, Benjamin (Signature) $295
Introduced Jenner’s smallpox vaccinations in the US, tested on his own children
 Watterson, Henry (Letter) $25
Influential Kentucky editor, 1918 Pulitzer Prize recipient for editorials
 Weaver, Robert C. (First Day Cover) $40
1st HUD Secretary & 1st African-American Cabinet member
 Weber, Joe & Fields, Lew (Signatures) $110
1908 signatures of one of the greatest late 19th-early 20th century comedy teams
 Webster, Daniel (Free Franked Panel + Steel Engraving) $195
Senate free franked panel addressed to 1st great US autograph collector
 Webster, Daniel (Letter) $395
1841 LS as Tyler’s Secretary of State regarding passports
 Webster, Noah (Letter) $1150
1838 ALS from the lexicographer and education pioneer, his textbooks taught 5 generations of American children to spell & read
 Wedemeyer, Albert Coady (Letter) $75
1951 Letter as 6th Army Commander
 Weinberger, Caspar W. (Photograph) $50
1984 ISP while Reagan's Defense Secretary
 Welch Jr., Robert H. W. (Signed Program) $85
Ultra-conservative ideologue, founded John Birch Society 1958 to promote theory that Communists controlled US society
 Welles, Gideon (Document) $150
1841 ADS as Hartford, Connecticut Postmaster
 Welles, Gideon (Signature) $95
Clipped signature as Navy Secretary (Lincoln & Johnson)
 West, Mae (Autograph Sentiment Signed ) $125
Buxom 1930’s sex symbol, actress, playwright & screenwriter
 Westmoreland, William C. (Photograph) $110
Led US operations in Vietnam 1964-68, Army Chief of Staff 1968-72
 Westphal, Siegfried (Photograph) $50
Chief of Staff to von Manstein, Rommel, Kesselring and von Runstedt
 Weygand, Maxime (Photograph) $395
Uncommon WW II-era photo of Foch's WW I Chief of Staff, read Armistice terms to Germans in 1918; collaborated with Germany in WW II, jailed by them 1942-45
 Wheeler, Burton K. (Signed Card) $35
Liberal isolationist Montana US Senator, 1924 Progressive VP candidate
 Wheeler, Burton K. (Photograph) $50
Montana liberal isolationist US Senator, Progressive VP candidate 1924
 Wheeler, Earle G. (Letter) $45
1966 TLS as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the height of the Vietnam War
 Wheeler, Joseph (Signed Card) $150
Card signed by one of the 4 Confederate generals to serve as a general in the Spanish-American War
 Wheeler, William A. (Signature) $115
1879 signed slip as Hayes' Vice President
 Wheelock, John Hall (Photograph) $20
Distinguished American poet, scholar & editor
 Whipple, William D. (Document) $65
Brigadier General USV, brevet Major General USA with Dept. of the Cumberland
 White, Andrew D. (Letter) $30
1891 TLS as (1st) former President of Cornell University
 White, Byron R. (Signed Court Slip Opinion) $225
1977 Court Slip Opinion signed by its author, a College Football Hall of Famer and the 1938 NFL leading rusher!
 White, Henry (Letter) $30
1920 TLS from the first US career diplomat, Commissioner to WW I Paris Peace Conference, to diplomat Joseph Grew, later Ambassador to Japan at start of WW II
 White, Thomas D. (Signed card) $75
1945 card signed as Brigadier General commanding 7th Air Force on Okinawa, later Air Force Chief of Staff
 White, William Allen (Signed Card) $40
1943 card signed by the Pulitzer Prize-winning “Sage of Emporia”
 White, William Allen (Photograph) $75
Signed photo of the Pulitzer Prize-winning “Sage of Emporia”
 Whiteman, Paul (Autograph Sentiment Signed) $50
“The King of Jazz”, popular 1920s-30s band & orchestra leader, commissioned and first recorded Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”
 Whitlock, Brand (Photograph) $25
Signed photo of the heroic WW I US Ambassador to German-occupiedBelgium
 Whitman, Christine Todd (Photograph) $20
Moderate Republican 50th Governor of New Jersey, EPA Administrator (G. W. Bush)
 Whitney, Harry Payne (Document) $110
Stock transfer document signed by the financier-polo player-horse breeder & racer
 Whittier, John Greenleaf (Signature) $40
Signature of the Quaker poet & abolitionist
 Wickard, Claude R. (Letter) $75
1945 TLS as Agriculture Secetary, thanking FDR's Administrative Assistant for his note of sympathy on Wickard's mother's death
 Widmark, Richard (Photograph) $195
Signed 1965 portrait still from Columbia Pictures' "The Bedford Incident"
 Wiese, Friedrich (Photograph) $90
Commanded German Army in defense of Southern France August 1944
 Wiggin, Kate Douglas (AQS) $150
AQS from the 1887 “The Birds' Christmas Carol” by the popular children’s author, famed for “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”
 Wilbur, Curtis D. (Photograph) $50
Signed photo of the California jurist when Coolidge’s Navy Secretary
 Wilkins, Roy (Signed Portrait) $115
Led NAACP in 1960's struggle for African-American civil rights
 Willard, Emma (Document) $325
Early ADS of the founder of the 1st women’s school of higher education
 Willard, Frances E. (Letter) $195
1892 pencil ALS on letterhead as President of the National Women’s Christian Temperance Union
 William IV (Letter) $350
1820 ALS while Duke of Clarence (17 days before father George III’s death) to British naval hero Baron Keith of Stonehaven
 Williams, Edward Bennett (Letter) $40
Legendary Washington super-lawyer /insider, owned Baltimore Orioles & Washington Redskins
 Williams, George H. (Signature) $35
Oregon US Senator, authored controversial Tenure of Office Act that led to President Johnson’s impeachment; Attorney General (Grant) 1871-75
 Williams, John (Photograph) $85
Signed photograph of the eminent composer-conductor, noted for his film scores
 Williams, Sir William Fenwick (Signature) $135
Led British forces in British No. America, organized Canada’s defenses when US Civil War began
 Willis, N(athaniel). P(arker). (Letter) $70
1st commercially successful magazine writer, editor, published Poe’s “The Raven” in 1845
 Williston, Edward B. (Signed card) $25
Artillery officer awarded Medal of Honor in Civil War, Provost Marshal General and Governor of Manila 1898-1900
 Willkie, Wendell L. (Signed Card) $150
Corporate lawyer, 1940 Republican presidential candidate
 Wills Moody, Helen (ON HOLD) (Signed Card) $75
1933 card signed by the women's tennis champion, amassed 398-35 match record 1919-38
 Willson, Meredith (Photograph) $175 Special Offer: $150
Composer-lyricist-playwright of “The Music Man” and “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”

 Wilson, Charles E. (TIME Portrait) $50
Signed TIME portrait of “Engine Charlie” while GM President
 Wilson, Charles E. (Photograph) $40
Signed photo while Eisenhower’s Defense Secretary
 Wilson, Edith B. (Letter) $295
Mrs. Wilson, in Japan, happily anticipates FDR’s 1932 election in 4 days!
 Wilson, Edith B. (Letter) $250
1956 ALS from the former First Lady to the widow of former VP Alben Barkley, lovely letter of sympathy on his death
 Wilson, Edith B. (Letter) $225
1956 ALS to “Cousin Jane”, 2nd wife of Vice President Alben Barkley, sends thanks for a birthday orchid “in memory of Mr. Wilson”
 Wilson, Edith Bolling (Signed Card) $75
Card signed by Woodrow Wilson's 2nd wife, "acting President" after his 1919 stroke
 Wilson, Henry (Signature) $95
Signature of the Massachusetts US Senator, Grant's VP 1873-75, a founder of the Republican Party
 Wilson, Henry (Letter) $325
March 1869 ALS while Senator mentioning post-Inaugural visit to President Grant
 Wilson, Henry (Signature) $110
Massachusetts US Senator, Grant's VP 1873-75, a founder of the Republican Party
 Wilson, Henry (ON HOLD) (Letter) $250
1870 ALS while Mass. US Senator to a former Illinois congressman
 Wilson, John M. (ANS) $30
Awarded Medal of Honor in Civil War, USMA Superintendent 1889-93, Chief of Engineers 1897-1901
 Wilson, Woodrow (Photograph) $695
Handsome pre-presidential sepia bust portrait
 Winter, William (Signed portrait) $85
Portrait of the American drama critic-author inscribed in 1894 to John L. Toole, English comic actor, manager, and producer
 Winthrop, Robert C. (Letter) $40
1854 ALS declining to address a library association
 Wise, Henry A. (Letter) $250
ALS while Virginia Governor, signed John Brown’s death warrant; CSA general
 Wise, Stephen S. (First Day Cover) $115
1948 US Four Chaplains stamp First Day Cover signed by the eminent rabbi, leading American Jewish spokesman
 Wister, Owen (Signature) $50
“The father of western fiction”, wrote “The Virginian”, classmate, friend & biographer of Theodore Roosevelt
 Wohler, Friedrich (Signature) $110
German organic chemistry pioneer, synthesized urea isolated several chemical elements inc. aluminium (1827)
 Wood, Leonard (Signed Card) $110
Medal of Honor recipient, led “Rough Riders” in Cuba, fought Moros in Philippines, 1916 & 1920 GOP Presidential hopeful, Philippines Governor General 1921-27
 Woodbury, Levi (Letter) $395
Rare Court-related ALS while Associate Justice, offering to present an opinion in Newport
 Woodbury, Levi (Letter) $115
1836 LS as Treasury Secretary, to the Cashier of the Girard Bank in Philadelphia, postponing payment of a transfer draft
 Woodbury, Levi (Letter) $125
1837 ALS while Treasury Secretary, sends his and Andrew Jackson’s autograph to a major early collector
 Woodcock, Leonard (Photograph) $30
Led United Auto Workers Union 1970-77, 1st US top diplomat and ambassador to People’s Republic of China 1977-81
 Woodford, Stewart L. (ANS) $25
1868 ANS while NY Lieutenant Governor
 Woodring, Harry H. (Letter) $85
Intriguing 1939 TLS as FDR's 2nd Secretary of War
 Woodring, Harry W. (Signature) $25
Clipped signature from TLS as FDR's (2nd) Secretary of War
 Wool, John S. (Signature) $80
Oldest officer (77) in active command in either army during the Civil War
 Work, Hubert (Letter) $50
1928 TLS as Coolidge's Interior Secretary regarding leasing of Osage Indian oil lands
 Work, Hubert (Photograph) $50
Succeeded Albert Fall as Interior Secretary, ran Hoover’s 1928 presidential campaign
 Wren, P(ercival). C(hristopher). (Photograph & ANS) $75
British adventure fiction writer, best known for 1924 “Beau Geste” & sequels
 Wright, Adm. Jerauld (Letter) $40
NATO Atlantic Commander invites Ambassador Grew to North Atlantic Council luncheon
 Wyeth, Andrew (Signature) $225
Inscribed signature of the major mid-20th century American realist painter
 Wyeth, Jamie (Signed Card) $75
Frameable card signed by the 3rd generation American artist
 Wyman, Jane (Letter) $225
Good content 1949 TLS (year her divorce from Ronald Reagan was finalized) mentioning a good deed from a fan, an Oscar night lucky charm!

 Yorty, Sam (Letter) $35
Mayor Yorty defends the LAPD & Chief Parker 2 weeks after the August 1965 Watts Riots
 Youlou, Fulbert (Photograph) $150 Special Offer: $125
1963 signed photo of the 1st President of the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville)

 Young, Andrew (Photograph) $35
SCLC associate of Dr. King, Carter UN Ambassador, Atlanta Mayor

 Zewail, Ahmed H. (Letter) $40
Pioneer in femtochemistry, 1999 Nobel chemistry laureate
 Zimbalist, Efrem (AMQS) $150
AMQS from his composition that premiered 7 months later!

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